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Eco-Hotel La Cabana Salento Colombia

Eco-Hotel La Cabaña: a unique experience in the Colombian coffee zone

by Sabine
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Last weekend I spent four days with my dear friend Marcella from the Netherlands in Eje Cafetero, or the coffee area in Colombia. For me, this is the third time in my favorite place in Colombia. I wanted to stay in the middle of nature on a farm, and during my search for the perfect hotel, I ended up at Eco-Hotel La Cabaña. Already when we caught sight of the farm from the bus I was immediately in love. What a beautiful place this is! And not only the natural beauty makes a stay at this eco-hotel perfect, but the incredibly kind couple, the delicious food as well as the fun activities, make it a time to remember. This article was not written in collaboration with the hotel, but simply because I would like to recommend it to you. Because believe me: nowhere in Colombia have I enjoyed a hotel as much as here!

Eco-Hotel La Cabaña: an old farmhouse in Valle de Cocora

If you’re looking for a hotel in Colombia’s coffee region, you quickly end up in the busy and noisy Salento. However, if you are looking for peace in the middle of Colombian nature among cows and horses, Eco-Hotel La Cabaña is highly recommended. The farm is 100 years old and part of a family farm. The couple who run the finca, Hector and Lina, are so incredibly kind, so welcoming and so committed that you instantly fall in love. The farm has been in their possession for 40 years and only for 1 year have they turned it into a hotel. The estate where the finca is located is so incredibly large that from your little room you can easily walk for hours through the beautiful mountains, past tall palm trees and many cows. I assure you: this is enjoyment at its finest!


Milk, cheese and yogurt: they make it all themselves here

The farm is a thriving business where they make cheese, milk and yogurt. The farm owns so much land that there is enough space for several groups of dairy cows, all of which are cared for and milked by farmers employed on the farm. This is not done in large milking parlors, but simply on the grass with a small machine. In large barrels, the milk is then brought to the farm by horses. In addition to this large estate, they also own an avocado plantation. This is private land and not for tourists, but we were allowed!


Activities: horseback riding and hiking.

From the beautiful old bedroom you can walk straight into the mountains. The famous Valle de Cocora is 9 kilometers awaybut also near the finca you can walk for hours. So bring good walking shoes and clothes that can get dirty. On top of the mountain is a small house where one of the employed farmers lives with his family. From there you can walk back to the farm via a beautiful walk through the tall grass. Through the grounds of the cows, who look at you curiously. We walked from top to bottom in an hour, accompanied by the farmer’s 10-year-old daughter. There was not a very clear path and mud everywhere because of the rain, and she knew exactly the way. What a sweet and cool girl! And what a beautiful views and surroundings…. You will also find many horses on the mountain that you can take tours with.

Walk 1: along the river


Walk 2: from the cottage down the mountain to the finca


Food, food and more food

Breakfast, lunch, dinner…. I have never eaten so well! Honestly: Lina cooked like the best. Typically Colombian and to our preferences (vegetarian!). Even in the morning we got brown beans with rice, as well as eggs and homemade yogurt. Marcella did not know what she was experiencing and has never eaten so much. Wine, delicious desserts and there was always coffee and tea ready. Really, what a treat this was!

Animals on the farm

How I love the farm life! With high boots trudging through the wet grass, dodging the cow pats. Watching those beautiful black and white beasts in the meadow. With the mountains in the background. Perhaps you remember: my fascination with cows. Now that we were staying on a farm, I took my chance and asked if we could come along and milk cows. So there I was, sitting in the middle of the meadow on a barrel milking cows. I really enjoyed this moment intensely. In addition, this is the place to spot many different birds, from hummingbirds to great vultures. And how about the too-cute little kitty in the house? Look how sweet…


I intensely enjoyed our stay in this special place. The beautiful surroundings, the fresh air, the people, the animals, everything. It was so special that I am devoting a whole article to it. A place where you fall in love with Colombia, with Hector and Lina, with farm life and with the beautiful nature. ♥

Some more useful facts…

  • Several hammocks hang there, you will find a nice sitting area and there are picnic tables: also great for relaxing!
  • The hotel is extremely clean, from the bathroom to the bed to the public areas.
  • The weather can change very quickly and the temperature differences between day and night can vary a lot. Therefore, bring a few t-shirts as well as a nice warm sweater.
  • You can pay by pin, credit card and cash.
  • Hector and Lina have all sorts of things to use, such as rain boots, an English-language book about birds (to find out what all you see flying), some binoculars and warm blankets for the evening.
  • At night you hear nothing but the river, the wind and the birds….
  • In case you have any doubts: this is not a party hotel, but a place for rest, clean air, bird watching, nature, hiking, resting and conviviality. Enjoying wine with other guests in the evening or running through the mud together is possible.
  • Free wifi can be found throughout the farm.
  • The finca is 100 years old, but beautifully renovated. However, the rooms are still old-style with wooden shutters and sliding doors.
  • Each room has a safe for valuables and lovely hot water comes out of the shower.
  • At the farm we felt like home, very welcome and in fact we didn’t want to leave….


How to get there.

The hotel is quite remote, namely along the road between Salentoand Valle de Cocora. From Salento, you can get there by Willy (local public transportation) or walk two kilometers. Also, Hector or Lina, the very lovely couple, can come and pick you up. And once you’re there they take you everywhere. So they drive you to Valle de Cocora, a coffee finca, to Salento and anywhere else you want to go. And if you want to go back you just have to call and you will be picked up.


Book the best accommodation during your trip in Colombia here!

Prices for one night’s stay will depend on when you come: in high season and weekends, like any hotel, it will be more expensive than outside. We stayed on an expensive weekend and paid 600,000 pesos (€178.50; November 2016) for two people and 3 nights, including breakfast. In other words, €30 per person per night. In addition, we paid 15,000 pesos (€4.50; November 2016) per person per very extensive and delicious hot evening meal. We could also eat in Salento, but the food and atmosphere were both so good that we ate at the hotel every night. Would you also like such a fantastic experience with a very hospitable and extremely kind couple in the Colombian farmland? Then book your stay here!


Eco-Hotel La Cabaña: a unique experience in the middle of Colombian farm life. But beware: before you know it, you don’t want to leave anymore….

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This article used affiliate links. Click here for more information. However, this article is not a collaboration with the hotel, but a recommendation from myself for the best experience in Colombia.


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