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Temples in Hong Kong

The 7 most beautiful temples in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is full of beautiful temples, all of which are a delight to visit. Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and busy streets make wandering around a temple very soothing. In addition, it is great to engage in ancient history that still lives on today. Includes beautiful colors and the scents of incense. During both a long city trip and a stopover of a few days, it is really worth visiting some of these beautiful temples. Get inspired here and experience Hong Kong at its best!

1. The monastery of the 10,000 Buddhas.

This monastery is not to be missed during your visit to Hong Kong. Unlike the name suggests, you will find nearly 13,000 golden Buddhas here. It starts with the spectacular road up the mountain, where you are stared at by many golden Buddhas, all unique. At the top are several very beautiful temples that complete a visit to this special place. And want a vegetarian meal? You can also get that here. If you want to know more about this must-see temple in Hong Kong, click here!


2. Chi Lin Nunnery

Speaking of extraordinary monasteries: that definitely includes the Chi Lin Nunnery. Adjacent to the equally beautiful Nan Lian Gardens in Kowloon, this is a place for rest and relaxation. Step inside and marvel at the impressive 1934 wooden Buddhist nunnery. Remarkably, the monastery was rebuilt in the 1990s in the Tang Dynasty style. In this, temples are built from a wooden frame, in which you won’t find a single metal nail. The complex is pleasing to the eye and perfect to combine with a visit to the adjacent gardens. How do you get to the Chi Lin Nunnery? Go to Diamond Hill MTR station and take exit C2. Walk across Hollywood Plaza to the Nan Lian Gardens. On the other side of this park you will find the bridge to the entrance of the monastery.


3. Hike the Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Explore Hong Kong’s history along the Ping Shan Heritage Trail in the north of the city: the New Territories. The 2-kilometer walk takes you past ancient temples, walled villages and ancient quarters. You will pass the beautiful Yeung Hau Temple and the colorful Kun Ting Study Hall, among others. Click here to read more about the Ping Shan Heritage Trail.


4. Man Mo Temple

The Man Mo Temple is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong, located in the Sheung Wan district on Hong Kong Island and built in 1847. Man Mo is a Taoist temple that honors the God of Literature (Man) and the God of Martial Arts (Mo). As in all temples, you will find peace, but above all, this atmospheric temple is richly filled with incense. The earthenware spirals on the ceiling add something special to this already beautiful temple. We visited this temple following the hike down from The Peak via the Morning Trail. But you can also get there by bus 26.


5. Temples in Sheung Wan

Then, if you do visit Man Mo Temple, a walk through Sheung Wan is also worthwhile! The Lonely Planet Hong Kong has set up a fine walking tour of Sheung Wan, taking you past four smaller temples in addition to the Man Mo Temple: the Pak Sing Anceststrall Hall, the Kwun Yum Temple (from 1840 and thus the oldest in Sheung Wan), the Palace of Moon & Water Kwun Yum Temple and the Tai Sui Temple. All are located roughly next to each other on Tai Ping Shan Street. Take the subway and get off at Sheung Wan Metro Station, exit B.


6. Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

I actually find this temple a little too crowded, but possibly that was because of when I visited. Still, this is one of Hong Kong’s most famous and largest temples and definitely belongs in this list. The entire complex is quite large, consisting of some 18,000 square meters. In 1921, the temple was moved to its present site at the suggestion of a medium. The temple is dedicated to healer Wong Tai Sin, who claimed he could turn boulders into sheep. At 15, an immortal taught him how to make an herbal potion that could cure diseases. Wong Tai Sin is therefore worshipped by the sick as well as those trying to prevent illness. Even the entire neighborhood is named after him. You get to the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple from Wong Tai Sin Metro Station. Take exit B2 and you walk more or less directly into the complex.


7. Tin Hau Temple

Last but not least: the Tin Hau Temple. Located in perhaps one of the most popular spots in Hong Kong, namely on Temple Street (Night Market). Because of this location, the temple is almost impossible to miss during a visit. Tin Hau (God of the Sea) is located in a cute little square where fishermen used to display their hemp ropes. Today, you will find mostly old men relaxing and tables with chess players. How to get there. Go to Yau Ma Tai subway station and take exit C. Walk down Temple Street, and you’ll pass it naturally.


Many other, especially smaller, temples can be found in Hong Kong. Retrieved from Lantau for example, there is a famous temple located near the Big Buddha, and you can also visit small temples in Tai O. Just like during a walk on Lamma Island.All the temples in this row are free to visit.

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