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Day trip from Buenos Aires: visit surprising San Isidro

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Peaceful San Isidro, a suburb of Buenos Aires, is a delightful getaway from the big city. Although this suburb belongs to the province of Buenos Aires, it seems to be a separate village with everything: a historic center, wonderful museums, cute green streets, luxurious mansions, a cathedral and on weekends you will even find a market with handicrafts. And even though Buenos Aires and its surroundings are completely flat, you will find hills with impressive views of the surroundings. If you are lucky you can even see Uruguay. In short: a perfect day trip from Buenos Aires!

What is San Isidro near Buenos Aires?

About 20 kilometers north of Buenos Aires is suburb San Isidro, part of the province of Buenos Aires. The village is known as one of the most affluent villages in the province. The old center around Plaza Mitre is dominated by a striking neo-Gothic cathedral. San Isidro goes way back in history.

In the year 1580, Juan de Garay divided the long strip of land along the coast of Argentina into several parts, from which present-day Buenos Aires and also San Isidro emerged. Today, San Isidro has a population of about 50,000. Not only does the town possess many historical treasures and a famous racecourse, it also borders the Río de La Plata, so you can go to the beach and practice many water sports, such as surfing and sailing.


What to do during a day trip San Isidro?

There is so much to do in Buenos Aires, but don’t forget the surroundings. You can easily spend a week exploring beautiful villages and nature just outside Buenos Aires. San Isidro is a must-see. What is there to see and do?

Quinta los Ombúes and its gardens

The beautiful country house Quinta los Ombúes can be found on the hill in San Isidro, with impressive views of the city and the Río de La Plata from its adorable gardens. Around the beautiful Spanish-style patio are old rooms you can visit. See the furniture, antiques and personal items of the mansion’s famed former resident, Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson. It is said that in 1813 it was Sánchez who sang the first ever rendition of the current Argentine national anthem. | Location: Adrián Beccar Varela 774 | Entrance: free |. More information.


Museo Pueyrredon

Although the name of this museum (and also street in Buenos Aires) is impossible to pronounce, the museum is immensely worthwhile. Once this colonial villa was the home of hero General Juan Martín de Pueyrredón.

The house is beautifully preserved and shows how it once was. You will find paintings, among other things, as well as the re-creation of colonial kitchen, living room, bedroom and dining room. From the garden, again, you have impressive views of the river. Especially when the weather is nice, it is great to sit on the grass and read a book. | Location: Rivera Indarte 48 | Entrance: free |. More information.


Ribera Norte Natural Park

In addition to a historic center, San Isidro also has a natural park. It’s not big and it won’t take you more than 45 minutes, but it’s certainly beautiful. You hike around the park on a narrow path, passing a lookout point and a small lake that is home to turtles and other animals. Also, you walk right along the water and we were lucky that in addition to many sailboats, there were also a lot of kites hanging in the air. What a beautiful sight!

The only downside to the park is that some of it is very polluted. There is a sign indicating that something needs to be done about it, but for now there is all junk in the greenery on a small section. Very unfortunate and also incomprehensible that people cannot keep their papers and plastic for a while until they pass by a trash can. But despite that, it is definitely worth a visit. | Location: between López y Planes y Almafuerte | Entrance: free | More information.


San Isidro practical information

How to get to San Isidro from Buenos Aires?

There are three ways to get to San Isidro from Buenos Aires.

The first is by bus. Which bus depends on where you leave, but this mode of transportation is the least fast anyway.

Then there is the train: the Mitre line from Retiro in Buenos Aires to Tigre in the north passes by San Isidro. This is the fastest way to get there: from Buenos Aires it takes about 40 minutes.

As a final option, there is the Tren de la Costa (the train of the coast). This one goes from Maipú station to Tigre, along the coast, passing through San Isidro on the other side. This is the most beautiful route, but more expensive and takes a little longer because you have to go to Maipú first and change trains there. The advantage is that you get off right in the historic center.

Other sights in San Isidro

In addition to the above attractions, there is more to see and do in San Isidro. So you can visit the racecourse and there is still the museum Villa Ocampo. If you have more time, the weather is nice and you like beach and water sports, then Perú Beach is also a good option. This beach and sports complex can be found right by Barrancas station if you travel by Tren de la Costa. There is also an antique market there.

Eating and sleeping

In San Isidro you will find several restaurants and cafes. However, the Lonely Planet gives only one restaurant as a tip, namely restaurant Bruna. We looked it up and the guidebook was absolutely right: a fantastic place! Spacious, cozy, good service and good food. There is really no need to spend the night in San Isidro. Even traveling to this suburb for an afternoon or just for lunch is worthwhile. However, if you are looking for a more luxurious accommodation just outside the big city, in a historic and quiet place, this is definitely the place to be. Find your hotel in San Isidro here.

More day trips from Buenos Aires

Do you have more time? Then also visit the beautiful Tigre Delta on a day or weekend trip. And dont skip the gaucho village San Antonio de Areco.


San Isidro has a surprising lot to offer. The relaxed atmosphere, tranquility, cute streets, history and especially the beautiful museums make this place a fantastically fun day trip from Buenos Aires. If you have the time definitely don’t skip it!

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