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Summer drink lime juice with coconut

The ideal summer drink: Colombian lemonade with coconut

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It’s time again for a typical Colombian recipe! This time a delicious summer drink. In Colombia, this creation is immensely popular, especially on the hot Caribbean north coast. But it is also widely drunk in Bogotá. I regularly order the drink with my dinner: delicious! But this famous limonada de coco, or lemonade with coconut, doesn’t stay in Colombia, because from now on you can make it at home! You need few ingredients and within 5 minutes it is ready. How do you make it and what actually is lemonade in Colombia? Read it here!

Colombian lemonade

Lemonade, you know it. Usually strawberry flavored or something. Perhaps lemonade is the most consumed juice while eating in Colombia. But make no mistake: this is not the lemonade you know from The Netherlands. When you order lemonade in Colombia, you get lime juice with sugar. So lemonade in Colombia is lime juice and not that nice sweet strawberry lemonade. In this recipe you also use the Colombian lemonade: lime juice.



Before you start shopping, it’s helpful to know that you can use anything that contains coconut for this recipe: coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut water, coconut oil and so on. For this recipe, you can of course buy a real coconut, but coconut milk will do as well. You can tell whether the product is coconut milk or is secretly coconut cream after all by looking at the percentage of coconut extract. If this is between 40% and 60% it is coconut milk. In Colombia, by the way, this drink is made in various ways, so sometimes you will find coconut cream in it. Read all about the different types of coconut products and what to look out for here.


The recipe: lime juice with coconut

And now to the order of the day. After all, this is what it’s all about: the recipe for a delicious summer drink!

Arrange the following ingredients and then you’re all set:

2-4 people (depending on how much you want)

5 minutes preparation time

  • 200 ml coconut milk
  • 500 grams of ice cubes
  • Juice of 3 to 4 limes
  • Sugar (or sugar substitute) – add to taste



Make this juice the way you like it. So you can use more or less sugar or more or less ice cream. Also, especially adjust the flavor with more coconut milk or just more lime. In addition, you can create the structure you want. For example, if you want the ice cream to be more prominent, mix it for less time. If you want more of a smooth smoothie, then you actually need to blend longer. So make this drink just the way you like it!

How to prepare. Put everything in the blender and blend. As long as you like until you reach the texture you like. Taste from time to time to see if you like the flavor or if you might need to add more coconut, sugar or lime. Don’t like icy drinks (like me)? Then put less ice in it! In any case: when it’s done, you will have brought home not only a popular, but more importantly, a delicious Colombian creation!


Soak up the sun with this delicious typical Colombian summer drink!

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