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Discover Montería, Colombia | Walk through the jungle in the middle of the city

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The town of Montería is often skipped by foreign travelers in Colombia. In itself also understandable: after all, it is outside the standard Colombia itinerary and what could possibly be there to see and do? Well, quite a lot. For example, did you know that you will find the largest linear park in the world in Montería? What makes you feel like you’re walking in the jungle, while you’re actually in the middle of the city, and is also amazingly beautiful? And that Montería is the perfect base for a week at the beach on the beautiful Caribbean coast? Time to put Montería on the map. In this article you will read all there is to do during a city break Montería and how to combine it with your round trip Colombia. Let’s go!

Montería | The capital of the department of Córdoba

Since the year 1952, Montería has been the capital of the department of Córdoba. One of the departments located on the Colombian Caribbean coast. Along with some smaller villages, Montería is the metropolitan region of the department. Although Montería is only briefly the capital of Córdoba, the city was founded as early as the year 1777. Today, the city’s population is just over 500,000.

As recently as 16 years ago, Montería was one of the ugliest and least organized cities in Colombia. Until during mayor León Fidel Ojeda’s term, the city was revamped. Even to the point that Montería is now in proud possession of one of the largest and most beautiful linear parks in the world.


City trip Montería Colombia: What to do and see?

Must-see: The park “la Ronda del Sinú”

If you are in Montería, this park is really not to be missed. In fact, I would almost say that it is worth flying to Montería for this park alone. Truly a beautiful and impressive place.

The “Ronda del Sinú” is a so-called linear park, which is very long and not very wide. The park was created in 2005 and runs for 4 kilometers along the Sinú River. In the middle of town. This makes the “Ronda del Sinú” the largest linear park in South America and one of the largest in the world.

Walking along the Ronda del Sinú you imagine yourself in the jungle in the middle of the city. Full of tropical trees, plants and flowers, many iguanas, squirrels and tropical birds. Normally there are also monkeys, which were taken away during the pandemic. Possibly they are back now. Anyway, it’s even better to see monkeys in the Amazon of Colombia. It is a wonderful place to walk for hours, eat ice cream or watch the flora and fauna on one of the many benches. Be careful not to accidentally step on an iguana….

You’ll find the “Ronda del Sinú” along Avenida 1 between calle 21 and 41. Click here for the location on the map.


The monument ‘Al Porro’

In Plaza Cultural del Sinú, in the middle of the “Ronda del Sinú,” you will find the monument “Al Porro”. It is a good place to end your walk through the park and then visit the cultural center, directly opposite the monument.


Guillermo Valencia Salgado cultural center

Opposite the monument is a cultural center where you can buy handcrafts. You will find hammocks, the typical Colombian bags and hats and food from this region, among other things. Fun to look around and for souvenirs to take home.


The cathedral of San Jerónimo

Don’t miss the central square “Parque Simón Bolívar” either. Here you will find the beautiful white church and many iguanas enjoying the shade together with the locals. Also take a walk around the church, as the side is also beautiful!


Centro Comercial Buenavista (shopping center)

There are several large shopping centers in Montería that are fun to visit. Shopping in Colombia does not just mean literally shopping, but visiting a center where there is much more to do. Think going to the movies, eating at the best restaurants and for children there is always plenty to do. As almost always, you will find the dining area on the top floor at Centro Comercial Buenavista. I chose vegetarian sushi, of course. And not to forget: there is air conditioning here, so, great for cooling off in the heat.


Alamedas Centro Comercial (shopping center)

And there are more shopping malls. We went, for example, for dinner in Alamedas Centro Comercia, at the Italian restaurant Terra Lontana. Highly recommended! Delicious food AND a beautiful restaurant. Montería and the rest of Colombia’s northern coast is also the place to find typical coconut rice to eat.


To the beach from Montería: visit Coveñas

From Montería you can easily spend one or more days at the beach. Coveñas on the Caribbean coast is about 2 hours away and has beautiful beaches and good restaurants. The most fun is to stay there for a few days, but a day trip is also possible. From Coveñas or nearby Tolú, you can take a day trip to the San Bernardo Islands.

Here you can read all about Coveñas!


Practical tips for your visit to Montería Colombia

How to get to Montería?

Depending on where you are coming from and how much time you have, there are 3 options:

  1. By plane. Flights go to Montería from all corners of Colombia. I myself flew from Bogotá each time, a 50-minute flight. However, there are also direct flights from other cities, such as Medellín.
  2. By private car. You can easily go driving with your own rental car through Colombia . Especially if you are coming from Barranquilla (6 hours away) or Cartagena (4 hours away).
  3. By bus. Colombia has an extensive bus network, so no matter where you come from, you will always get to Montería even by bus.


How to get around Montería?

Within Montería, you can do much easily on foot. However, the shopping centers are farther away and walking everything in that heat can be quite tedious. So ask at your hotel for reliable cabs, or rent a car to drive around on your own.

Hotels and hostels in Montería

There are plenty of hostels and hotels to stay in this beautiful city. Click here for a list of hotels and hostels in Montería.


Montería is HOT. Prepare for this and try to walk in the shade as much as possible. The most pleasant place in the city is the Ronda del Sinú. There, the tall trees provide some form of cooling. And having lunch in an air-conditioned mall at the hottest times is not a bad idea either.

What to bring

Sunscreen, your sunglasses, a cap or hat, lots of water and anti-mosquito spray are essential in Montería. Don’t forget your camera either, you’ll be using it a lot. Long pants and sweaters are not necessary here, even in the evening (only to protect you from mosquitoes).


Montería is a safe city that you can visit without problems. Don’t walk the streets by yourself late at night, stay out of bad neighborhoods and leave your expensive jewelry at home. In Montería apply the general safety advisories for visiting Colombia.

Want to get to Montería by your own transportation or by bus from Medellín? Then keep in mind that you have to pass through an unsafe area between Caucasia and Yarumal. Consider making this trip by plane. If you do want to go by car or bus, make this trip only during the day.


Here’s how to combine Montería with your round trip Colombia

Montería is great to fit into your tour of Colombia. For example: Medellín > Montería > Coveñas > Cartagena. You can also fly directly from Bogotá or another city to Montería and explore Colombia’s northern coast from there. That’s fine by bus or by your own car.

Here you will find 16 itineraries Colombia to get inspiration from.


Montería: discover beautiful Colombia off the beaten path!

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