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My top 4 parks in Hong Kong: which ones should you really visit?

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Hong Kong counts in addition to beautiful unspoiled nature also many parks in the middle of the city. Parks where you can escape the crowds for a while and see how locals spend their free time. For both a long city break and during a stopover in Hong Kong, it is useful to know what you really must have seen. Therefore, in this article, accompanied by many pictures, I will show you my top 4 parks in Hong Kong. With my absolute favorite at number one!

Top 4 parks in Hong Kong

No. 4: Cheung Kong Park

The cute and green Cheung Kong Park can be found in the Central District on Hong Kong Island and is one of the most beautiful parks in Hong Kong that I have come across. However, it is so small that you will be through it in no time. Very nice to walk through on the way to the little train that takes you to The Peak. You can also visit the adjacent St. St. John’s Cathedral. The park is a popular lunch spot for businessmen. Practical. Entrance: free. Metro: Central, exit K.


No. 3: Kowloon Park & Comic Stars

One of the most famous and largest parks in Hong Kong is Kowloon Park, with the Avenue of Comic Stars adjacent to it. Practical. Entrance: free. Metro: Tsim Sha Tsui, exit C2.

Kowloon Park

The park is located in the middle of chaotic Tsim Sha Tsui, making it a very nice place to take a break. A maze of roads, bridges and walls crisscrosses the park. In one of the lakes you can admire flamingos and there are many benches and seating options. Nice to walk through for a while.


Avenue of Comic Stars

And while you’re in Kowloon Park, take a look at the Avenue of Comic Stars right away. This 100-meter-long street features 30 locally famous cartoon characters and their handprints. The statues have a height between 1.8 and 3 meters and some look just like the real thing. Funny to see.


No. 2: Hong Kong Park

One of the larger parks in Hong Kong is Hong Kong Park. Located on Hong Kong Island, you will find fine walking trails, an observation tower, a tai chi garden, waterfalls and a bird garden where you can spot exotic birds. You will also find a beautiful old teahouse, located in the Flagstaff House Museum of teaware, where you can drink delicious tea and eat great food (not cheap). Moreover, the skyscrapers on one side and the hills on the other make this an ideal place to take great photos. Practical. Entrance: free. Metro: get off at Admiralty, exit C1.


No. 1: Nan Lian Garden

The absolute best in this list and highly recommended: Nan Lian Garden. What a great place to wander around, eat good food, enjoy the colorful bridges, the golden pagoda and the beautiful birds. A perfect place to rest. You can very well combine a visit to the Nan Lian Garden with the adjacent Chi Lin Nunnery. So combine culture, history, good food and beautiful nature! Practical. Entrance: free. Metro: get off at Diamond Hill, exit C2. Restaurant: Chi Lin Vegetarian. Click here for more information.


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