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Hot chocolate with cheese Colombia

Recipe: Colombian hot chocolate with cheese. Who dares?

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Here it is! The recipe many have long been waiting for: hot chocolate with cheese. And yes, I mean the cheese ín the hot chocolate. One of the many strange eating and drinking habits of Colombians. In Bogotá and surrounding areas, hot chocolate with cheese is the drink you absolutely must have tried during your trip through Colombia. But you can also try this typical Colombian custom at home. After all, there is almost no easier recipe. Now I can somewhat imagine that your mouth is not immediately watering at the thought of this combination. Still, it is surprisingly delicious. Strap on the naughty kitchen apron and try it out! During these cold days, enjoy a nice hot cup of sweet chocolate with salty cheese. And are you in Colombia? Then scroll down and read where in Bogotá you can find hot chocolate with cheese + great souvenir tips! Who dares?

Colombian hot chocolate

Colombians make hot chocolate milk more often than in any other country, and in a different way, too. In fact, in the supermarket you will find many brands and types of blocks of chocolate specifically to make hot chocolate. Colombians make it with milk, water or with milk and water. And yes, hot chocolate with water is tasty! The blocks of chocolate they sell come in all shapes and sizes: small large, dark, with sugar, with sugar and cinnamon or without sugar. We always make hot chocolate at home without sugar. Is a little bitter, but you get used to that. Lovely for on the couch at the movies!


Making hot chocolate the Colombian way: with a chocolatera and molinillo

Hot chocolate I make the Colombian way: with a chocolatera and a molinillo. No idea how to say that in English. Very helpful tools. In the chocolatera, you make the hot chocolate, that is then easy to serve. Using the molinillo, stir things up and make the hot chocolate frothy. Very handy!


What cheese do you need?

A particularly good question, because the cheese they use here(Doble Crema or Campesino) I don’t think can be found in the Netherlands. These are fairly flavorless but very salty cheeses. And I can’t try many other cheeses. So I gathered information from several colleagues, who all said the same thing: all types of cheese with chocolate is delicious! Even mozzarella. Whether that is really the case you will have to find out for yourself. In any case, I can recommend not use a too strong type of cheese. So no:

  • aged cheese;
  • herb cheese;
  • French cheese;
  • other strong cheeses.

I would go for a mild cheese that is not too salty. Or see if mozzarella is tasty, after all, this is also a fairly mild cheese. Just having fun trying something out!


And now you: the recipe for typical Colombian hot chocolate with cheese

This recipe is SO easy: in no time you will have hot chocolate with cheese on the table!

Step 1: Buy dark chocolate or a bag of cocoa. For 2 cups, you will need 2 scoops of cocoa powder or 30 grams of dark chocolate (or check the package for the amount you need). In the case of dark chocolate without sugar: flavor it with sugar, vanilla sugar or cinnamon. Or leave it pure, as I myself often do. Just as tasty (and slightly healthier)!

Step 2: Consider whether you want to make the hot chocolate with milk or water. I can’t remember if chocolate with water is normal in other countries or not, but I like it. Especially if you want the drink to be a little less caloric, water is a good idea.

Step 3: Put water or milk in a pan. I always first pour the water or milk into the cup I plan to use, in order to measure out the amount.

Step 4: Put the pan on the stove to warm the water or milk. I always add a cube of chocolate directly into the pan to melt it. Cocoa powder can be added a little later. If you use milk, keep stirring well so it doesn’t stick to the pan, and turn down the heat in time to prevent overcooking. In the case of chocolate cubes: wait until the chocoalde is completely melted and dissolved before pouring the mixture into your cup.

Step 5: Cut the cheese into small cubes (4 or 5 per large mug) and add to the hot chocolate. Some cheese will melt; other cheese will soften a bit but keep its shape. Let the cheese absorb the chocolate well, which is best!



And now taste it.

Very simple: you grab a spoon and take an occasional sip, then another bite and so on. Yummy! (I briefly put it in a glass to show it properly)


Where in Colombia do you drink hot chocolate with cheese?

Are you in Colombia? Then be sure to visit a cafe where they serve hot chocolate with cheese. You can find these more or less all over the country, but hot chocolate is obviously best and more popular in the colder areas. As in Bogotá, Villa de Leyva or Guatavita. In Bogotá, I would recommend this one: La Puerta Falsa. Been there several times and you can get not only delicious hot chocolate with cheese, but also typical Colombian tamales (spicy rice with chicken or meat in banana leaves), sandwiches and sweets. Enjoy!

Fun chocolate souvenirs to bring back from Colombia

Want to bring back a nice souvenir from Colombia? Then buy a chocolate block, chocolatera and/or molinillo. My parents now have this in their home as well and is fun to give as gifts or use it yourself. You can find the chocolatera and molinillo in a larger supermarket such as the Exito or at a souvenir market. The chocolate blocks can be bought in any supermarket. The cheapest you will find at Olympica and D1 (although at the latter they do not always have the variant without sugar). The best-known brands are Corona (with sugar) and Luker (without sugar).


Get a piece of Colombia in the house and make hot chocolate with cheese.

Do you dare? I’m curious to see if you like it!


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