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Markets in Hong Kong

7 markets in Hong Kong worth a visit

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Hong Kong has many markets, each with its own theme. Now of course you think of the famous markets where you can buy souvenirs, many fake things and which are really set up for the tourist, but there is more! And what could be more fun to discover them? Venture into the local markets, marvel at the diversity and find the most beautiful items for home. You’ll find that while strolling through the markets in Hong Kong, you may just come across some very strange things….

1. Temple Street Night Market Hong Kong

Let me start with the most famous market in Hong Kong: the Temple Street Night Market. After sunset, the Night Market comes alive. Enjoy the smells, the colors, the food or have your future predicted by one of thefortune tellers. The Night Market is great for stocking up on cheap souvenirs, haggling is also an absolute must! The Temple Street Night Market runs from Man Ming Lane in the north to Nanking Street in the south. Along the way, you will pass the Tin Hau Temple. Visit the market between 7pm and 10pm for the best experience. How to get there. Take the subway to Yau Ma Tei and exit the station at exit C.


2. Ladies Market Hong Kong (Tung Choi Street Market).

Actually, I found the Ladies Market rather similar to the Night Market, yet it is a very big draw in addition to the Night Market. This market focuses more on cheap clothing and other trinkets. The best time to visit is between 1pm and 6pm, when the market is in full swing. I myself went there in the evening, and that too was very enjoyable. You can find the Ladies Market at the south end of Tung Choi Street, getting off at Mong Kok Metro Station, exit D3.


3. Fish Market (Goldfish Market).

Surely this is a very special one among the markets in Hong Kong. The fish market in Mong Kok sounds like a normal fish market where you can buy fish to find on your plate in the evening, but this fish market is different. In fact, here they sell live fish in small bags. You will also find fish in aquariums and all kinds of houses and seaweed for the fish. By the way, did you know that Chinese believe tropical fish bring good luck? So at the fish market in Mong Kok, you don’t buy fish to eat, but to put in your aquarium at home. The weirder the fish the more expensive they are. You get there via Prince Edward Station.


4. Flower market in Mong Kok Hong Kong

Flower markets are always a huge pleasure for me, and so is this one! You don’t expect something like this in Hong Kong, which makes it even more fun. Stroll through the flower market and find all the colors and scents together. Moreover, in the cute flower shops you can find all kinds of other cute things for the living room. You get there via Prince Edward Station, exit B1. It is ideal to visit the Flower Market after 10 a.m. on the way to the Bird Market (No. 5).


5. Hong Kong Bird Market (Yuen Po Street Bird Garden).

This market is very special and I walked through it with amazement. In no way does this market resemble any of the other markets in Hong Kong. Older males in particular sell their homemade beautiful bird cages made of bamboo here or come here to “walk” their caged birds and show them to visitors. This makes the Bird Market a popular meeting place for bird owners. Although really special to see, I found the large birds like parrots in particular did not really belong in a big city in a market, and the many little birds crammed together in a cage I also found quite pathetic. Still, this market is also really part of a visit to Hong Kong.


6. Yau Ma Tei Market

In this market I accidentally got lost while walking to the hotel. A market a little hidden, where you will find mountains of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Fun to walk through marveling at how differently these goods are sold than at home. The Yau Ma Tei Market can be found in a large hall on the corner of Battery Street with Kansu Street.


7. Jade Market

Located in two large halls separated by Battery Street you will find the Jade Market Hong Kong. Hundreds of stalls sell everything related to the stone jade, especially necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. In Chinese culture, jade is very important as jade is associated with long life and good health. So the Jade Market is the ideal place to buy a lucky charm. Be careful, though, because not all the jade sold here is of good quality. So it may be better not to spend a lot of money here. The market is open between 10am and 6pm and can be reached from Yau Ma Tei Station, exit C.


More markets in Hong Kong

In the Lonely Planet Hong Kong you’ll find a nice walking tour of Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei that takes you past all these markets. Incidentally, there are many other lesser-known markets in Hong Kong. Stroll through the streets of Mong Kok and you will come across the cutest things just like that. Or go with a local through Hong Kong and discover much more.

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