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Hiking in Hong Kong: explore beautiful Plover Cove

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You wouldn’t expect it, but Hong Kong is a fantastic hiking destination. Outside the busy center, you’ll find literally hundreds of miles of hiking trails. In free nature where you will not meet anyone and can fully enjoy the green mountains, blue seas and cute little ports. Together with Jimmy, I did four walks, and one I did on my own: a walk through beautiful Plover Cove, located in the northeastern part of Hong Kong, in the New Territories. From the hotel it took a while to travel, but once I arrived in the sleepy village of Tai Mei Tuk, I was immediately enchanted by the natural beauty. Even though I have done this before, I found hiking alone through an unfamiliar forest quite exciting. Nevertheless, I began this hiking trail that pleasantly surprised me. Walk with me through deep Hong Kong nature and past beautiful views.

Hong Kong: hiking in Plover Cove

In the far northeastern part of Hong Kong lies the Plover Cove nature reserve, far away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city. By subway I arrive in Tai Po, from where I take bus 75K to continue my way to the village of Tai Mei Tuk in half an hour. Here I walk 10 minutes to the Plover Cove Country Park Visitor Center, where several hikes start from 4 to more than 20 kilometers in length. Before I go for a walk I check on this website first the current weather in Hong Kong and any warnings. After all, I am in hurricane season. It’s about 30 degrees, so with plenty of water I start this hike.


Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail: what to expect?

Since I am alone, it is 30 degrees with very high humidity and my legs are already pretty tired after a week of trudging through Hong Kong, I opt for a short route. The Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail is 4.4 kilometers long and is well marked with 22 information signs. So getting lost is difficult. I take this hike on a Thursday, and no one is here outside the weekend. Literally. The first half hour I find it a little scary, all alone like this in the woods. Slowly I am getting used to hiking alone and to the insects that roam here, and I am fully enjoying nature. The hike runs from the visitors center to Bride’s Pool and takes about 2.5 hours. Along the way, you’ll encounter other trails, so if you want to walk longer you can easily do so.


Fantastic nature in Hong Kong!

A short walk or not: I am presented with truly magnificent views and beautiful nature! I climb up the mountain where there are regular open sections in the hike from where I enjoy fantastic views. In the first bit I can still see some sign of life as I look over a harbor, some villages and in the distance skyscrapers, but further on this disappears completely. Difficulty finding my way at all, and the signs give such nice additional information: wonderful.


Along the way, there are sort of translucent large spiders everywhere. Very strange to see. Only the body can be seen and the legs are vaguely visible. There’s one on this tree: do you see it?


The Plover Cove reservoir

After an hour of walking, I arrive at a trail with beautiful views of the Plover Cove reservoir. The development of this lake was started in 1960 and finished in 1968. It is the largest reservoir in Hong Kong and at the time when it was built, the dam was one of the longest in the world. Plover Cove is now a natural fishing pond where you will find a wide variety of fauna. Along the road are several Barbecue spots, which on the weekends fill up with locals from Hong Kong looking for peace and quiet and conviviality. On this Thursday, however, there is no one in sight and I am enjoying immensely the peace and beautiful views of the reservoir.


The last part: getting out of the woods

The last part of the hike is more open area, where I hike through tall grass and can see far across the area. Occasionally the trail goes down and I encounter a stream, then climb back out of the forest. I love hiking this stretch, where the views, the open area and the fact that I am still all alone in this part of Plover Cove make me feel empowered.


How much I enjoyed this totally different side of Hong Kong! A side that helps make this really a great city for me. Hiking in Hong Kong? Do it!

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