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by Sabine


Besabine.com is a personal travel blog where I focus on traveling, living and working in Colombia and sustainable travel off the beaten path. Since late 2014, I have been living in Bogotá and traveling with love and passion through the country to which I have lost my heart. As a local, I look at traveling through this beautiful country with a different perspective, and know many wonderful undiscovered places in addition to the top destinations in Colombia. On my blog I write about all these travel experiences, and give my best insider travel tips to make it even more fun and easy for the traveler in Colombia. You will also find on this website everything about emigrating and about living and working in Colombia. Click here to read more about me.


The numbers and working together

Monthly, BESABINE gets around 10,000 unique visitors who generate over 20,000 page views. Colombia’s popularity as a travel destination is growing, and today the country is listed in many lists as a must-visit destination. Ideal to capitalize on that just now with a collaboration. Working with BESABINE means that you effectively address a specific target audience.

Are you interested in working with BESABINE? Send an e-mail to sabine at besabine.com. Or check out my mediakit.

In the case of a sponsored blog or collaboration, I clearly state this in the article at all times. A link to a paid collaboration is always no-follow. I don’t enter into a collaboration that I don’t support, and I don’t share anything other than my personal opinion.



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