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Holiday in Den Helder and Texel

Holiday in The Netherlands | Texel, Den Helder & Huisduinen

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While all of Holland was eager to finally be able to go on vacation abroad again after such a long time, I, on the other hand, could not wait to discover The Netherlands. One of the first destinations: Texel Island. Because everything was planned rather last-minute, there was no tent, room or even AirBnB to be found. Fortunately, I found a gem of a Bed & Breakfast in Huisduinen, next to Den Helder. Not a punishment, because without knowing it, this turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I have seen in The Netherlands. A weekend break in the Kop van Noord-Holland: discover this beautiful part of the Netherlands!

3 Days in the Kop van Noord-Holland: discover Texel, Den Helder and Huisduinen

Although 3 days is short, you can still see and do a lot!

Day 1: Day on Texel Island

I had been to Texel before and was eager to introduce Alex to a Dutch island. A little less tropical than the Colombian varieties, but fun it is!

To get an impression, an afternoon on Texel is just fine. Around 1 o’clock we arrived on the ferry to Texel from Den Helder. Tickets can be easily booked online at Teso. Parking the car was a challenge, though. Eventually we found a spot at Willemsoord in Den Helder. A little further to walk, but fine to do.

The bicycles were ready and waiting for us at Bicycle rental Veerhaven Texel. I had booked this one online a day in advance. Unfortunately, it just started raining, so we waited an hour in the bike hall for sunshine. Lovely that Dutch weather…


Cycling route Texel

So at 2 o’clock we got on our bikes for a ride through the forest, through villages and along the beach. It can all be done in an afternoon.

From the ferry we biked to Den Hoorn. There we had lunch at Coffee-café Inn de Knip, highly recommended. Delicious food. Then we put the bikes at the Reformed Church in Den Hoorn. Simply because this really is so beautiful!

Immediately after the church is a little road to the left called Lagewegje. Then to turn right at Rommelpot. At the Jan Ayeslag road we drove into the forest to turn right again at the Wetland Road. Enjoyed biking all the way through the beautiful forest. Eventually we ended up at Beach Paal 15. It was not real beach weather, so we quickly got back on our bikes.

From there you can bike or hike through the beautiful Bleekers Valley. Beautiful purple heather you will encounter, really recommended.

Since we only had a few hours, we cycled from there back to the ferry via beautiful shortcuts. It was short but powerful. A great first introduction for Alex and a nice break on an island.


Dining out in Den Helder

After our bike ride, we only arrived back in Den Helder around 8:30 in the evening. Late, but a great time to enjoy the sunset from the boat.

Willemsoord in Den Helder, where the car was parked, is exactly a very nice place in town. Here you will find many nice restaurants in beautiful places. We took a seat at a restaurant that we would visit again later: Leuk!

Really delicious food by the water and highly recommended this restaurant if you are in Den Helder. In case you’re wondering what I’m eating in the third photo: these are vegan tapas. Delicious!


Day 2: The amazing Huisduinen

We stayed in B&B Hotel The Baron Crown. Not only a gem of a hotel (see below), but also wonderfully located. I had actually booked this hotel for lack of other options. And thank goodness for that!

From the hotel you literally walk directly into the dunes. And not just any dunes. A beautiful nature reserve adjacent to De Helderse Duinen. You walk along narrow paths and all around you are impressive views. You will pass the Kroontjesbunker and at the end, where you walk up the dike, you will find Fort Kijkduin.

This alone was a great hike, but it turned out to be even more beautiful.

Alex really wanted a picture of a place where you stand on a dike with the sea on one side and houses directly on the other. You’ll find this place in Huisduinen.

It was blowing pretty hard, ideal for a walk along the dike. Huisduinen also owns a beautiful red lighthouse, to complete the picture.

Huisduinen totally surprised me. I found it so beautiful, can recommend a visit to anyone!


Eating on the dike in Huisduinen

We spent all afternoon in the dunes, so had the opportunity to have both lunch and dinner here. Perfect that there are two delicious restaurants with a view.

Storm at sea

A stylish tent with beautiful views of the sea. Here they had sushi and if there is sushi anywhere we almost always prefer it to everything else on the menu. Sushi, then, for me the vegetarian variety. Wonderful music, nice ambiance. And of course with my favorite tea: fresh mint tea with honey. Drink it almost anywhere. In the Netherlands, because in Colombia this is not really a common tea.

Nogal Wiedus

Quite naturally, we were not going to dine at the same restaurant again. Instead, we chose the restaurant Nogal Wiedus. Totally different from Storm by the Sea but certainly no less enjoyable. Beautiful views, delicious (and vegetarian) food. We sat here quite a long time, until just before dark. Absolutely highly recommended.

Where you go to eat doesn’t really matter, both restaurants are delicious!


Day 3: Den Helder and the Naval Museum

After a wonderful night’s sleep, we first did a fun photo shoot at the hotel. The decor just lent itself perfectly to that and we can always use new photos for my business and Alex’s. By the way, you can read all about the wireless headphones with noise cancellation you see in the picture, I just wrote a review about those.


Then we went to Den Helder early, parked the car again at Willemsoord and sat down inside Restaurant Leuk! this time. Here we enjoyed a fine lunch before heading to the Naval Museum.

The Naval Museum Den Helder

Willemsoord is also home to the Naval Museum, actually just before the ferry to Texel. So a day on Texel can be very well combined with this museum. Or just when you’re on vacation on Texel take a day trip to Den Helder.

Alex had never seen the inside of a large ship, let alone a submarine. And let this be exactly possible at the Naval Museum Den Helder. Tickets must be purchased online for a specific time slot, you can do that here on the website.

The Naval Museum features a beautiful and informative museum about the Dutch Navy. You can also visit several ships, namely the submarine Tonijn, the ramship Schorpioen and the Abraham Crijnssen. All incredibly beautiful set up along a set route, with lots of explanations and museum exhibits in each ship. Very informative and incredibly fun to watch. Certainly the submarine and the ramship. Interesting those big ships, I always find.

The perfect ending to our weekend at the Kop van Noord-Holland!


Spend the night in the Kop van Noord-Holland near Den Helder: The Baron Crown

The Baron Crown near Den Helder is truly a gem of a hotel. This B&B looks like a small castle, both inside and out. The details of the hotel are really beautiful. You imagine yourself in a castle where you can enjoy a delicious royal breakfast, very spacious rooms or read a book in the lounge next to the fireplace. The owner is incredibly friendly and makes it as nice as possible for you.

From The Baron Crown, as mentioned, you can walk right into the dunes. Such a fantastic location makes this the perfect place. So even if you want to visit Den Helder or Texel, you can also stay in Huisduinen. Den Helder and the ferry to Texel are just a 10-minute drive away.

Also enjoy a royal stay by the sea? Book your overnight stay at The Baron Crown here!


What is your favorite place in Den Helder and Texel?

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