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On this page you will find all the information you need for your round trip Colombia. Whether you go backpacking through Colombia or join a group tour. My name is Sabine and I have been living in Colombia since the end of 2014. Emigrated for love, but soon I also lost my heart to this beautiful country.

As a local, I am happy to give you advice about traveling through Colombia and specific destinations. After living in Bogotá for 3 years, in 2017 I moved to the nicest village in Colombia: Sopó. Since February 2022, I have been back in Bogotá. Not anymore with the person for who I once moved to Colombia. But still enjoying the country. On this page you will find all my best travel tips, many itineraries, Colombia off the beaten path, highlights Colombia, hotels, fincas and all about driving in Colombia.

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What to do around Bogotá?

Cundinamarca, the province surrounding Bogotá, is almost always skipped. While it is one of the most beautiful and versatile areas of Colombia. An area where you go from 35 to 15 degrees in a few hours, where you will find beautiful unknown white villages, deserted lakes where never a tourist comes and one of the most beautiful places to paraglide in Colombia! Rent a car in Colombia and discover the unknown.

North of Bogotá: Santander and Boyacá

Visiting Santander and Boyacá will make your visit to Colombia even more enjoyable. These departments have so much to offer that you can spend a month here alone. From a 3000 meter high lake where you can also dive to unknown villages where time seems to stand still. From one of Colombia’s most beautiful villages, Barichara, to rafting in San Gíl. And from high waterfalls to the safest village in Colombia. Santander and Boyacá are also ideal to drive by car!

South of Bogotá: Huila

Huila, of course, is known for 2 things: the Tatacoa Desert Colombia and the most famous archaeological site in the country: San Agustín. In between you will find beautiful nature and many villages to explore. Huila is also perfect for a road trip Colombia!

Traveling in southern Colombia: Las Lajas in Ipiales and Pasto and surrounding areas

You have to make a small detour for it, or, if you’re coming from Ecuador make an extra stop: it’s worth it. The province of Nariño is largely skipped by travelers in Colombia and that is totally unjustified. Colombia’s most famous cathedral, for example, Las Lajas in Ipiales, is very impressive. And Pasto an amazingly nice city. Read all about this beautiful part of Colombia on the Ecuadorian border here.


Tolima has not only beautiful nature and high mountains, but also a special town on the border of Tolima and Cundinamarca: Honda. Honda is also known as Cartagena in miniature, and for a good reason. Want to go off the beaten path in Colombia, explore the famous Río Magdalena and visit one of Colombia’s most extraordinary towns? Then go to Honda!

Zona cafetera (the coffee area Colombia)

When you think of the Colombian coffee region you think of Salento. The tourist heart of Eje Cafetero. Although it is a beautiful colorful village, it is way too touristy for me. So I always stay outside Salento to avoid the crowds. AND because there is so much more to see in the coffee region than coffee plantations and Salento. Think hiking to the snow in Los Nevados, visiting coffee plantations, the more unknown Filandia and Manizales, and a tour of the botanical garden.

Medellín and surroundings

Many traveler associate Colombia with Medellín. A city that in recent years has become a digital nomad hub and one of the most visited places in the country. Unfortunately, there are also still many narco-tourists, who maintain the association with drugs and do not help solve the problem. Medellín is a cool city and there is a lot to do, including the surrounding area!

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The Colombian north coast

Colombia’s northern coast is hugely popular among travelers. Especially the over-touristy Tayrona and Cartagena. Try to come off-season and prepare for lots of tourists. Still want to go a little off the beaten path? Then consider Barranquilla, Mompox or Islas San Bernardo.

Cordoba and Sucre are best known for the city of Montería and beach destination Tolu. In addition, this is also the starting point to explore the islands of San Bernardo Colombia. But there is more to do. Consider Coveñas. A beautiful beach vacation of a few days among Colombian palm trees. Not yet discovered by foreign tourists.

The Amazon in Colombia

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, and the Amazon is the place to discover this biodiversity. Bird spiders, dolphins, unusual trees, plants and flowers, piranhas, interesting butterflies and much more. In addition, many indigenous tribes still live in the Amazon, who you can visit and discover how they live. The Amazon is impressive and not to be missed!

San Andres

San Andres is a popular Colombian island off the coast of Nicaragua. Popular among Colombian tourists and foreign travelers. Ideal for a beach vacation and exotic island tour.


Want a unique round trip through Colombia but don’t want to arrange it yourself? Or would you like to do a road trip but prefer to do it with a group because of safety? Or you want to go off the beaten path, but need a little help with that? Then these trips might be for you!


Colombia is becoming increasingly popular among families with (small) children. And rightly so: there is an enormous amount to do, Colombia is very child-friendly and easy and safe to travel.


Want to know more about Colombia? What is the state of plastic surgery in Colombia? And what is a typical Colombian family like? Read it here!


Holidays are hugely important to religious Colombians. As a traveler, you can easily get a glimpse into the wonderful traditions and customs attached to it. December in particular is packed with wonderful traditions in Colombia!


This website remains continuously up-to-date. With new articles about living or traveling in Colombia, or old articles updated. On my social media, I’ll keep you updated on what I’m working on and where I’m traveling. And be the first to see the latest articles.

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