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From Buenos Aires, there is plenty to do in the area. However, the most popular day trip among porteños is undoubtedly a visit to Tigre. On a beautiful weekend day with clear blue skies, this town floods with people looking for peace, water, nature and activities. And although it is hearty on weekends, there is so much to do in Tigre that you can always find a quiet spot. Our first visit was on a Saturday, but the following day we traveled again to this amazing place. We had by no means seen and done everything and besides, we simply loved it there. A delta of green islets and lots of water: welcome to Tigre!

Tigre and the Párana Delta

The town of Tigre is located about 30 kilometers north of Buenos Aires and is part of the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area. The city is located on an island surrounded by narrow rivers in the Párana Delta. The Paraná Delta covers around 14,000 square kilometers and starts between the Argentine cities of Santa Fe and Rosario. There, the river split into many branches resulting in an extensive network of islets and wetlands. Tigre is located in part of this delta and you can imagine how beautiful nature is there. The town came into existence in 1820 and is named after the jaguars that were hunted here in the past. Today, Tigre is a popular tourist destination.


Sightseeing in Tigre and the Delta

There is so much to do and see in Tigre, two days was not nearly enough. Here is a list of sights and activities.

By boat into the delta

From the port in Tigre, many boats go into the delta. Most islets in the delta are private, but there are also many you can visit. Perhaps the most famous is Tres Bocas, a half-hour boat ride from Tigre, where you can hike and eat. However, we started in a different place and then didn’t have time for Tres Bocas. This was by no means a punishment because how beautiful it was! I’m talking about Rama Negra.


Rama Negra

Less well known and also less touristy than Tres Bocas, the Rama Negra area is an hour’s boat ride from Tigre. This quiet place with only a few options to get something to eat or drink, secretly still has a lot to offer. Connected by wooden bridges, you walk along a path just by people’s gardens and can thus admire the beautiful houses on stilts. After walking for a while you come to the restaurant/hotel/spa Alpenhaus. Here, in addition to eating and drinking, you can stay overnight. The place is reminiscent of an Austrian hotel, but by the water in Argentina. After a delicious meal, we walked on, only to arrive at a nature reserve after another half-hour: Delta Terra.


Delta Terra: a nature reserve in the Delta near Tigre

The mission of the Delta Terra Nature Reserve is the conservation of nature, including flora and fauna, environmental education, and the development of responsible tourism in the Tigre Delta. There is a large visitor center and a clear map that allows you to walk through the reserve on your own or with a guide. You will find a small animal shelter, a vegetable garden, kayaking opportunities and a restaurant, among other things. It is a lovely walk during which we also spend some time sitting on a bench enjoying nature. To get here, take the boat to Rama Negra and then walk for another 30 to 45 minutes. On the way back, a boat goes back to Tigre a ten-minute walk away.


Museums Sarmiento

Some museums can only be reached by boat, such as the famous Museo Sarmiento. Located on one of its many islets, this is the ancient home of activist, writer, intellectual, politician and the country’s seventh president: Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. More information and opening hours can be found here.


More in the Delta

And there’s more! In fact, in the Delta scattered around the islets you will find restaurants, hotels and activities such as canoeing and kayaking, among other things to do. And to get there you have to go by boat. Also, in Tigre they offer a boat tour of the islets, so you don’t stop but you see a lot of the Delta.


Sights and museums in Tigre

Tigre has several museums and other attractions that are easily accessible on foot while strolling through the town.

Museo de Arte Tigre

Perhaps the most famous and most beautiful museum in Tigre: the Museo de Arte Tigre. You have to walk for a while, but then you have something. Located on the waterfront, the museum resembles a small castle, which is actually a 1912 club. Inside you will find works by famous Argentine artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We had planned our visit a little tight, so unfortunately no time to see the inside of the museum, but the building is stunningly beautiful from the outside alone. For more information, prices and opening hours, click here.


Museo Naval

We also did not see the inside of this museum, which is located on a very nice little park, due to lack of time. Still, it does seem to be worthwhile. The museum focuses on the history of the Argentine Navy. More information can be found here.


Museo de la Reconquista

This museum on the other side of Tigre tells the story of Tigre’s history in photographs, documents and objects. Housed in a white house on a cute little park, this museum will definitely be worth seeing, but was closed when we were there. The museum is located on Av. Liniers 818 and is free to visit Wednesday through Sunday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. By the way, the little park on the other side of the road is also worth a visit.


Parroquia de la Inmaculda Concepción

A little further on you pass a simple white church, built in 1774, which is so special precisely for its simplicity. Once this church was one of the most important buildings around Plaza Mayor in Tigre, but after severe floods, it was decided to move the parish to a higher place. The church is located at calle Liniers 1560.


Puerto de Frutos

On the other side of the river, in the center of Tigre on Sarmiento 160, is the Puerto de Frutos shopping area. At this busy and popular market, you can find just about anything. From food and drink to furniture, and souvenirs to all sorts of gadgets. There are also many restaurants and cafes. On weekends, the place is terribly crowded and you have to struggle through the crowds to get anywhere. On the other hand, there is a cozy atmosphere, especially with the sunshine.


Other sights

And there is more to see. So there is also Museo del Mate, or museum about the famous Argentine tea (which I personally don’t think is too drinkable). For children and other interested parties, there is the Parque de la Costa, a kind of small amusement park with a Ferris wheel and a number of roller coasters. This park is located near Puerto de Frutos on the waterfront. There you will also find the Casino Trilenium and the Teatro Niní Marshall.


Take a walk through Tigre.

We took a walking tour of Tigre that took us past almost all the sights. Especially if you come on a busy day this is well worth it, as most visitors stay on the waterfront so you have the rest of the town virtually to yourself. Moreover, you can then see what other beautiful things Tigre has to offer besides its busy center. Get a map at the tourist point in the harbor and follow the red dotted line.


Sport and activities in the Tigre Delta

About ten years ago, I visited Tigre for the first time, stayed overnight and went into the delta by canoe. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do that this time, but next time we will definitely take to the water! Indeed, Tigre is ideally suited for the active traveler who not only likes to be busy but also seeks tranquility. In fact, with the canoe or kayak you will get to places where you have the empire all to yourself. Several tours can be booked. For example, check El Dorado Kayak. You can not only canoe there, but also kayak, hike, bike and horseback ride. Ten years ago, I not only got in the canoe, but also got on the horse for a trip through the delta, including a sumptuous barbecue. Absolutely worth it!


Practical information

How to get to Tigre from Buenos Aires?

Tigre is only about 30 kilometers north of Buenos Aires and is very easy to reach by train. There are two trains that go to Tigre: the Tren de la Costa from Maipú station (15 minutes (but you have to get to Maipú station first); 20 pesos) or the Mitre line from Retiro in downtown Buenos Aires (50 minutes; 6 pesos). The latter is by far the fastest and most inexpensive option. Please note that without a SUBE card, you will pay more! The Mitre line goes to Estación de Trenes Tigre near the port. For the Tren de la Costa, you have to go to Parque de la Costa.

How do you travel around within Tigre and the Delta?

As mentioned, you can easily do everything in Tigre on foot. However, a visit to Tigre is not complete without also seeing at least one destination in the Delta. Once you arrive at Estación de Trenes Tigre walk with the crowd out of the station and cross at the traffic circle. There you will find Estación Fluvial, the port of Tigre. Here there is a tourist office and a tourist post (both of which have the same information), a McDonalds and many little houses where you can buy boat tickets and tours. Get a map at one of the tourist information points, which is very helpful in determining what you want to do and what is where. We bought a ticket to Rama Negra from Interisleña, but there are many options available.

How much time do you need?

If you want to see and do everything described above you will need at least three days.

Withdraw cash

The expensive boat tickets often have to be paid for in cash. Do you need money for that? Then head to Avenida Cazón, where you will find several banks to take money out of the ATM.

Food and drink

In Tigre, you won’t easily starve and thirsty: there are many restaurants and cafes. We had lunch on the first day at restaurant/hotel/spa Alpenhaus in Rama Negra and the second day we chose the fantastic restaurant Boulevard Sáenz Peña, located on the street of the same name at number 1400. Puerto de Frutos also has lots of places to eat.

Find your hotel in the Tigre Delta

The first time in Tigre I spent the night there, this time we spent the whole weekend but just slept in our apartment in Buenos Aires. However, staying overnight in Tigre is worth it, especially if you book a tour that starts early in the morning. Find your ho(s)tel in Tigre or in the Delta here.


Actually, our weekend in Tigre and the Delta was just perfect…. Click here for more great day and multi-day trips from Buenos Aires!

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