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Visit the Aloe Vera plantation Curacao

Visit the Aloe Vera plantation in Curacao and discover Curaloe

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There are many must-sees in Curacao. One of them is the Aloe Vera plantation. All the way on the northeast side of the island you will find a huge piece of land with thousands of Aloe Vera plants. These are grown to make personal care products. And you can visit. Imagine yourself in the world of Aloe Vera, walk among the plants, see the production process, feel Aloe Vera on your skin and treat yourself to care products. Also available in USA and Europa, by the way, so you don’t have to go all the way to the Antilles for it. But if you happen to be there, don’t skip this!

The Aloe Vera Farm in Curacao

In 1999, the Aloe Vera plantation established, where Aloe Vera is grown organically. Meanwhile, you can find as many as 50,000 Aloe Vera plants here. There are some 360 varieties of Aloe Vera. On the plantation you will find the Barbadensis Miller plants.

Harvesting takes place every month, when the Aloe Vera leaves are at their thickest and fully mature. The juice is then extracted from the leaves and care products are made from it. This is done with machines specially designed for this purpose.

At the plantation, they produce 10,000 bottles of their own product, Curaloe, every month. These are sold in their shop, in supermarkets in Curacao, in the US, the Netherlands and in other countries in Europe.


What makes Aloe Vera so special?

For centuries, Aloe Vera has been used for its healing properties. The ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality”. And in Hindu culture, Aloe Vera was a “silent healer”.

Curaloe, the plantation’s brand, calls Aloe Vera a natural problem solver.

Aloe Vera is used for all sorts of things, depending on what form it comes in. Such as a gel, cream or in the form of a drink to take. For example, the gel works great as an aftersun and for mosquito bites. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also relieves eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and burns. During the tour, I was told that it also fights skin aging and works well against acne.

In any case, Aloe Vera is packed with vitamins (A, C, E, folic acid, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12), minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, iron and copper) and contains 18 out of 22 amino acids.


Visit Aloe Vera plantation Curacao


Visit the Aloe Vera plantation in Curacao

You can visit the plantation Monday through Friday between 9AM and 4:30PM. Click here for the location. You can walk a short route yourself with information boards along the side, and visit the shop. Where they are happy to explain the products to you.

In addition, you can book a tour that takes you around the plantation and into the factory. You take the guided tour best when the production process is underway. I had a private tour myself, because no one else was there at the time. This was outside the production process. Still, I found it very worthwhile. A lot of information was shared and even though the process was not underway, I was given a tour of the small factory.

After that, I went shopping for a while….


The products of Curaloe

The Aloe Vera plants grown on the plantation are found after the production process in the form of care products from the Curaloe brand.

As Curaloe itself says, we bring together all the benefits of Aloe Vera in 27 products. Including body gel, body lotion, night cream, shampoos, supplements and much more.

For Curaloe, it is important to preserve the natural vitamins and minerals that Aloe Vera is rich, for the best quality of their products.

That is why they use only pure Aloe Vera gel as their main ingredient. And they call it: the plant in a bottle. Most products contain up to 95% Aloe Vera, which is a lot. You can also feel this in the products. Like the scent, this one is strong Aloe Vera (which not everyone likes by the way, personally I find the scent refreshing). In the shop, you can try everything before you buy it.

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My experience with Curaloe’s products

I am always quite skeptical about the efficacy of creams and other skin care products. Never believe so much in the effect as they promise it on the package, but use it for the nice smell or for dry skin. The brand Curaloe I did not know, it is also not sold in Colombia. I was eager to try it, so I bought some Aloe Vera products:

I started using everything right away and what a surprise! The mosquito spray did not survive my visit: ran out in no time and worked beyond expectations.

I have been using the gel for both body and face every day since then. It proved to work tremendously well for mosquito bites and for cooling after a day of heat and sun. I didn’t get sunburned, but I did suffer a bit of sun allergy. The gel seemed to fix that in an instant. I never use gel for my face and body, and had to get used to it. In fact, there is 95% Aloe Vera in both and so it also seems to be the sticky Aloe Vera that comes out. Fortunately, it absorbs quickly and, especially in the heat, it is wonderfully refreshing.

After a week, I was so excited that I went to the supermarket to buy more. I also bought Aloe Vera body lotion, more facial gel and Curaloe night cream . I noticed upon returning to Colombia, where it is much colder in Bogotá than in Curacao, that the gel is also nice to use in cold weather. I really feel that my facial skin is much better nourished and looks much fresher and younger in the morning.

Am also very curious about the creams, what they will do for my skin.

In any case: I’m convinced! When I am back in The Nethrlands or Curacao I will definitely buy more to bring back home.

Check out Curaloe’s products here.

Do you enjoy using Aloe Vera?

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