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Museum in Bogotá

Things to do in Bogotá: discover the story behind Museo de ‘El Chicó’

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Colombia’s capital is packed with beautiful, fun and interesting museums. Most are located in the historic center: La Candelaria. However, if you go a little further into Bogotá you will find more museums that are just as worthwhile. One of my favorite museums is Museo de “El Chicó”. A museum with a story and a very nice adjacent park. Go off the beaten track in Bogotá and visit Museo de ‘El Chicó’!

Museo de ‘El Chicó’: history in the north of Bogotá

In northern Bogotá, in the upscale neighborhood of El Chicó, you’ll find a park filled with history. Located on the busy carrera septima, you would not expect to find an oasis of tranquility and history behind the old gate. Visiting this museum is like visiting one of Bogotá’s old haciendas. Built in colonial style with a touch of republican, in the middle of a beautiful park with more than a hundred-year-old trees, this place has a rural feel. Since the year 1976, the old mansion has served as a museum.


The old mansion: who lived there?

In 1921, Mrs. Mercedes Sierra de Pérez (1877-1953) inherited the mansion from her father Pepe. Mercedes donated the house along with a sum of money to turn it into a museum. It was also the Sierra family that donated the land around El Chicó, calle 116, to the city of Bogotá. This street is now known as Avenida Pepe Sierra. In Museo de “El Chicó,” all the rooms have been beautifully preserved, as well as the impressive bathroom, dining room and living room.


A tour of the most beautiful souvenirs from around the world

Mercedes Sierra Pérez was a woman of very broad interests. By traveling all over the world, going to lectures and through intellectual conversations with her husband, she became a wise woman. Mercedes was a true collector and accumulated an extensive collection of souvenirs through her many travels. Among other things, she took home many paintings, silverware, ceramics, porcelain, oriental tableware and French furniture. As well as Delft Blue. This wonderful collection from around the world is now on display at Museo de “El Chicó”.


Visit Museo de ‘El Chicó’

The museum is easily accessible by bus. If you are staying in La Candelaria, Chapinero or anywhere else along septima (carrera 7), take bus 86 or 82 and get off at stop K7-CL94. This fun bus route through Bogotá will get you there, and you’ll also find information on how to arrange a bus pass.

The adjacent park is among the most beautiful parks in Bogotá, and is free to visit. For the museum, you pay an entrance fee. Current opening hours can be found here.

You are not allowed to take pictures in the rooms, but you are allowed in the courtyard. Actually, you can visit the museum only through a guided tour. Since this one is only in Spanish, I managed to talk myself out of it every time I’ve been and had no problem visiting the museum on my own. By the way, the information boards in the museum are also only in Spanish.

Combining the museum with other sights in Bogotá

This museum is located in one of Bogotá’s most expensive neighborhoods. From here you can visit many beautiful places. Consider this walking tour in Bogotá, visit Usaquén or find one of the best restaurants in Bogotá,


Go off the beaten track in Bogotá and discover the story behind El Chicó, admire the most beautiful souvenirs from around the world and enjoy the adjacent park.

Not all rooms have permanent exhibits. So it may be that when you visit the museum the beautiful dining room is temporarily being used for another collection.


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