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Cheap lodging in New York

Cheaper accommodation in New York City? Stay in Jersey City

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If you’ve ever been to New York or plan to pack your bags soon, you probably know the great difficulty of finding a hotel. Because where can you stay cheaply in New York in a place that also meets all your requirements? You’d prefer to be in a nice neighborhood, like Manhattan or Brooklyn, in a cute little boutique, preferably with breakfast. Close to the subway. And most importantly, it should not be too expensive. Looking for a needle in a haystack, then. Hours I spent on it. Until we got the best tip of the year: why not search Jersey City? A good location to stay for a city trip New York on a budget. There we found the perfect location for our two weeks in New York. Now you probably don’t immediately think of looking for your hotel or apartment on the other side of the Hudson River, but nothing could be further from the truth: I really loved Jersey City. Find out here why this is a great place to stay during a New York city break.


Jersey City: an impression

I had no idea what to expect at Jersey City. It turned out to be wonderfully quiet, unlike New York City, with beautiful places to visit. To give you a first impression, here is a little photo impression of Jersey City.


From New York City to Jersey City: PATH

It is extremely easy to get to Jersey City by subway (and vice versa). The PATH subway line goes from World Trade Center or Herald Square to both the north and south sides of the city, an approximately 15-minute ride. The cost is $2.75 for a one-way trip and you can load onto the same card you use for the subway in New York.


Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

Nowhere have I had such a beautiful view of Manhattan as from Jersey City. Not only that: here you can spend hours and miles walking the beautiful boardwalk along the Hudson River. I thoroughly enjoyed the cold winter sunshine, the quietness, the birds, all while walking along the Hudson with the sound of the water against the wharf in the background. During our last day here, we sat for hours on a bench gazing at Manhattan. Wonderful right?


Liberty State Park

The nice thing about staying in Jersey City is that you also get to see something other than New York. For example, walk to the north of the city, where you’ll find the (free) Liberty State Park. You can only get there by boat or walk a little further and cross a bridge. We chose the latter option and walked through the beautiful park toward the Hudson River. Not only the non-stop views of the New York skyline, but also of the harbor, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island made me instantly love this piece of nature.


View over the skyline of New York at night

As soon as it got dark, I enjoyed not only the lights in Jersey City, but also Manhattan. There is no better place to see the beautifully lit skyline after dark. Walk along the boardwalk or drink hot chocolate at the Starbucks along the waterfront. With a view.


Pros and cons of staying in Jersey City


  • During one visit in America, you will get to know two different cities;
  • The quietness;
  • Grocery shopping is easier and cheaper in large supermarkets;
  • Cheaper and easier to find an apartment for a week;
  • The beautiful views of Manhattan;
  • You can easily catch a train to another city.



  • It is farther from the most famous airports (except Newark), so if you land at JFK you will be on the road longer;
  • If you like to party and want to go out until the early hours in New York, Jersey City may not be the best option;
  • You have to pay $2.75 each way every day to get into Manhattan.


Hotels and apartments in Jersey City?

Our apartment unfortunately no longer exists after all these years, but there are plenty of hotels and apartments in Jersey City. Find a hotel or apartment on the river side, near a subway, so you get to Manhattan New York easily and quickly. Click here for all lodging options in Jersey City.


Staying in Jersey City during a New York city trip

Want to stay cheap in New York City? Then consider Jersey City! For me it was the perfect place, where after a day of hustle and bustle, I could really appreciate the peace and space across the Hudson River. Next time we go to New York I would definitely want to stay in Jersey City again.


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