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Beach Colombia | Coveñas: beach holiday on the Caribbean coast

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Colombia has many beautiful beaches. Both on the Caribbean north coast and the Pacific west coast. The most popular beaches in Colombia are those in Parque Tayrona and on the Rosario Islands near Cartagena. But in a country with so many miles of coastline, there are many more wonderful beaches for a sunny holiday in the tropics. In the village of Coveñas you will find such a beach, located in the department of Sucre, near Montería and a 20-minute drive from Tolú. An area popular among Colombian tourists, but still off the beaten path for foreign travelers. Worth it for a beach holiday? Yes! Discover Coveñas.

Coveñas: tropical beaches in Colombia

Coveñas is a small coastal village with a population of only about 14,000 people. Including part of the indigenous tribe Zenu. The village was founded in the year 1560 and at the time was mainly used for slave trade. Since the 1970s, however, Coveñas has been a popular resort for Colombians seeking sun, sea and beach. With many restaurants, tall palm trees, pelicans and beautiful sunsets.


A beach holiday in Colombia: why Coveñas?

In Coveñas you can rest for a few days or stay for weeks. There is something for everyone. But why is Coveñas so much fun?

Lovely temperature

I don’t know if you have been to the inland areas of the coast, such as Montería, but it is so hot that it is unbearable. Coveñas is also hot, but because of the constant sea breeze it’s lovely. Mosquitoes also bother you much less here.


Visit to San Bernardo Islands

From Coveñas you can visit the still fairly unknown San Bernardo Islands. Ask at your hotel or apartment where the boat leaves. Or drive to Tolú and take the boat there, which is also close by.

Not so touristy yet

Coveñas is popular among Colombian tourists and during the Colombian high season and puentes completely full. However, if you come outside this time, you will have the beach more or less to yourself. This in contrast to nearby and more famous Tolú.

Beautiful sunsets on the beach

Whether you are in the sea or on your balcony, the sunset is stunningly beautiful. Enjoying every day!


Palm trees and pelicans

Although Coveñas is full of apartment complexes, there is still plenty of nature. Of course the beautiful sea and and beaches, but there are also palm trees everywhere and the pelicans almost literally fly around your ears. Especially standing in the sea, it is quite impressive to see these birds so close by.


Sea and pool

Almost all beachfront apartment complexes have their own pools and many also have their own beach spots. So you can choose whether to stay by the pool or sit on the beach with a chair.



Besides swimming and lying on the beach, there is much more to do in Coveñas. Think kitesurfing (kitesurfing lessons are also offered), scuba diving, taking a ride on the water scooter or racing on an inflatable banana behind a boat. You can also play volleyball on the beach and it is fun to take a walk along the coast. In addition, you can take a boat to the San Bernardo Islands, a fun day trip.


Delicious food

You will find many good restaurants in Coveñas and between Coveñas and Tolú (where there are many hotels and apartment complexes). Of course, specialized in fish with coconut rice. Including the famous Cazuela de mariscos, a specialty at the Colombian coast.


Beach photography

At the beach you often take the most beautiful photos, especially at sunset. And that is no different here in Coveñas. Fun with family, your loved one and to have cool photos for yourself.


In short, Coveñas is a perfect place for a few days or more of beach holiday and to enjoy Colombian beach life.


What not to expect above all from Coveñas

Coveñas is not a cute village with picturesque historic streets. Due to its popularity among Colombian tourists, many apartment complexes were build in recent years. So it is full of apartments and hotels right by the sea. Personally, I don’t like that much, but I found Coveñas a particularly nice place to stay. I will certainly come back one day.

By the way, this does not mean that Coveñas is a big beach town full of shopping malls. In contrast, Coveñas is a small village so you won’t find things like big stores or luxury products.

In addition, Coveñas is also not (yet) a backpackers paradise, not like, for example Palomino. You really come here for yourself to relax and get to know this part of Colombia, not to meet other backpackers.


Practical: arrange your holiday at the beach in Coveñas Colombia

How to get to Coveñas?

Coveñas is easily accessible from several angles.

From Montería

Are you in Montería for a city break? Or because it was the cheapest option for a domestic flight? From here you can take a direct bus to Coveñas. Or, as we did, by cab (ask at your hotel for a reliable driver who can take and pick you up). The former is obviously cheaper. Ask in your accommodation where exactly the bus leaves. You can take the bus to Coveñas or to Tolú, which passes by. Of course, you can also rent a car and drive yourself. The ride takes about 2 hours.

From Tolú

Tolú is a popular destination and you can also fly here with a domestic flight. From Tolú, it is about a 20- to 30-minute drive to Coveñas. Many buses go there and you can also take the bus to Montería, which comes through Coveñas. Look carefully at where along the route your hotel is and get off there. You can also rent a car here.

From Sincelejo

Then you can also fly to Sincelejo and take a bus or cab from there to Coveñas. Again, look for a reliable cab driver.

From Cartagena

And finally: from beautiful Cartagena. A bus ride to Coveñas takes about 4 hours, making it perfect if you are passing Coveñas on your itinerary Colombia. For example, from Cartagena to Montería and then toward Medellín. The beach is then an ideal stopover on this long drive.


The best place to stay in Coveñas

The beaches of Coveñas are divided into 3 zones, also called ensenada. The best area to stay is the first ensenada(la primera ensenada). There the beaches are nicer, quieter and with fewer vendors. Ask the hotel you have in mind for the ensenada where the hotel is located. My recommendation below is located in the first ensenada. By the way, you can easily walk from ensenada 3 to 1 if you would like.


Book a beachfront hotel or apartment

Coveñas is full of hotels and apartments and the occasional hostel. We stayed at Coveñas 360. Click on the link for a phone number to contact. We were in this apartment on the eighth floor with an insane view of Coveñas and the beach. It is not a cheap place, but fully equipped with kitchen and large balcony and you can stay there with 8 people (but also with two, then it is more expensive per person).

The apartment complex has its own swimming pool and a private stretch of beach. Restaurants are close by. It was a wonderful place, really recommended.

Then there are cheaper options, hotels and the occasional hostel, you can find these here.



Coveñas and surrounding area is safe to stay. However, always keep in mind the general safety recommendations for Colombia . Also, don’t leave expensive items unattended on the beach when you go swimming. In addition, here, as on other popular beaches in Colombia, you have vendors on the beach trying to sell you all sorts of things. This can be annoying, although it’s not as bad here as at other popular Colombian beaches.

Are you passing through to the south or just from the south to Coveñas in the north? On the Medellín – Montería route, there is a dangerous stretch between Caucasia and Yarumal that you must pass. This is a very mountainous area where guerrillas are hidden. Although military is present, it is better to do this stretch only during the day or fly from Montería to Medellín (or vice versa).


How does Coveñas fit into your round trip Colombia?

If you live in Colombia or stay there longer, you can easily go to Montería, Tolú or Sincelejo for a beach holiday. If you are traveling around, it is better to take a different approach. As mentioned earlier, you can very well travel from Tayrona to Cartagena and on to Coveñas. After that, you can explore Montería in a few days. From Montería, you can then take a bus (during the day!) to Medellín to continue your journey through Colombia. Or fly from Montería to your next destination (Medellín or Bogotá, for example).

You can also do it the other way around: if you are on your way to the north coast from Medellín, Coveñas is a nice stopover.

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Which beach in Colombia do you want to vacation to?

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