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by Sabine

Sometimes you will see me featured in the media, such as in a magazine, with an interview on a travel blog or on the radio. Where exactly you can read here!

TEDx talk: do you dare to create your own path?

On Oct. 4, I gave a TEDx talk in Veghel. Where I talk about the path of freedom and following your own path. Going after your happiness. How did I do that? And why, really?



Interviews & column on the radio

Correspondent Colombia at BNNVARA’s De Wereld on NPO RADIO 1 (Dutch)(March 2024 – present)

In this radio program, you’ll hear weekly from Dutch people living abroad. About current events in their new country and about a particular topic highlighted each week. For example, I told about the coffee culture in Colombia and about the huge income inequality and what that looks like in daily life.

Listen live every Sunday morning from 1AM to 3AM, or listen back to excerpts on the website of NPO RADIO1.


Interview NPO radio 1, live at The Night of BLACK (July 2022)

In the early Dutch hours, a Dutchman is interviewed abroad on the other side of the world. This time I was asked to do this and it resulted in a fun live interview. Listen back to the interview here (starting at minute 2:38:15).


Interview NPO radio 1 at FRIS: Security in Colombia (January 2019)

Following the bombing in Bogotá on Jan. 17, 2019 where 21 people were killed and more than 65 injured, I was interviewed for Radio 1 about security in Colombia. Listen back to the interview below. Click here for Colombia travel advice and for more information on safety.

Interview Radio 2: Thank God It’s Sunday about fitgirl/plastic surgery (May 2017)

On May 14, 2017, I came on the air live to talk about sports and plastic surgery in Colombia. The comprehensive article on plastic surgery in Colombia can be found here. You can find the interview below (5 minutes)!


Interview RTV Holland (July 2016)

In July 2016, I was interviewed extensively for Radio RTVHolland.


An own column on hollandspalet.nl: the Colombia stories (August 2016 – present)

Since August 2016, I can be heard every first Saturday of the month on the World Post Plaza program with my column “The Colombia Stories,” where each month I tell a story about living or traveling in Colombia as well as play a fun record from Colombian soil. Post For Holland can be heard every Saturday from 9AM to 11AM and the show can be heard again every Wednesday from 9PM to 11PM.


Interviews in (online) magazines

WOMAN (June 26, 2021)

After a nice interview via Zoom, on June 26, 2021, I appeared in the paper version of VROUW, the magazine that accompanies De Telegraaf on Saturdays. On June 27, my story was also on vrouw.nl featured.


Linda News (May 2018)

I was interviewed for Linda News in March 2018. On May 18, 2018, the interview was published on the website under Lifestyle – Travel. Read back the interview on Linda News here.


Elsevier Correct (March 2017)

In early November 2016, I was interviewed in Bogotá by a journalist from the Elsevier’s magazine Juist, for the column “World Citizen.


My secret (August 2016)

Over the phone, I was interviewed by a journalist from My Secret magazine.



Favorite Instagram Travel Account 2017 – World Guide

In December 2016, I entered my blog for Favorite Travel Blogger 2017 and Favorite Instagram Travel Account 2017, at Wereldwijzer.nl. I was nominated and finished third in the list of favorite travel bloggers, but won first place as FAVORITE INSTAGRAM REISACCOUNT 2017! How proud! Everyone who voted: many thanks! Are you already following me on Instagram?

Pictured: the typical Colombian poncho.




December 2018: after shooting in Bogotá, I appeared in the latest video about Colombia SABROSURA, sung by Colombian artists. Watch the video below, I appear in it 4 times (at minute 1.26, 1.34, 1.39 and 1.45):


October 2017: I was asked by VROUW.NL if my mother would talk on camera about what it’s like to have a daughter so far away. She wanted to and this is the result: click here for the video.


Interviews on travel blogs

Colombiaans.nl, February 2019: Dutchy in Colombia 15: Sabine

Merel Lisanne, February 2019: Sabine emigrated for love to Colombia: “Suddenly I no longer had a home in the Netherlands”

Young Wild Free, January 2019: People From The World – Sabine lost her heart to Colombia

My Footprints, September 2018: Living in Colombia, about a life of passion

Emigrating Gran Canaria, June 2018: Inspiring emigration stories: Sabine about her life in Colombia

OmniTraveler, May 2018: Local Life | Sabine lives in a finca in Colombia

Expedia, March 13, 2018: ‘I lost my heart to Colombia’ – interview with Sabine from BESABINE

The Traveling Vegetarian, Sept. 14, 2017: Sabine, living and working as a vegan in Colombia

GlobeHopper, Sept. 1, 2017: 4 x Interview with Colombia experts on safety, insider tips and their personal travel advice for Colombia

Local Hero Travel, June 2, 2017: Colombia according to Sabine of “Besabine”.

Travelitis, Oct. 16, 2016: ExpatSunday.

Traveljunks, July 3, 2016: In conversation with Sabine of Besabine.

Hasta La Próxima, March 24, 2016: Living in Colombia: World woman Sabine tells.


Travel blogs of the week – Expedia.com

What an honor: several times already, a besabine.com blog has been named as one of the travel blogs of the week on Expedia Blog!

October 21, 2016: Going to the market in Hong Kong (click here to read the article)

June 24, 2016: How dangerous is Colombia really? The 10 biggest risks! (click here to read the article)

Dec. 11, 2015: Tradition in Colombia: the night of candles (click here to read the article)


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