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5 x Colombia off the beaten path #5

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In recent years, tourism in Colombia has exploded. Since the country has become safer, more and more travelers want to discover Colombia. However, most travelers follow the same travel route along the highlights of Colombia, including Salento, Medellín, Cartagena and Parque Tayrona. Beautiful places, but Colombia has much more to offer! Namely, off the beaten path. In this series, I list for you wonderful destinations that are often skipped by foreign travelers. Places that introduce you to the country in a different way. Today part 5 of Colombia off the beaten path!

1. Visiting cheese farm HolaAndes for real Dutch cheese

Looking for a beautiful, delicious and special destination in Colombia? Then cheese farm HolaAndes is for you. In 2015, Tobias Rijnsdorp quit his job at Heineken in The Netherlands to produce Gouda cheese locally in Colombia. A fantastic idea that grew into a success. And not only among Colombians, as Dutch people living in Bogotá are also gratefully taking advantage of the Dutch cheese that is now available just around the corner. Or well, around the corner … a visit to the cheese farm means a trip off the beaten path, far away from everything and everyone, in a valley that just 10 years ago was dominated by the FARC. So worth a visit for several reasons! Curious about more? Read all about (visiting) cheese farm HolaAndes here!


2. Go paragliding in Sopó over impressive Embalse de Tominé

Now I have to admit: I really don’t get into such a harness myself to jump off a mountain. But if that is your ambition, paragliding in Sopó is a fantastic off-the-beaten-path experience. First, drive the cab up the mountain on a pretty steep road. At about 3,000 meters, there is a restaurant from which you can paraglide. Or, like me, you can just enjoy the impressive view. From here you fly through the air overlooking the beautiful Lake Tominé and the white village of Guatavita. Believe me: this is beautiful! Find out how you too can paraglide in Sopó, just on a day trip from Bogotá.


3. Visit a weaving mill in fique village of Curití

San Gil is known for the many extreme sports you can do there. And, of course, for Barichara, the most beautiful village in Colombia. But there is more. Take a little more time in the Department of Santander and visit one of the many villages in the area. Curití, for example. This village is known for the art of weaving, so here you will find a weaving mill that you can visit. Learn all about fiber washing, dyeing and, of course, the weaving itself. A very nice perk if you are in the area. Click here for more information.


4. Wander through historic Boyacá in Pueblito Antiguo

On a dirt road, I drive by myself in our 4×4 vehicle around Lago de Tota. My goal is to visit museum Pueblito Antiguo. A village that shows how things used to be in Boyacá and how people lived. I didn’t expect much from it, but it turned out to be extremely fun. As the only visitor, I had the entire “village” to myself and could fully enjoy the old train, the historic cottages, the beautiful views and the walk to the lake. This place is among the 100 Green Destinations worldwide and is worth a visit for that reason alone. You have to deviate from your route for it, but then you have seen a unique piece of Colombia. Read all about Pueblito Antiguo in Boyacá here!


5. Drive the adventurous route to the Tatacoa Desert

The Tatacoa Desert is among one of the most popular travel destinations in Colombia. Not surprisingly, because this red desert that is not actually a desert makes your breath stop. Most travelers travel by bus through Neiva to Tatacoa, but there is also another route. A route almost more beautiful than the desert itself. Far off the beaten path and accessible only by car, motorcycle or bicycle. Drive along a dirt road through dark tunnels that are flooded. Marvel at the way of life in this area and at beautiful views of the gray part of the Tatacoa Desert. Although it was a bit exciting, I really wouldn’t have wanted to miss this. Curious? Read all about the adventure route to the Tatacoa Desert here!


How do you travel off the beaten path in Colombia?

Usually it is not difficult to go off the beaten path in Colombia. Yet almost no one does it. After all, it takes more time, more research, and if you don’t speak Spanish, it can be quite difficult to understand exactly where to go. For example, you can rent a car yourself. Hearty fun and it immediately gives you more freedom. Would you like to travel off the beaten path, with pre-arranged transportation and transfers? Then booking a trip at Local Hero Travel is a good, reliable and unique opportunity to really get to know the country. They can arrange car rental for you and plan your trip as far as you want. Enter your travel needs here and a local will contact you.


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