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Alesund - road trip - Norway

Alesund and Trollstigen: splendor among the Norwegian fjords

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During a
roadtrip through beautiful Norway
we arrived after a long drive in Alesund, if you ask me one of the most beautiful towns in Norway, located 230 kilometers northeast of the larger and more touristy Bergen. The town is so beautifully situated on islets and among the fjords that I could look at it for hours. From Alesund on the way to the magical Geirangerfjord, you will also pass the famous and exciting Troll route: the Trollstigen. An unusual road steeply uphill. Norway never ceases to amaze: read on and discover these Norwegian gems!

Alesund: where houses and high mountains rise from the sea

What a fantastic view from the mountain of the town of Alesund! The mountains, the sea, the fjords, the islets: a magical sight. Alesund has about 45,000 inhabitants and many cute colored houses. It is Norway’s largest fishing port, built on three islands and set among the country’s most beautiful fjords.


A tragic history

Alesund has a tragic history. In January 1904, the town was almost completely destroyed by a 16-hour fire caused by a fallen kerosene lamp. The combination of wooden cottages and a southwestern storm left some 850 homes destroyed and 10,000 residents homeless. Only 230 houses remained standing.


The town of Alesund as it is today

In the years that followed, the city was rebuilt with the help of residents and travelers. Emphasis was placed on the architectural style Art Nouveau, also known as Jugendstil. To this day, Alesund is known for its beautiful architecture. Stroll through the cute little streets and look up at the beautifully colored houses with turrets and beautiful facades. You will also find many restaurants, cafes and stores in Alesund. A city trip to Alesund is additionally worthwhile for the beautiful surroundings, where you can visit the Trollstigen and Geirangerfjord, among others.


Trollstigen: the Troll Route of Norway

After Alesund, we drive toward Geirangerfjord via the Trollstigen: one of Norway’s biggest tourist attractions. This Troll Route is part of road 63 that runs from Andalsnes to the south. This particular stretch has a 10% slope and consists of 11 sharp hairpin turns leading up the steep mountain. During the tourist season, some 2,500 vehicles pass this road daily, which is closed during the winter period. Trollstigen opened on July 31, 1936 after an eight-year construction period. Along the road you will find waterfalls, beautiful views and signs warning of trolls. The Troll Route has a beautiful location in a valley of sorts. Driving up the narrow road is quite exciting: in a short time you rise as much as 850 meters in altitude.


From Alesund and the Trollstigen you will drive in a few hours to the Geirangerfjord: absolutely one of the most beautiful fjords ever. But more on that next time!


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