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Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world after Brazil, and the Amazon is the place to discover this biodiversity. Bird spiders, dolphins, piranhas, monkeys, unusual trees, plants and flowers, interesting butterflies and much more. In addition, many indigenous tribes still live in the rainforest. Some of these you can visit to see how these original inhabitants of the Amazon still live. The rainforest is impressive and not to be missed!

How to visit the Amazon region in Colombia?

In my blogs you will read all about an unforgettable visit to the rainforest in Colombia. How to make beautiful day – and night walks through the jungle, how to get to Leticia and what to do in the capital of the Amazonas, where to stay in the Amazon, what to bring and what to look out for.

Sightseeing in the Colombian Amazon rainforest

There is plenty to do and see in the rainforest. Besides special flora and fauna, you can also visit a monkey rehabilitation center, see beautiful houses painted with murals, visit a viewpoint and meet indigenous people.

Round trip Colombia and the rainforest

The Amazon is not exactly around the corner from most other attractions in Colombia. In fact, visiting the rainforest is quite a journey. You should therefore plan it well, because going to the jungle on spec is not a good idea. In my blogs you will therefore read the best tips on planning a trip to the Amazon during your round trip Colombia.

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