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Travel photochallenge: orca spotting in Norway

Orca spotting in Norway

by Sabine
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Did you know that to spot whales you don’t have to fly to the other side of the world at all? In fact, from the Netherlands or Belgium you can just drive there. I found that out during a road trip in 2009 through Scandinavia, via Sweden to the North Cape and back via Norway, some 10,000 km in total. On my way back through Norway, I set foot on one of the most beautiful archipelagos ever: the Lofoten Islands. Little did I know then that staying in this fairytale place would become one of the most beautiful travel experiences of my life.


Fascination with orcas

From a young age, I was fascinated by orcas. Somewhere in a box at my parents’ house is an old paper on these beautiful animals that I wrote in elementary school. And instead of Leonardo DiCaprio, a poster with orcas hung in my room. My big dream was to see these beautiful animals in real life someday. Not in captivity, but simply in the ocean. Without expecting it, this dream in beautiful Norway just came true.


The whale watching tour

The Lofoten Islands is an ideal point for whale watching. A boat sails out from the small village of Stø, with experienced marine biologists on board as guides. During the trip, we were told, we were going to see sperm whales in particular. A predator that is easy to spot with a length of as much as 11 to 18 meters. As we float with the group on the open sea, we see a small dot floating on the water in the distance: the first sperm whale! What a powerful picture that is. Especially at the moment when the sperm whale starts to dive, and a moment later rises above the water with that beautiful tail. THE moment for a photograph.


Orcas in sight!

After several hours of sailing, we turned right around to return to the mainland. During the retreat, there was some commotion among the guides. Because what only happened once or twice a year back then was happening right now: orcas in sight! Fascinated, I look at the large fins protruding high above the water. To the beautiful smooth black and white colors in the blue sea. In the background the rocks and the most beautiful sound in the world: the water being blown up with great force. I could watch this for hours. And pure enjoyment. The colors, the shapes, the sounds, the little ones….


Magic in Norway

On board, dead silence reigns. With open mouths, I stare at those beautiful large creatures, which until now I knew only from Free Willy and from that poster in my room. In seconds, my dream came true. A magical moment that will stay with me forever. How incredibly beautiful nature is. Happiness and wonder. A wonderful memory, forever.


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