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What to do at Westpunt Curacao

Roadtrip Westpunt Curacao: 13 highlights to visit

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Westpunt Curacao, the west of the island, has much to offer. Surprising nature, beautiful beaches and small villages. Ideal for a road trip Curacao. I myself drove west twice, further away from civilization and little traffic. Delicious! In this article you will find 13 things to see and do west of Willemstad. Have fun!

Westpunt Curacao

Westpunt is a village all the way in the west of Curacao, and the name of the western part of Curacao. From Willemstad, it takes about 50 minutes to an hour to drive to Westpunt. If you want to see this side of the island, it is best to rent a car, at Rentalcars for example.


Roadtrip Westpunt Curacao: 13 highlights

This road trip takes you to the west of Curacao. From the northwest of Willemstad, through the north to Westpunt, and back through the south. The 17 sights are in chronological order by this route.

1. The caves of Hato

Starting with the Hato caves. Right near Curacao’s airport, north of Willemstad, you’ll find the 300,000-year-old Hato Caves. It is the most popular cave on the island, and open for tourism since 1991. Inside, you can see the famous terraces. To get to the cave you have to climb 49 steps, and at the top you have a nice view of the area.

Entrance fee: 17.50 guilders or $10.

Here you will find all the information, current prices and opening hours.


2. Hofi Pastor

Hofi Pastor is a natural park in northwestern Curacao. The park is part of a Catholic parish and aims to protect the natural area with its flora and fauna. You’ll find a notable kapok tree, a silk-cotton tree widely cultivated in tropical regions for its fiber. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to go to Hofi Pastor myself, but this park is definitely on the list for next time!

Learn more about Hofi Pastor, entrance fees and opening hours here.


3. Climbing Mount Christoffel

The next stop is Mount Christoffel. Curacao’s highest point and amazing nature. Christoffelberg is located in Christoffel Park, and from the top of the mountain you can see how green Curacao actually is. From the top you have a beautiful view of the west of the island. The hike up is tough, especially the part where you have to climb, but an absolute must do if you are in Curacao. For me, one of the highlights during my vacation!

Read all about climbing Mount Christoffel here.


4. Shete Boka National Park

If you drive 5 minutes further west from Christoffel Park, you will reach Shete Boka National Park. This is the place to admire and experience Curacao’s rugged north coast. The raging sea pounding against the rocks, the wonderful wind and beautiful views make this a special experience. I found Shete Boka to be the most beautiful nature in Curacao and would not have wanted to miss it. A must-see!

Read all about Shete Boka National Park here.


5. Watamula Hole

At the westernmost point of Curacao, you will find a large hole in the rocky coastline: Watamula Hole. The place where locals say the island breathes. This is because the rocks and remains of coral are porous and air is blown out of the rock by the waves. The road to get there is quite a challenge, not paved and with many potholes. But seeing Watamula Hole is certainly impressive!

This is where you will find Watamula Hole.


6. Grote Knip and Kleine Knip

Just southeast of the village of Westpunt you will find the beaches Grote Knip and Kleine Knip. One of the most popular beaches to go to. Here you can snorkel beautifully or rent a beach bed. I personally liked Kleine Knip more.

Read more about these beaches here.


7. Playa Lagun

If you continue driving toward Willemstad after Kleine Knip, you will pass Playa Lagun. This was without a doubt my favorite beach. Wonderfully beautiful, small and here you can do fantastic snorkeling. This is also the place to encounter sea turtles, especially in the morning. Here they are, unlike at Playa Piskadó, not lured. Highly recommended!

Read more about Curacao’s most beautiful beaches here.


8. Hofi Mango

Hofi Mango is a beautiful natural park where you can enjoy hiking. Although the park has only been open to the public since March 2023, Hofi Mango was established as early as 1707 as a plantation for mangoes and other crops, such as sugarcane. The sugar cane was pressed in a specially built sugar mill; a windmill based on the Dutch model. This historic sugar mill is the only one in the Caribbean and is the centerpiece of Hofi Mango. The current park was founded by well-known comedian Jandino Asporaat.

Walk in Hofi Mango through the impressive ancient forest of mango trees. Admire the many cacti and wander through the palm grove. There is a landscaped hiking trail that takes you up a flight of stairs to the top of the hill. From there you have a beautiful view of the green forest.

Hofi Mango is a very beautiful park and well worth visiting. I would go there again just for the peace and beautiful nature!

Here you can read all about Hofi Mango, entrance fees and opening hours.


9. Santa Martha Bay viewpoint

Besides the beautiful view from Christoffel Mountain, the view of Santa Martha Bay is a must-see on Curacao. Enchantingly beautiful! It is a slight detour on the route between Westpunt and Willemstad, but more than worth it. You can find the viewpoint on Santa Martha Bay here. You can park there and gaze over this beautiful bay from the wall. If you like beautiful nature and views definitely do not skip it. Come later in the day if you want to see the sunset with this view, Santa Martha Bay is ideal for that.


10. Playa Carara

Continuing along the same road from the viewpoint on Santa Martha Bay, you come to a hidden beach where hardly anyone seems to go: Playa Carara. From the pebble beach you can walk straight into the water, or enjoy the sunset in this beautiful place.

You can find Playa Carara here.


11. Karakter

Karakter is a well-known beach on the west side of the island in Willibrordus. It belongs to the resort Coral Estate where you can stay. Here you will find peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches in the east of Curacao. Karakter is not only a beautiful beach, but also a popular restaurant for fine dining. Directly on the sea with beautiful views. I myself had delicious vegetarian food and went snorkeling here. If you’re looking for more peace and quietness, Karakter is a good place to spend a day or a few hours.

Here you will find Karakter in Curacao.


12. Kokomo Beach

At Kokomo Beach you can snorkel, there is a restaurant on the cliff with a nice view, and the famous swing for your Instagram photo. A beautiful beach, which will quickly become crowded in high season. The nice thing about this beach is that it is a bit secluded, just west of Willemstad. As a result, you don’t have the hustle and bustle of the beaches in Jan Thiel, and its central location means you’ll be there in no time.

This is where you will find Kokomo Beach.


13. Boka Sint Michiel & photo shoot in Curacao

Sint Michiel is a village just west of Willemstad. Not a crowded beach full of tourists, but more a place to witness local life.

I myself did a photo shoot with Eiland Meisje, a professional photographer in Curacao. Great for your vacation photos on the island, alone, with friends or with family. Since I traveled alone I would like a nice memory, besides, a photo shoot is always fun to do!

This is where you’ll find Boka Sint Michiel.


Restaurants in Westpunt Curacao

Sol Food

This restaurant in Westpunt is said to be very good, but is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, I unfortunately missed it, but maybe you can visit it.

Sol Food can be found here.


Blue View Sunset Terrace

Just past the village of Westpunt, you’ll pass the Blue View Sunset Terrace restaurant. Here you can have a great meal with a great view of Playa Forti and the cliff at Restaurant Playa Forti. From the cliff, people jump down into the sea, which is pretty cool to see. The food is good, but I did find it on the expensive side for what you get.

You can find Blue View Sunset Terrace here.


Restaurant Playa Forti

Right next door to Blue View is Restaurant Playa Forti. Also from here you have beautiful views of Playa Forti and the rocky coastline. From this restaurant you can jump from the high cliff into the sea. The food is tasty, but basic. Nothing special. However, the beautiful views make this a nice place to sit.

Here you will find Restaurant Playa Fori.



Karakter Beach Lounge

Right on the beach at Karakter you will find this fine restaurant. Good service and good food. They don’t have standard dishes, but really turn them into a work of art. For me one of the most delicious restaurants I have eaten at in Curacao.

You can find the Karakter Beach Lounge here.


Set aside 1 or 2 days to explore Westpunt Curacao. The beautiful beaches, extraordinary nature and beautiful views.

Check out this mini travel guide Curacao for all the island’s sights, and practical tips.

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