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Roadtrip Iceland #5: over high cliffs from Hellnar to Arnarstapi

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Our last stop on the Snæfellsnes peninsula is located on the south side of the peninsula. The clouds look as if rain could erupt at any moment, but miraculously it remains dry. Luckily, because the hike from Hellnar to Arnarstapi is far too beautiful to capture with rain. Hiking in Iceland is fantastic, and this hike should also not be missed during your road trip. Read all about it here.

From Hellnar to Arnarstapi: hiking over high cliffs along the coast

The walk from the small fishing village of Hellnar to Arnarstapi and back again is one of stunning views, high cliffs, unusual rock formations and lava fields. The hike is 2.5 kilometers long, or actually 5 kilometers because you also have to return. The route takes you over a high cliff along the coast, with views of caves and lava rock. The lava flow you hike through comes from the Snæfellsjökull volcano.

Here you will find Hellnar and Arnarstapi on the map.


Along the coastline at Arnarstapi

This former fishing village lies at the foot of Mount Stapafell (526 meters high). There are also cute little houses and you will find some restaurants where you can warm up.

Once you arrive at Arnarstapi, there is another larger area there where you can hike. Along the coast. There are some viewpoints and more unusual rock formations. Along the way you see many beautiful birds, whose names I unfortunately do not know. If you follow the coastline you will eventually come to a cute little harbor.

It seems that whales and orcas can sometimes be spotted here, but we were not so lucky.


A wonderful end to a road trip Iceland

When we got back to the car we were freezing cold, but also completely satisfied. What a wonderful hike! Despite the somewhat inclement weather, we enjoyed the spectacular views and impressive rock formations. The many birds and mountains surrounding the area completed it. This was our very last stop before heading to the last hotel. The next morning we will fly back to the Netherlands. A perfect ending to a wonderful roadtrip Iceland. Which frankly tastes like more….


The hike tissen Hellnar and Arnarstapi: practical information

We started the hike in Hellnar, but really it doesn’t matter where you start. Both villages have parking lots, and in Arnarstapi you will additionally find an information center and hiking maps.

The hike is the same route there and back and easy to walk and find. Put on good walking shoes and bring a windbreaker and a warm sweater. We were quite cold during the hike.

The walk takes about 40 minutes, but you also have to go back. In addition, we were at least 30 minutes sweet at Arnarstapi. So all in all, we spent about 2 hours before we got back to the car.


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