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International SIM card coverage in all countries

SIM card or E-SIM with coverage in more than 100 countries | Online anywhere with KeepGo

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Last year I took a lot of trips. From Colombia to Mexico. From Mexico to Miami. Back to Colombia again to fly to the Netherlands 3 weeks later. To travel to Bruges, Copenhagen, Berlin, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Dresden, Mullheim and Amsterdam. With my Colombian phone number, I do not have Internet anywhere but in Colombia. Since I like to be reachable and find it easy to quickly look something up, I was looking for a way to have mobile Internet anywhere in the world while traveling with 1 SIM card. That sounds impossible, but it turned to be very easy. I ended up buying a SIM card from KeepGo and after all these trips, I am more than satisfied with it. In this article, I’ll tell you what a KeepGo SIM card is, what the costs are, how it works and the pros and cons. Are you traveling and don’t want to have to keep buying a SIM card in each country? Then read on quickly.

What is a KeepGo SIM card?

There are a number of ways to have mobile Internet in more than 100 countries with just 1 SIM card or e-sim. Of these, KeepGo is one of the best-known global providers.

With a SIM card from KeepGo, you have mobile Internet in 110 countries.

How it works. Very simple:

  1. You buy the KeepGo sim card (via this link you get 3GB as a gift)
  2. Put the SIM card into your phone and follows the steps to set up
  3. Then you buy the number of GBs or MBs you want
  4. And you are ready to go

What I like about KeepGo is that the data doesn’t expire. So if you have 5GB, this is valid for life. You just need to upgrade at least once a year, and you can do that for as little as 3 euros.


1 SIM card for multiple countries: here’s how KeepGo works

KeepGo operates in more than 100 countries. To be online everywhere, KeepGo has several options:

  • An e-sim
  • The Lifetime World SIM Card (I have this one)
  • Lifetime Europe SIM Card
  • Lifetime Hotspot

How to buy and install the global SIM card?

  1. If you use the KeepGo sim card through this link, you will get 3GB for free.
  2. Click on the link above and copy your discount code
  3. Then click on Shop KeepGo now
  4. You now see Lifetime Plan listed: click on that
  5. Now select “Buy a SIM”. The Lifetime World of Europe SIM card is the easiest, with this you have Internet almost everywhere and you only have to set it up once on your phone. Just make sure your phone is simlock-free
  6. Choose now whether you want it for Europe or for the whole world
  7. The SIM card costs a one-time $49
  8. At checkout, you can enter the code you copied at the beginning to get 3GB free

The website allows you to pay using iDeal, PayPal and credit card, among other methods.

Once you receive the SIM card at home, follow these steps to get it working on your phone:

  1. Create an account and complete your settings on this page;
  2. Insert the SIM card into your phone. I myself have dual sim in my phone, which allows me to leave my regular SIM card in it as well, making it easy to switch to the KeepGo SIM card outside of Columbia (if you buy an e-sim you don’t need to insert any card);
  3. Configure the APN settings on your phone;
  4. Activate data roaming.

Through this link you can read all the steps in detail.

Don’t forget to test the SIM card. Once you’ve followed all the steps, turn off your own Internet and check that the SIM card is working properly, to be well prepared to travel.

In the account you created or in the app on your phone, you can see how much MB you have left.


The KeepGo SIM card for multiple countries: the pros and cons

I am extremely satisfied with this sim card. That is also why I am writing a whole article about it. At first I was a little skeptical, but this really works perfectly. Still, there are some things to consider.

The benefits of an international SIM card

Let’s start with the benefits:

  • The Internet is good and fast everywhere;
  • You don’t have to think about buying a SIM card anywhere, which saves a lot of hassle and time;
  • You are not dependent on wifi, so you can quickly look something up or send a message anywhere;
  • The GBs on the SIM card do not expire. So you don’t have to pay for new data every month. Everything you buy is valid for life, you just have to buy new data for it at least once a year. This can be as little as 3 euros.


The disadvantages of the KeepGo SIM card

Then the cons:

  • Upgrading is expensive, but that makes sense considering that KeepGo ensures that you have Internet in 110 countries. That said, it’s still some money to purchase 5GB. Here you can read the prices for upgrading a Lifetime SIM card. Don’t forget toreceive 3GB for free , saves a lot of money.
  • Since each GB costs a lot of money and therefore you probably only buy 5 or 10GB, you have to be more economical with Internet usage, not to lose everything right away. Through the app or your account on KeepGo, you can see how much data you have left. I myself use Wifi everywhere possible, and Internet via KeepGo I mainly turn on to briefly app, find a route on Google Maps or check something on the Internet. Restaurant reviews, for example, or booking a hotel. Now, I must admit that I have also used my data a few times to post Instagram Stories, or scroll briefly through my Facebook feed. It amazed me how much you can do with 5GB.


How much Internet did I use while traveling?

I used the KeepGo SIM card for about 4 weeks. Including several times for about 3 hours to work on the train when there was no wifi. After all this time, I still have over 1GB left.

So you can use 5GB for a long time, and I would definitely buy this again for the next trip outside Colombia.


Is KeepGo’s global SIM card worth the money?

Yes, absolutely! I am very happy to have had this experience and will upgrade my SIM card again during the next trip. Perfect for travelers who travel through multiple countries and don’t want to keep searching for a SIM card. Or for if, like me, you live abroad, travel to visit your family and travel some other countries right away.


Which SIM card will you travel with?

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