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Where to stay near the airport in Bogotá: hotels and places to visit

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A short one-night stopover in Bogotá? Do you have an early flight and would you like to stay as close as possible to El Dorado International Airport? Or are you arriving back in Bogotá on your last day in Colombia for your flight home the next day, and you don’t want to stay downtown? Then it is quite nice to find a hotel close to the Bogotá airport. That way you don’t have to go all over town and spend hours in traffic jams. Where exactly are you staying? What hotels are close to Bogotá Airport? And what sights can you find near the airport, for when you still have a day to spare in Bogotá? Read it here!

Hotels at Bogotá airport

Let’s get right to the point: there aren’t any. At Schiphol Airport, for example, there are hotels right at the airport; in Bogotá, not (yet). Fortunately, there are hotels very close to the international airport. After a 20-minute walk or a free 5-minute airport shuttle, you will arrive at the airport.


The 5 hotels closest to El Dorado Bogotá Airport

There are 5 hotels where you almost stay at the airport. 1.8 kilometers away to be exact. Hotels near the airport are located on the Avenida El Dorado highway, from where you hop in the cab or free shuttle bus and get off 5 minutes later at the airport.

Hotel Habitel Prime and Hotel Habitel Select

Hotels Habitel Prime and Select are right next to each other and belong together. However, the Select variant is slightly cheaper than the Prime location, and also more basic.

I myself once stayed at the Hotel Habitel Prime.

Habitel is a lovely hotel, with a good breakfast, a nice big room and a good shower. Because it is a large hotel, there are also many places where you can work during your stay and you will find free Wifi everywhere. There is also laundry service, a spa, a store, a restaurant for dinner and even a gym. Both hotels are linked, for example, the breakfast room is in the Habitel Select, even if you stay in Habitel Prime. The free shuttle bus gets you to the airport in 5 minutes.

Hotel Movich Buró 26

Directly across from the Habitel, on the other side of the autopista, you’ll find the Hotel Movich Buró 26. This is where I would like to stay next time so I can decide my favorite 🙂 Like the Habitels, this hotel is also very well known. It is slightly more expensive than the Habitel.

Because the Movich is on the side of the international airport, you don’t have to go up the bridge over the highway if you want to walk to the airport. So it’s just a minute closer.

The Movich hotel also features a wellness center, fitness, a bar and free Wifi. There is also a free shuttle bus to the airport.

Apartamentos Salome Bogotá

A lot cheaper, but just as close, is this homestay. This “hotel” has only been around since May 2021, so it is still brand new, but already has good reviews. You will have a private room, private bathroom, Wifi and an in-room refrigerator. Breakfast is not included, but you can make your own in the kitchen. There is no airport shuttle, so ask to call a cab if you need to go to the airport.

Thus, much less facilities and luxury, but also much cheaper. A perfect choice for budget travelers.

Estadía El Dorado

Very basic rooms, no breakfast included, but airport shuttle for a fee and Wifi. Each room has a shared bathroom. The advantage is that you stay just 2 kilometers from Bogotá’s international airport for only 15 euros a night. Also perect for the budget traveler.

Aparta Hotel Victoria In

A little further down a side street of Avenida El Dorado, you will find Aparta Hotel Victoria In. A neighborhood with many stores and commerce. Again, you pay only 16 euros per night for a basic room. With private bathrooms and free Wifi, though. Transportation to the airport must be arranged by yourself and also meals, such as breakfast, are not included. Another great option for the budget traveler or if you just don’t need anything but a bed for the night before your flight.


What to do in Bogotá near the airport?

Whether you choose one of the hotels above or stay in a hotel just a little further away (see below), you’re still outside Bogotá’s historic center La Candelaria. Often on Avenida El Dorado. Does this mean there is nothing to do? On the contrary. You can also have a great time in this part of town for a few days.

What is there to do?

The Botanical Gardens of Bogotá

Want to see something beautiful in Bogotá and also full of nature? Then the Botanical Garden is your place. I came there many times and this never bores. You can easily walk around here for a few hours, and eat a great lunch. They now have a whole new indoor enclosure that unfortunately I haven’t seen yet.

See a preview of the Botanical Gardens in Bogotá here and click here for more info about opening hours and what’s on offer. You can walk there if you stay near Avenida Boyacá, and otherwise take the Transmilenio or cab.


Parque Simón Bolívar

Right next to the Botanical Gardens you will find Bogotá’s largest city park: Parque Simón Bolívar. Here you can hike, picnic and play sports. You’ll also find a large lake and a few eateries. There are regular events here. Nowadays, I live very close to this park.

The Botanical Gardens and Parque Simón Bolívar are great to combine. And don’t forget beautiful Parque Virgilio Barco and it’s library. Are you traveling through Colombia with children? Then nearby Salitre Mágico is also recommended (see below).

Right next to Parque Simón Bolívar you will also find Parque Virgilio Barco. This is a beautiful park and my favorite in Bogotá. There is a large public library that you can enter for free. To look around or work in peace for a while.


Shopping or going to the movies in Gran Estación

As you may know Bogotá is a good shopping city. There are many great shopping centers where you can spend a whole day. Not only with shopping, but also with fine dining or a visit to the cinema. How lucky you are to find exactly one of Bogotá’s largest shopping centers near the international airport, on Avenida El Dorado. Centro Comercial Gran Estación to be exact. I come here a couple of times a week. I live nearby and come there at least three times a week.

Will you be in Bogotá between Dec. 7 and early January? Then don’t forget to check out the spectacular lights and Christmas tree at this mall in the evening. Wonderful!

Click here for opening hours and more information.

Are you coming with the Transmilenio? Then get off at Salitre el Greco or CAN.


La Candelaria: the historic center of Bogotá

Close by for Bogotan standards, the historic center is almost 12 kilometers away from the hotels mentioned above. Good to do by cab or bus.

In La Candelaria you will find great museums, the city square Plaza de Bolívar, lots of street art, souvenirs, cute streets and of course the beautiful view from Monserrate. You can also do a bicycle tour from here and much more.

You can take the bus to Museo del Oro. How exactly depends on where you are staying, ask for the appropriate bus service at your hotel or have a cab called.


Maloka museum

Also close to the airport and just on the other side of the autopista at Parque Simón Bolívar, you will find the interactive museum Maloka. I still haven’t been here myself, but it seems to be tremendous fun. Not only for adults, but also if you are traveling with children, I would not skip this museum. Find all the information here.

Salitre Mágico: amusement park for children in Bogotá

And, as I mentioned earlier, Salitre Mágico is a great outing with kids in Bogotá. A small amusement park in the middle of the city, next to Parque Simón Bolívar. You can see the park from afar, so you can’t miss it. Do take a little longer than an hour for this, so choose another activity if you only have a few hours to spare before your flight.

Here you find all the information about Salitre Mágico.


Other options for staying close to the airport

Actually, everything on Avenida El Dorado is close to the airport. Although with a lot of traffic, you really do have a more convenient spot at the closest hotels I mentioned at the top. The Salitre neighborhood is also perfect. Here you will find several shopping centers and from there you can walk to the parks Simón Bolívar, the Botanical Gardens and Virgilio Barco.

Do you still want to head a little more towards the center of Bogotá, because you want to do something fun for a day, for example? Then find your hotel here:



Avenida El Dorado in Bogotá: choose your hotel in the most convenient location

There are two options: either the hotels as close as possible to the international airport, or a little further away toward downtown, but still on Avenida El Dorado.

Where you find the most favorable spot depending on what you want.

  1. Want to be as close to the airport as possible, cost doesn’t matter much and you don’t have time/feel like seeing any more of the city? Then stay at Hotel Habitel or Movich.
  2. Want to be close to the airport but also see something of Bogotá? Then stay a little further down Avenida El Dorado, such as Avenida Boyacá. From there you can walk to the botanical gardens, Parque Simón Bolívar and the Maloka Museum. In addition, with the Transmilenio or cab you are within minutes at Centro Comercial Gran Estación, and a little further away La Candelaria.

Some things to consider

Always keep in mind that traffic in Bogotá is very regularly completely congested and it can take you an hour to cover a 5-kilometer distance. So get to the airport on time.

Are you staying in Bogotá during times of demonstrations, it is always advisable to either get to the airport very early or find a hotel as close to the airport as possible one night in advance. Demonstrations often take place on Avenida El Dorado or Avenida Boyacá. In that case, the 5 hotels near the airport are the best options.


Do you like to stay near the airport before your flight, or would you rather stay downtown?

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