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Hotel in Colombia | Finca San Vicente: a paradise in Barichara

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Colombia is in proud possession of beautiful hotels and fincas located in the most extraordinary places. One of the fincas you really shouldn’t miss is Finca San Vicente in Barichara. Barichara, by the way, is also best not skipped, as this so called most beautiful village of Colombia may just become the highlight of your round trip. In October 2020, I visited Barichara for the fourth time. And I stayed at Finca San Vicente. This hotel in Barichara is located just outside the village in a place that will take your breath away. The perfect place to rest and the perfect base to get to know one of the most beautiful areas of Colombia. In this article I take you to one of the most beautiful hotels in Colombia in enchanting Barichara.

Why you shouldn’t skip Barichara in Colombia

I have already written a lot about Barichara and for a good reason. Barichara is magical. As soon as you drive into the village you enter another world. A colonial world, that is. A national monument since 1978.

Barichara is extraordinary because:

  • This colonial village has remained beautifully intact and it feels like you are in another world;
  • All of Barichara is colonial. Very impressive;
  • The streets seem to be straight out of a fairy tale, really;
  • The village is remote, what makes many foreign tourists skip it and therefore you don’t have mass tourism (except during Colombian holidays);
  • Barichara lies on the edge of a canyon. Pretty impressive;
  • There is a lot to do. And no that’s not a cliché.
  • You will find weird food there. Think roasted fat-belly ants …;
  • Eating out is a party in Barichara, if only because of the magical atmosphere in the evening.

In addition, the weather is also perfect. Around 30 degrees during the day and refreshing at night. Air conditioning is not necessary. Very nice.

Here is a complete mini travel guide for in Barichara and the surrounding area.

Stay in one of the most beautiful hotels in Colombia

The hotel Finca San Vicente was founded by Belgian couple Johan and Karin. Always they had the dream of starting a Bed & Breakfast in a beautiful place, and after many tours in Colombia they decided to do so in idyllic Barichara. They found an estate with an old colonial farmhouse on it, which they single-handedly transformed into the current finca, creating one of the most beautiful hotels in Colombia I have ever been to.

How they transformed an old colonial farmhouse into a little paradise

After 2 years of hard work, they had transformed the old finca into a little paradise. In the little white colonial house they live by themselves, and there changed a bit over time. A cottage was built with two rooms for guests, though. And the dilapidated bright orange walls that stood there, have been turned into a beautiful outdoor living room.

Local, natural materials were used for this purpose. The construction used two ancient architectural styles that are still rare: Bahareque and Tapia Pisada.

A Colombian finca full of passion and love

The tremendous passion and love Johan and Karin have put into their beautiful farmhouse can be felt everywhere. Not for nothing did it take them more than two years to create their paradise. To provide travelers in Colombia, and specifically in Barichara, with an unforgettable experience.

A tour of Finca San Vicente in Barichara: an extraordinary hotel in Colombia

Finca San Vicente is indescribably beautiful. That’s why I’m going to show you some pictures. You will find various hiking trails, many benches and lovely chairs to rest or read a book, an outdoor living room, a viewpoint with two hammocks where you can really easily stare at the view for days (we did), many tropical flowers and plants, birds in all colors of the rainbow and a beautiful jacuzzi in nature.

The bedroom is also beautiful. Colonial with a bathroom like you never saw. There is a large window with no glass, so you kind of shower in nature with a beautiful view.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the bed sleeps really wonderfully.

Curious? Here we go!

The house where Johan and Karin live

The delicious breakfast and dinner

The outdoor living room

The bedrooms & shower

Nature at the finca

The viewpoint from your hammock

Practical information: staying at hotel Finca San Vicente Barichara

This is how to book your stay at Finca San Vicente

You can easily book your stay through this link to Booking.com. Or visit the contact page of Finca San Vicente and contact Johan or Karin there. There are only 2 rooms and one family room, so book on time, especially in high season and Colombian vacations. Johan and Karin speak Dutch, English and Spanish.

How do you get to the finca in Barichara?

By car.

You can rent a car in Bogotá and drive to Barichara in about 7 to 8 hours. Here you can read all about renting a car and driving in Colombia. Johan and Karin will give you directions from Barichara to the finca. You can find the hotel here on the map.

There are two routes from Bogotá to Barichara: via Chiquinquirá and via Tunja. The road between Bogotá and Barbosa via Chiquinquirá is not the safest. Steep uphill and a busy one-lane road. I would take this route only if you want to visit something specifically on this route.

The route via Tunja is safe and easy to ride, especially the part up to Tunja. The part between Tunja and Barbosa is also doable, you just have to cross a mountain peak, so you ride to about 3,000 meters in altitude only to quickly descend again for about two kilometers.

Then there is the section between Barbosa and San Gil. You have to drive this part anyway, no matter which route you choose. It really is a rotten stretch of about 3 hours of hairpin turns. Especially if you are not used to riding in the mountains, it is good to take regular breaks to rest. This is no problem at all, there are plenty of places to stop.

By bus.

If you travel by bus through Colombia, you can get from anywhere. There are no direct buses to Barichara, so wherever you’re coming from: find a bus to Bucaramanga or San Gil. From Bucaramanga you can take the bus to San Gil, and from San Gil there are buses to Barichara. Do this during the day, as the last bus to Barichara goes around 8PM. To get from Barichara to the finca, you can take a motorcycle cab. Or contact Johan for advice. Here you can read all about how to get to Barichara by bus.

By plane.

If you come from very far in Colombia, you can also fly to Bucaramanga by plane and from there take a bus to San Gil (about 2.5 hours). And from San Gil the bus to Barichara.

How much does an overnight stay cost?

Prices range from 48 euros to 68 euros, depending on whether you come in low season, weekend or high season. Here you will find all the information about the rooms and prices.

Do you also get breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Breakfast is included in the room rate. There is also a menu of delicious dishes or small bites for lunch and dinner. You pay extra for this. We have used this a few times. Karin cooks deliciously! Both typical Colombian (ajiaco for example), international and vegetarian. You can also order drinks such as soft drinks, beer and wine.

Can you drink the water from the tap?

No. There is a water tank with potable water that you can fill your bottle with. So bring a durable bottle that you can reuse, so you don’t have to keep buying plastic bottles. Here are more tips for traveling sustainably through Colombia.

Is there wifi?

Yes, and good too! For the digital nomads among us who want to spend a few days working in silence, this place is perfect. And for anyone who just wants to send some pictures to home now and then, of course, too.

Are there a lot of mosquitoes?

Not so much during the day, a little more in the evening (also depending on when you are there). Take the best anti-mosquito cream with you. At night you don’t have to worry: you sleep under a mosquito net.

Is this hotel also suitable for backpackers in Colombia?

Finca San Vicente is not a typical backpacker’s hotel, but of course you can have an excellent stay there as a backpacker. This is obviously not a place to party, but a place where you can find peace and discover Colombia outside the crowded tourist destinations.

The location

Finca San Vicente is located about 5 kilometers outside the center of Barichara. So this is not a place where you walk straight from your hotel into the colonial village. However, by private car or motorcycle cab you can get to Barichara in 10 minutes.

The finca is in the middle of nature in a very quiet place. With beautiful views of the canyon. Exactly this location makes a stay extraordinary.

What to do in the area?

Do you have a minute? Earlier in this article you read lots of tips on what to do in the area, including the walk to Guane, visit Barichara (including interesting museums), go to Chicamocha Canyon, venture into extreme sports (such as paragliding, abseiling and rafting), visit other colonial villages, go to the beautiful park in San Gil, take the hike to Juan Curí waterfall and tour a weaving factory in Curití. Also, don’t forget to eat the local “delicacy” roasted dikbil ants. Barichara in the evening is magical. And if you are during Las Velitas you’ll totally feast your eyes. Read all about what to do in Barichara, San Gil and the surrounding area here.

In addition, Johan and Karin can take you on hiking trips in the area. And there is much more to do. Descend down the canyon to the village of Jordán, take the cable car across the canyon and take a cave tour with a guide. From the finca you can also go on multi-day hikes.

So you won’t be bored here.

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely! Barichara and the surrounding area is among the safest destinations in Colombia, so you can stay here with peace of mind. Click here for general information about traveling safely in Colombia.

How many days staying here?

In Barichara and the surrounding area there is a lot to do. In addition, it may just happen that (as with us) when you arrive at Finca San Vicente you immediately think that you really just want to spend a few days resting on the farm. With a 3-day stay you can see some highlights, if you stay a week you can also go off the beaten path and spend a day or more at the finca. We too did not leave the hotel for 3 days. It totally depends on how much time you have during your round trip Colombia and what you think is important to do and see during your holiday. In any case, I can tell you that you can never be here too long.

Barichara is one of my favorite destinations in Colombia. A place to relax and have a nice holiday. With Finca San Vicente being our favorite stay. I hope you too will have a wonderful stay to fully enjoy the beauty Colombia has to offer.

This article contains affiliate links and was written in collaboration with a company. I always give my honest and sincere opinion, because I want to help and advise you in the best possible way to have the most unforgettable experience in Colombia. Click here for more information.

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