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Day trip Bogotá Tobia abseiling

Day trip from Bogotá: hiking, abseiling and waterfalls in Tobia

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Colombia never gets boring, even going to the same place multiple times yields completely different adventures! After we went to Tobia for rafting, we wanted more. There is so much to do in Tobia, so in early April we got in the car with family to go on an amazing hike accompanied by a guide and a dog. Are you in the neighborhood? Then this is absolutely recommended. What exactly? Read and watch it here!

Tobia: the paradise for extreme sports in Colombia

Many travelers don’t know that you don’t have to travel 7 hours to San Gil to do rafting, abseiling or other extreme sports. Just two hours outside Bogotá you will in fact find these opportunities as well.

Tobia is about a two-hour drive west of the city, slightly beyond the delightful San Francisco. You don’t have to worry about the temperature: it rises as you drive down the mountain, so it’s about as warm as it is in San Gil.

There are several companies where you can book activities, one of which is Tobia Extreme. We booked here both times and liked it very much. Click on the link to see all the sports and activity options and go on an adventure.

Don’t speak Spanish? You can also book it here in English.


Canyoning in Tobia: hiking through the river

The beautiful hike began with a ride in a little train to cover the first stretch. When we arrived, it quickly became apparent that you have to be well on your feet to do this hike.

The most special thing about this hike was the route through a river. The guide led us through the water, over rocks and slippery stones, a little further up each time. Sometimes we walked on land for a bit, then cross the water with a rope, and then we were knee-deep in water again. What a fun experience!

Canyoning was exciting and also intense because you have to constantly watch where you walk. The walk back is easier because you go down, again through the water. Anyway: it really was a fantastic hike!


Abseiling (torrentismo) from the waterfall

The hike leads you through beautiful nature, past white cows (who also just walk through the river) to eventually emerge at a 30-meter-high waterfall. Those who want can abseil here (torrentismo) or just take a swim.

For enthusiasts, there is another waterfall more uphill, where you can also abseil, but we skipped this one. Do you find 30 meters far too low and want more of a challenge? Then you will still have to go to San Gil to abseil from the waterfall Juan Curí, which is around 80 meters high. And in case you are wondering: no I definitely do not do abseiling with my gigantic fear of heights. But watching it is always fun!


Walking branches, scorpions and beautiful butterflies

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of it, but as I was hoisting myself over a rock, a walking branch walked in front of me. It kind of shocked me at first, thinking it was a big spider, but so it turned out to be just a branch on the walk.

I used to have these as pets (yes really), so I know what they look like. When we got back to the rail, I saw a scorpion disappear behind the rails. I had seen that one once before, dead on the street. But this one was alive and well and clearly recognizable as a scorpion. Unfortunately, also too fast for my camera.

During the walk you will see many colorful butterflies. Of course the blue ones didn’t want to be photographed, but fortunately I was able to capture a few nice pictures.


Day trip Bogotá extreme sports: practical information

How to get to Tobia?

Tobia can be reached by bus or by car. It’s located west of Bogotá via Avenida Calle 80. At Portal 80 there are buses leaving for Tobia, but you can also go to Terminal de Transporte. The ride takes about 2 hours.

You can also rent a car in Bogotá and drive the ride yourself.

Here you can find Tobia on the map.

How do you arrange extreme sports in Tobia?

You can book your tour in advance through Tobia Extreme. This is all in Spanish; if you prefer to book it in English, check out Get Your Guide for tours to Tobia.

Cost for the hike and abseiling

Here you will find all the costs at Tobia Extreme for both torrentismo (abseiling from the waterfall), rafting and canyoning.

What is the best travel time?

Tobia you can visit all year round, rain is always a possibility. The first time I was there during the dry season and then it rained terribly hard in the afternoon. The second time was the rainy season and we had brilliant weather all day. So everything is possible. Note: during weekends, holidays and vacations it is very busy in Tobia, then it is better to book in advance. You can do so through the website.

What to bring?

Tobia is located in what they call tierra caliente, or warmer area. So in Bogotá, don’t be tempted by warm sweaters and long pants, but bring summer clothes. A towel, swimwear, sunscreen, DEET, sunglasses and a cap should also not be missing from your bag. For the hike, it is recommended that you bring extra shoes that can get wet and dirty, and wear shorts.

Day trip or overnight stay?

You can visit Tobia very easily during a day trip from Bogotá, but staying there for one or more nights is of course also possible. Nice to escape the cold in Bogotá or to spend the last day(s) in Colombia. Would you like to spend the night there? Click here for hotels!


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