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What to do in the east of Curacao

10 Things to do and see in the east of Curacao

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There is an awful lot to do in Curacao. Getting bored is almost impossible. For convenience, I’ll divide the island into two sides for a moment: the west and east side. With Willemstad in the middle. Today I take you to the eastern part of Curacao. Where you will find not only one of the most beautiful beaches, but also many museums, views, nature and other attractions. So: what to do in the east of this Caribbean island? 10 tips.

The east of Curacao

The southeastern beaches are the most popular to stay in Curacao. Not surprisingly, the east is the most touristy. However, most tourists seem to stay mostly at the beach, so the eastern interior is not very crowded. While there is actually a lot to do.


10 Things to do and see in the east of Curacao

1. Bloemhof country house

Landhuis Bloemhof is a beautiful and colorful country house in the east of Willemstad. This is where art, nature and history come together. It was one of the last sights I visited, but also one of the nicest and most beautiful. You can stroll in the park, enjoy beautiful art, dive into the history of Curacao and eat delicious food. In fact, at the mansion you will find the Number Ten restaurant. A beautiful place in nature where you can sit in the garden on the terrace, or choose one of the beautifully decorated living rooms in the restaurant.

Read all about Landhuis Bloemhof here.


2. The Aloe Vera Farm

In northeastern Curacao you’ll find the Aloe Vera farm, where as many as 50,000 Aloe Vera plants grow. In the accompanying small factory, the Aloe Vera is extracted from the leaves and then made into personal care products. These fall under the Curaloe brand and are products made from around 90% Aloe Vera. I bought face gel, body gel and cream, and those are really delicious products. In the store at the plantation you can try and buy the products, but they can also be purchased in the local supermarket or at home online.

Read all about the Curacao Aloe Vera farm here.


3. Sint Joris Bay

Sint Joris Bay is a piece of nature on the eastern coast of Curacao. This is the place for kitesurfers. If you want to kitesurf, St. Joris Bay is the place to be. In addition, you can hike well here. I went here together with Yvonne from Tropical Breeze apartments to walk the dogs. Here you can find St. Joris Bay on Google Maps.


4. Serena’s Art Factory

Serena’s Art Factory is located in Santa Catharina and good to visit together with the Aloe Vera farm, the Ostrich Farm (see below) and St. Joris Bay. A fun day trip in Curacao.

Every Tuesday or Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to noon, you can do a Chichi workshop at Serena’s Art Factory, painting your own Chichi. The Chichi is a sensual and well-shaped Caribbean figure, representing the vibrant, dynamic and the responsible older sister. Chichi is typical in Caribbean culture, and you can learn all about it while visiting Serena’s Art Factory.

You don’t have to do the workshop, you can also just stop by and see the Chichis. There is also a store, where you can admire and buy Chichis of all shapes and sizes. Read all about Serena’s Art Factory and Chichis here.


5. Fort Beekenburg

On the Caracas Bay you will find Fort Beekenburg. An old Dutch army fortress from 1703, with cannons and a tower where you have a great view over the Caracas Bay. The fort is right by the road and is a bit remote. You walk up the old stairs, where you walk through the garden to the tower.

To climb the tower, you have to go up through a narrow passage and stairs. But it’s worth it: from the top you can see the entire Caracas Bay and you have a good view of the Table Mountain. The fort is somewhat dilapidated and there is no one keeping an eye on the fort. That combined with its remote location, it may not be safe if there are no other visitors. If there are: be sure to walk up! Find Fort Beekenburg on the map here.


6. The Directors’ Bay

Directors’ Bay is a beach tucked away on the southeast side of the island. This used to be the private beach of the directors of Shell, hence the name. Today it’s a popular place for diving and snorkeling. However, Directors’ Bay is not a busy beach. It is small and because of the pebbles it is not so suitable for lying on the beach. In addition, there are no facilities, so bring your own food and drinks. Beautiful though this beach is, perhaps the most beautiful beach in Curacao.

Learn more about Directors’ Bay and the most beautiful beaches in Curacao.


7. Jan Thiel viewpoints

In the village of Jan Thiel you will find a few viewpoints with beautiful vistas of the east side of Curacao. I found these viewpoints on Google Maps, and since there was hardly anyone else there, I suspect they are not very popular to go to. As far as I’m concerned, well worth a stop!

The first viewpoint is called Mirador Kaya Guinea and can be found here. You can park there and walk through the little park to the viewpoint.


The second viewpoint is called I Curaçao, can be found here, and is just a few minutes’ drive south. Here you’ll find the famous blue bench. But it is actually much nicer to walk around that bench and enjoy the view.


8. The beach at Jan Thiel

Jan Thiel boasts one of the most popular beaches on the island. Here you will find many beach bars and in the evening you will have a beautiful view of the sunset. Many tourists on Curacao stay in Jan Thiel, and therefore this is not a particularly quiet part of the island. Do you like sociability and people around you? Then this is your place. I myself have been to beach restaurants Koko’s and Zest and had a great time sitting and eating there. You can also rent beach beds everywhere; however, I did not do this.


9. The Ostrich farm

In Santa Catharina, you’ll find the Ostrich Farm. A sort of zoo with a South African theme, which focuses on ostriches. These are kept here, you can feed them and also eat ostrich meat. I’m not a fan of zoos, and especially not when the animals are kept in small spaces and later made into meat, so I haven’t been here myself. Would you like to go there though? On their website you’ll find all the information.

10. Pippi’s shelter

I haven’t been to Pippi’s shelter either, but I would definitely like to go there. Owner Tamara is committed to helping neglected animals in Curacao. And since there are quite a lot, this is much needed. You can’t just visit Pippi’s, but you can help them. In addition, you can swim and walk with rescued horses and donkeys, an unforgettable experience! Take a look at their website for more information.


Where to stay in the east of Curacao?

In the northeast of Curacao you will find the village of Santa Catharina. Looking for peace and quietness and a stay away from the tourist crowds? Then this is the perfect place. I myself stayed here in a beautiful idyllic apartment of Tropical Breeze. Truly a dream place!

Do you prefer staying at the beach or at least within walking distance of the beach? Then Jan Thiel is more suited for you. Check out all the apartments and hotels in Jan Thiel Curacao.


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