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Spa wellness massage Bogotá

Day of wellness, spa and massage in Bogotá | Relax in luxury

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Travel in Colombia often begins in Bogotá. A city where many travelers prefer to leave as soon as possible. A shame, because there is so much to do! For example, did you know that in Bogotá, despite low temperatures and lots of rainfall, you can also just relax for a weekend? Or that just before you fly back home, it’s the perfect place to get some rest after your trip? Bogotá has it all: from historic downtown La Candelaria to luxury spas and restaurants in the north of the city. Jimmy took me to one of Bogotá’s most luxurious hotels for a spa day and a relaxing massage, concluding with dinner at the Hilton.

Breakfast at Canasto Picnic Bistro

We started the day with a delicious vegetarian breakfast at the popular restaurant Canasto Picnic Bistro. Located right next to Parque El Virrey in the El Chicó neighborhood in northern Bogotá. Also vegans are at the right place here. You won’t find this kind of trendy restaurants in La Candelaria: stay in northern Bogotá and discover what more the city has to offer!

From this restaurant, you can also enjoy walking in one of the city’s most popular parks, El Virrey. Or visit Museo de El Chicó, my favorite in Bogotá. Also don’t forget to admire the nearby park and have a tea.


Wellness, spa & massage in Bogotá

In Bogotá, there are many massage salons where you can relax. We went to Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa, one of the most luxurious hotels in Bogotá. The hotel is not only good located, it is also wonderfully beautiful and truly perfect for relaxing. They have a separate wellness, spa and massage section called Elixia Spa. Check this link for all treatments, massages and prices.

The hotel is luxurious and that shows in everything. The dressing rooms are really in style and everything is ready for you. Such as safes, bathrobes and slippers. You can choose from many different massages and packages. A 30-minute massage costs 70,000 pesos (19 euros) and this can go up to 200 euros depending on your needs. The service, as is often the case in Colombia, is fantastic. I used to go to a small massage salon in Bogotá which was very nice, but this really goes one step further. For example, they have massage beds with a hole for your head, what is much nicer than lying with your head flat on the bed.

Massage in Bogotá

Jimmy had arranged a romantic spa day for us with a whopping 1.5 hours of massage. In a very nice relaxing room with two massage beds, relaxing music and lovely scents. We received a body massage as well as a facial massage, ending with a facial mask. Including slices of cucumber on our eyes. Unfortunately, no pictures… 😉 Afterwards, we relaxed for a while in the jacuzzi and relaxing lounge chairs.

Relax in the sauna, steam room and pool

After the massage and jacuzzi, we were allowed to use the wellness area on the top floor of the hotel for the rest of the day. Here you will find a swimming pool (with an amazing view!), a sauna, steam room, restaurant, gym and hot tub. There are also changing rooms, lockers, showers and fine sunbeds. There is a machines for water everywhere and you can get new towels all the time if you want.

We enjoyed the pool, sauna and steam room this afternoon. At one point it started raining cats and dogs and thunder and then the pool was closed for a while until the storm passed.


Spa, massage and luxury in Bogotá

There are several places in Bogotá where you can enjoy a massage or spa, and you can also find them in many price ranges. Casa Dann Carlton is an upscale getaway, although the prices are not much higher at all than at the massage salon I used to go to. Therefore, the price quality is excellent. Especially if you stay all day for the wellness part. As with everything in Colombia, pay a bit more and get a lot of luxury in return. The same goes for restaurants and shopping centers, for example. Something that makes such a day out a special experience.


Dining out at the Hilton

After the spa, Jimmy had luxurious dinner planned. Namely, at the Hilton Bogotá at carrera 7 # 72 in the Chapinero neighborhood. For me the first time at the Hilton, and I was amazed by the luxurious restaurant, the beautiful lounge, the popular Levels Bar and even the restrooms were worth a visit. The food was delicious and I rarely experience freshly baked sandwiches and homemade toppings beforehand that are so delicious. We even ordered another slab of bread; delicious!


A luxury day out in Bogotá

Dinner was the perfect ending to a perfect day of quality time and relaxation together with Jimmy. I really just hope to do this every year.

Are you also in need of a day of relaxation or a relaxing massage while in Bogotá? I highly recommend this. Enjoy not only the museums in the historic center, the beautiful botanical garden and cozy Usaquén, but also discover the luxuries Bogotá has to offer!


Do you ever go to the spa for a massage?

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