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Off-the-beaten-path travel in Colombia

Travel like a local and discover Colombia

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Traveling through Colombia is fantastic. Whether you go backpacking, join a group tour or explore the country by car. I myself like traveling around like a local the most. Off the beaten path, special encounters and really getting to know the country. Mass tourism is something I try to avoid as much as possible. This is, of course, a little easier for me; after all, I am a local in Colombia myself. Complete with car and knowledge of the Spanish language. But you too can take a trip that is completely tailored to your needs and interests, where you will experience the most beautiful moments and meet the nicest people. Today I’m taking you into the world of Local Hero Travel, and introducing you to your local Hero in Colombia.


Traveling off the beaten path in Colombia

Colombia is enormously diverse, with the sweetest people and the most beautiful nature. The highlights Colombia, including Tayrona, Salento and Cartagena, are fantastic, but there is so much more. Far off the beaten track, canoing on a deserted lake, horseback riding in the countryside and rafting on unknown rivers. Enjoyment at its best.

Tourism in Colombia is still developing and traveling off the beaten path can be a lot trickier if you don’t know the country and don’t speak Spanish. Although most travelers these days arrange their trips entirely on their own, you often end up with the usual round trip of top destinations. Especially if your stay is short and you don’t know exactly where to look.

But it can be done differently. After all, tailoring your trip to exactly the things you want to do, more off the beaten path, while still keeping the reins in your own hands, is quite easy.


Local Hero Travel

In early 2017, I was introduced to Local Hero Travel. A young travel company with the motto “travel the real world: travel local”. The name says it all: with Local Hero Travel, you arrange (part of) your trip from the Netherlands with a local travel expert. You put your trip together the way you want it. With the knowledge and passion of your local, you will discover hidden places, make real contact with the people and support the local community.

You decide how much needs to be arranged. Maybe you’ve already booked your hotels yourself and just want on-site help with excursions or a homestay. Or choose from one of the complete sample trips ready to go. During your tour, visiting Caño Cristales, La Guajira or Nuquí without having to arrange it all by yourself is not a problem either. Everything is possible the way you want it. And how fun is it to share your passion, hobby or work with a local? Whether you are a teacher or a nurse. Fond of dancing, surfing or cooking. Like to do yoga, visit cool festivals and events, or if you just want to ride horses, play tennis or go on long multi-day bike rides. Your local thinks along with you and can arrange the best outings for you, which completely match your interests.


Meet your local Hero: Sjors

When you contact Local Hero Travel, you’ll get in direct contact with your local in Colombia: Sjors. Sjors is the local and experienced travel expert, knows a lot about the country and can arrange more or less anything you want. Sjors is very enthusiastic and ready to give you your dream trip. How exactly? Complete, preferably at least one month before your departure to Colombia, without obligation, fill out, in English, this form. Sjors will then contact you and work with you to see exactly what your wishes are. He will not travel with you, but will be your contact person. The advantage of arranging your trip with Sjors, is that the payments and guarantee simply go through Local Hero Travel. So you have the Dutch security, with the local expertise. Here you can read more about that.


Really get to know Colombia

I know for myself how incredibly valuable it is to really get to know Colombia. To get off that beaten path and travel as locally as possible, arrange something with locals rather than with the big organizations. That time when we were allowed to come along just like that to a hidden coffee finca in Machetá for example, or when we arrived in Guavio and we had no idea that a place so far off the beaten track was so beautiful. And on my blog you will find much more about my passion traveling off the beaten path in Colombia. All those moments I can still remember perfectly and give me such a warm feeling. Really, I can recommend it to everyone.

And that is exactly the added value of Local Hero Travel: as local as possible, customized to your needs, interests and ideas, in a way that suits you. The most beautiful encounters and moments, which will stay with you for a long time. In addition, Sjors knows which areas of Colombia are safe at the time, and so can send you to places you might otherwise never go.


Are you curious about what Sjors can do for you? Get in contact with him here!

Colombia, follow your dreams!

BESABINE partners with Local Hero Travel. I can call it a lasting relationship; I have good contact with both the Dutch delegation and Sjors. This partnership means that I receive compensation once you book through me. That has no effect on the price you pay. Also, I always give my honest opinion, collaboration or not. I love helping other travelers and often give advice without any benefit to myself. I regularly get requests for collaboration, most of which I turn down. After all, a collaboration must fit me and my blog for 100%. At Local Hero Travel, I immediately had a good feeling. I fully support the concept and am very happy with this commitment. I sincerely hope you will have a fantastic time in Colombia, with or without a travel agent. More information can be found here.


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