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All text on this website is written by myself (Sabine). This also applies (unless otherwise stated) to all photographs used on this website. This means that all text and images published on besabine.com are copyrighted and (unless otherwise indicated) owned by besabine.com. Nothing from this website may be reproduced and published without prior written permission. Would you still like to use something? Then just send me here an email to ask for permission!

Unless otherwise noted, everything you find on besabine.com is written from my own knowledge and experience. This includes information about Colombia and other destinations, as well as emigrating. My texts are checked as carefully as possible. However, even I sometimes get things wrong and information can change (such as rules and laws regarding emigrating). Besabine.com cannot be held liable or responsible for any changes or possible inaccuracies. Do you come across information that is not correct (anymore)? Please, let me know here .


Occasionally, you will find an affiliate link, for example from bol.com or booking.com. If you click on this link you will be directed to a specific product (such as a service, hotel or book). When you buy something through this link, I get a small compensation for it. This fee is paid by the company and does not affect you in any way. You always pay the original price and nothing extra. I only link to products that I use or have used myself and am excited about. When an affiliate link is included, it is always mentioned at the bottom of the post.

In the footer and throughout the website you can find advertising banners. When you click on it you will be directed to the relevant service. Once you make a purchase, I get a small fee for it. Also this fee is paid by the company, for you the original price applies. I only post banners of services or products that I myself am positive about and that fit besabine.com.


Besabine.com sometimes collaborates with a company. That means that occasionally you may come across a link to the company. For example, to book a trip with that company. I only cooperate with companies if I am 100% behind it and only if it fits perfectly with the purpose and subject of this website. I always turn down an offer for cooperation if I do not support it or do not believe in the product or service. I never accept a partnership offer if I do not believe it will benefit the reader/traveler. Under a blog where there is a link to a collaboration or that was created in consultation with a company and for which I received compensation, you will always find the text ‘This article contains a collaboration with a company.’ For you as a reader, a collaboration does not affect the price you pay for a product or service and I always give my honest opinion.

Any questions? Send me here an email.


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