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Green Buenos Aires: discover its parks and gardens

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One of the best things about Buenos Aires are the parks. As soon as the sun comes through, the porteños (residents of Buenos Aires) go outside and the parks and green squares fill with people. Delicious! Most of the larger parks and plazas can be found in the Recoleta, Palermo and Puerto Madero neighborhoods, but actually there is greenery everywhere. So a city trip in Buenos Aires is also not complete without some nice green walks. Discover the parks in Buenos Aires and read which one is my favorite! Admission to all parks described here is free.

Parks in Buenos Aires

Parks in the neighborhood of Recoleta

Let me start with the neighborhood in which we ourselves stayed: Recoleta. Here you will find mainly many green squares where porteños go to play sports especially on weekends. You can run a lap there, or just walk or relax in the grass when the weather is nice. Also, you will find the famous flower here.

Plaza de las Naciones Unidas y Floralis Genérica

One of the most famous parks in Buenos Aires can be found in Recoleta: the flower. Located surrounded by a green strip, stands the Floralis Genérica. This large sculpture, made of steel and aluminum, was a gift from architect Eduardo Catalano to the city of Buenos Aires. The 23-meter-high flower opens in the morning and closes during the day. So when you come in the evening, the flower is closed and gives off a beautiful purple light. So it is worth visiting this park twice at different times.


Plaza República de Chile

Right behind our apartment is a small green plaza which is lovely to walk through or read a book. So I come there regularly myself. You’ll find porteños walking their dogs or just relaxing in this quiet spot in the middle of the city.


Parque Carlos Thays

A little further south, against Retiro, is Parque Carlos Thays. This green strip not only offers a nice place to walk, because from the bridge to the roof of the parking lot you also have beautiful views.


Other plazas and parks in Recoleta

And that’s not all, as you will also find many green squares with statues in Recoleta. Such as Plaza Francia, Plaza Mitre and Parque Rubén Darío.


Park in the neighborhood of Retiro: Plaza San Martín

South of Recoleta begins the Retiro district, culminating in the beautiful Plaza San Martín. Surrounded by the most beautiful buildings, palaces and museums in Buenos Aires, here you will find a green strip where you can walk up for a beautiful view of Torre Monumental. This 76-meter-high bell tower was a donation from the British community in 1916, and built with materials shipped from England. The park is also home to several monuments.


Nature reserve in Puerto Madero: Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

A must-see in Buenos Aires is definitely the nature reserve in Puerto Madero, one of the largest parks in Buenos Aires. On a nice sunny (weekend) day, it is great to stroll along the promenade past the many tents, and then head into the park for a longer walk. The reserve is home to many birds and you have views of the canal. Bring a rug and a book and settle down on the grass by the water. A special piece of Buenos Aires!


Parks in the neigborhood of Palermo

Palermo is known for its many large parks and forests. Also, if you want to exercise outside, this is where you need to be!

The Botanical Garden: Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays

Next to Plaza Italia is the beautiful botanical garden. Perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Like many other parks in Buenos Aires, the botanical garden was designed by landscape architect Carlos Thays. Opened in 1898, the gardens feature some 3,000 species of trees and plants. There is also a butterfly garden and many sculptures scattered throughout the park. I come here regularly with my e-reader to sit on a bench nice and sunny to read my book. Highly recommended!


Bosques de Palermo (Parque 3 de Febrero)

Parque 3 de Febrero, also called Bosques de Palermo (the forests of Palermo), is a large green area consisting of several lakes, many fitness spots, lawns, boats and beautiful avenues for walking. Within this park you will find several gardens and little parks, including Paseo el Rosedal (see below). You can literally walk for hours. On a sunny Sunday, porteños go out biking or jogging and Palermo’s parks are bustling with activity. You can also ride a pedal boat there.


Paseo el Rosedal: my favorite in Buenos Aires

Last but not least: my favorite! Inside Parque 3 de Febrero you will find a stunningly beautiful garden with more than 18,000 roses: Paseo el Rosedal. Even in winter, when the roses are not bloomin, the garden is insanely beautiful. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in Buenos Aires and can’t wait to see this park someday when the roses do bloom. Walking through these beautiful and soothing gardens, you will encounter sculptures, beautiful trees and plants, bridges and passageways, fountains and lakes. An absolute must-see that should not be missed while visiting Buenos Aires.


What other parks in Buenos Aires are there?

In addition to the above parks and gardens, there is also the Jardín Japonés (Japanese Garden). The Japanese Garden is not free, but well worth visiting if you are in Buenos Aires. Klick here for more information about the Japanese Gardens.

Throughout the city you will further find various green plazas and parks where you can stroll or relax on a bench or in the grass, such as Parque las Heras, Plaza del Congreso (under construction at the time of writing), Plaza Lavalle (also under construction at the time of writing), Plaza Barrancas de Belgrano and Plaza Libertad. To the north near Nuñes, there is also a smaller nature reserve (Reserva Ecológica Ciudad Universitaria-Costanera Norte) and the Memoria Park.

Also in the surroundings of Buenos Aires you find a lot of nature. For example, visit the Tigre Delta or San Isidro for beautiful nature in Argentina. Both can be visited on both a day trip and multi-day trip.

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