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Going to the movies in Bogotá

Things to do in Bogotá: go to the movies How, what, in what language and where?

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Bogotá is a fantastic city to visit. Interesting museums, delicious restaurants, hip neighborhoods, green gardens, and the cinema. Going to the Bogotan cinema is an ideal pastime during rainy days as well as a way to get to know the city even better. What language are the movies in, where can you go to the cinema and how much does it cost? You can read it here.

Why go to the movies in Bogotá?

Many films come out earlier in Colombia than in the Netherlands. Especially American films. Films made in Europe often appear later in theaters here. As you probably know, catching a movie in the Netherlands is not exactly cheap. You quickly pay 10 euros or more for two hours of viewing pleasure. Of course, it must be possible to do this much cheaper: in Bogotá, for example. Going to the movies will not only give you a great Bogotá experience and cross that much-loved movie off your list; it is also much cheaper than elsewhere. In addition, cinemas here are almost always in a large shopping center, perfect to combine with a day of shopping .


What about language? Are the movies in English or dubbed?

As in Germany, for example, everything in Colombia is dubbed. Fortunately, cinemas in Colombia usually offer two options: the film in the original language, that is, with Spanish subtitles, and the film dubbed in Spanish. So you can just choose. I myself go to the movies regularly and always in the original language. To avoid unpleasant surprises, before you buy a ticket, it is useful to check what language the movie is in. At CineColombia, for example, this is clearly indicated on the website and in the cinemas. If it says subtítulos en Español, then the film is in English. If it says hablada en Español, then the film is dubbed. Is it not there? Then ask at the cinema.


The film title: in Spanish

Regardless of the country of origin, movie titles are always displayed in Spanish. If you are looking for a movie in Colombia and you only have the original title in English, you have to look carefully at the pictures to see which movie it is. Even the trailers, even though they are English spoken, have the Spanish title. When I talk to colleagues about movies there is always confusion, because they know the Spanish titles and I know the English ones. So just because the title is in Spanish does not mean that the film is also in Spanish. For example, the moviePiratas del Caribe: la venganza de salazar will be released on May 25. Or Pirates of the Caribbean, and this one will just be English spoken.


What cinemas are there in Colombia?

Cinemas can be found in all major cities, such as Medellín, Bogotá, Cali, Bucaramanga and Cartagena. At least in Bogotá, with a few exceptions, you will find all cinemas in a large shopping mall(Centro Comercial). So you can always combine a visit to the movies with good food and shopping. The best-known cinema chain in Colombia is CineColombia. CineColombia focuses mainly on American films, such as Beauty and the Beast and Logan, as well as Colombian productions. Cinemas Cinemark, Cinépolisand Procinalare similar to CineColombia in terms of film offerings. Cinemateca is more internationally oriented, and so here you will find movies from France or Chile, for example. For locations and websites, see the map below!


The cost of visiting the cinema in Bogotá

Costs vary by cinema and time, but most prices are at or around the cost at CineColombia. Here, prices vary by the hour. For example, you won’t pay more than 6,000 pesos (1.90 euros (March 2017)) if you go to the movies before noon in the morning. In the early afternoon, it is slightly more expensive and you pay the most on Friday or Saturday nights and holidays if you go to a 3D movie in Santafé (20,000 pesos; 6.30 euros (March 2017)). Prices depend on cinemas, for example, at CineColombia Cedritos you will spend only 14,000 pesos (4.40 euros (March 2017)) for the same movie in 3D on Saturday night. You can find information about times and prices on the websites of the various cinemas.


Where to go to the movies in Bogotá?

There are many cinemas in Bogotá and there is always one close to where you are. Below on the map you can clearly see where there is a cinema. Click on the icon for a link to that page and for the exact address! Discover movies currently running(en cartelera) and movies coming out soon(próximos estrenos). You can also scroll and zoom the map. Then you can also immediately see what bus stations and dining options are nearby. Have fun!

I always enjoy a few hours at the cinema. I usually go to Procinal Palatino, CineColombia Santafé, Gran Estación or CineColombia Andino. Ideal for escaping the rain or watching a fun movie in 3D. Do you go to the movies often?

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