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Wynwood Art District in Miami Florida

A must-see neighborhood in Miami: the Wynwood Art District

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Today, the Wynwood Art District is one of Miami’s best neighborhoods to visit. A true cultural hotspot and an explosion of colors. Everywhere you walk you see the most beautiful murals. An absolute must-see if you are in Miami and especially if you love street art. Read all about the transformation the Wynwood neighborhood has undergone in recent years and find a list of museums, events and the most beautiful street art.


The transformation of Wynwood: from industrial district to arts paradise

Once upon a time, Miami’s now-famous Wynwood neighborhood was an industrial district filled with warehouses and factories. At the time, Wynwood was known as a less safe and neglected neighborhood, where crime was the order of the day. Until entrepreneur Tony Goldman created the “Wynwood Walls” project in 2009.

Goldman was already known for his efforts to revamp neglected neighborhoods through art and culture. Previously, for example, he had revived SoHo in New York, and now it was the turn of Wynwood in Miami. His vision was to transform the drab walls and buildings into a creative playground for internationally recognized street artists.


Well, that plan more than succeeded. By having the walls and buildings painted by street artists, the once drab neighborhood turned into an open-air museum full of colorful murals and graffiti.

Soon it attracted the attention of artists, art lovers and tourists from all over the world. Wynwood Art District, now Miami’s premier art district, was born.

Meanwhile, you’ll find more than 70 art galleries, museums and art collections in Wynwood. And that number continues to grow. Definitely the place in Miami if you love street art and art in general.


What to do and see in Miami’s Wynwood Art District?

The Wynwood Art District was definitely a highlight of my city trip Miami and Fort Lauderdale. You will get to know a totally different side of the city. As far as I’m concerned, a must-see if you go to Miami.

We walked around Wynwood for about 3 hours. And we have not even seen everything yet. Here’s an overview of what’s to do and to see in Wynwood.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls was the start of the transformation of the Wynwood neighborhood. It has since become Miami’s premier street art museum. An open-air museum, that is, because in the museum you walk outside past the murals.

Although we began our walk through the neighborhood at Wynwood Walls, we skipped the museum itself. After reading a lot about it, I was eager to experience the neighborhood for myself.

However, the museum will be well worth the effort. The entrance fee for Wynwood Walls is $12. On the website you read all the information about the museum. Would you like a guided tour of the murals? You can book that here. Want to go through the museum on your own but don’t want to wait in line for a ticket? Book your online ticket for Wynwood Walls here.

Find Wynwood Walls on the map here.


Walking through the Wynwood Art District

We were especially interested in the neighborhood itself. The neighborhood atmosphere and, of course, the murals. I found it extraordinary to see that Wynwood is still evolving. New buildings are being built, existing buildings renovated and more murals created.

Walking through the neighborhood you can see that this neighborhood was once very different. The section near Wynwood Walls is very lively, with lots of restaurants and hip stores; as you walk more into the neighborhood it becomes quieter.

But wherever you go: all around you see murals. The most extraordinary creations in the most beautiful places. You’ll be amazed.

So for the murals, you don’t necessarily have to go to Wynwood Walls: you can see these everywhere. All the photos you see in this blog were taken in the neighborhood itself.

Take your time because although it is not a very large area, there is an awful lot to see. It’s also fun to walk into some of the hip stores.

Do you enjoy learning more about the artists and the Wynwood Art District? You can tour the neighborhood with a guide in a golf cart.

Find the Wynwood Art District on the map here.


Messi on the wall

Although I am no so much of a fan of Messi after the 2022 Netherlands Argentina game, this is still a mural to mention. Street art at its finest. High on the wall is Messi pictured. Beautifully done and definitely worth a look at this particular work of art.

You can find Messi’s mural here on the map.


Museums in Wynwood Art District

The Wynwood Art District is home to many museums. You can easily spend a day there. Here a few museums to visit.

Paradox Museum Miami

An interactive museum of modern art. Fun for young and old. A ticket costs $26 per person. On the website you will find all information about the museum. Find the Paradox Museum on the map here.

Museum of Graffiti

Next to Wynwood Walls you will find the smaller Museum of Graffiti. For $16, you can admire the most extraordinary graffiti both inside and outside. There are also regular events at the graffiti museum, and you can make graffiti yourself if you want. Read more about that here. You’ll also find a shop where you can buy graffiti and more art supplies. Find the Museum of Graffiti on the map here.

Cerveceria La Tropical

A brewery tucked away on a side street in Wynwood. Cerveceria La Tropical offers tours of the brewery, a restaurant, a large garden and events with live music on weekends. Do you like beer? Then be sure to take a look. Find the brewery on the map here.


Events in Wynwood

Want to attend an event in the Wynwood Art District? Many events take place at Oasis Wynwood. Here you can find their events calendar.

Or check out Mana Wynwood. Located on the other side of Wynwood, this event venue also has a lot to offer. Here you will find their upcoming events.


Wynwood Art District in Miami: practical information

How do you get to the Wynwood Art District?

In Miami, it is convenient to rent a car. And you can also easily visit Wynwood by car. Parking garages directly in the Art District are very expensive, which is why we chose this parking garage. From there, it is about a 15-minute walk to the heart of Wynwood Art District.

You can also take the subway. Then get off, for example, at Santa Clara Station. From there, it is about a 40-minute walk to Wynwood Walls.

What is there to do in the area?

At the back of this parking garage you will find the shopping malls Midtown Miami and Nordstrom Rack. Nice to combine with Wynwood. Two totally different neighborhoods so close together. You have lots of places to eat there in addition to nice stores. A cozy neighborhood.

Eating and drinking in Wynwood Art District

There are many restaurants and bars in the Wynwood Art District. Most of the eateries can be found around Wynwood Walls. Such as:

Staying in Wynwood Miami

Both times I visited Miami I stayed in Fort Lauderdale. Quieter and cheaper. But you can also stay in Wynwood or just outside. Sentral Wynwood for example, right in the middle of the neighborhood. Or at Arlo Wynwood Miami. From where you can take bikes for free to explore the neighborhood. Click here for a list of all hotels in Wynwood Art District Miami.


Wynwood Art District: a must-see in Miami if you love street art and art!

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