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Hotel Barranquilla: Casa Colonial in the colonial district of El Prado

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Although Barranquilla is known for the world’s second largest carnival and singer Shakira, it is mostly a city that is massively overlooked by tourists. Now, compared to other destinations in Colombia, there is not particularly much to do either, yet the city does have something to offer. Are you staying in Barranquilla during Carnival or want a nice stopover during your trip in northern Colombia, I hereby have a very nice hotel tip for you. In a safe and beautiful neighborhood from where you can go explore Barranquilla. Hotel Casa Colonial: an unexpected colonial gem.

Colonial district in Barranquilla: El Prado

The El Prado district is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barranquilla. Here you don’t notice the tall apartment buildings and gray office buildings, but walk in the heat through wide tree-lined avenues past old colored houses. Dating back to the 1920s, El Prado has some 50 mansions that make the neighborhood an architectural highlight. The district is home to grand boulevards, avenues and parks, including Santander Park, one of the most beautiful in the city. El Prado is not a cheap neighborhood, but it is a safe and very beautiful one. There are many restaurants (where, among other things, you can try the famous coconut rice) and tasty bakeries, and from here you can start exploring the city. Nearby you will also find several large shopping centers where you can cool off, do extensive shopping or go to the movies.


Hotel Barranquilla Casa Colonial: never slept so well in a hotel

Hotel Casa Colonial is located in one of El Prado’s beautiful colonial houses. Behind the soft yellow walls is an extraordinary collection of colonial wooden furniture. You will also find all kinds of trinkets that make the atmosphere in this hotel so cozy. That is perhaps the strength of this hotel: you feel right at home. The staff is extremely nice and helpful, the rooms very clean and nicely decorated, a hot shower and a wonderful room temperature. And really, there are few hotels where the bed is as comfortable as in this one. Consequently, we slept wonderfully.


Hotel Barranquilla: Casa Colonial will surprise you

In hot and busy Barranquilla, Casa Colonial is a nice place to end the day, start the day or just to relax. There is a green courtyard garden with birds where you eat your sumptuous breakfast. There are also rocking chairs where I enjoyed the quiet and cooling shade. When I walk out of the hotel I walk right into colonial Barraquilla and the low-rise buildings, palm trees and colored houses really give me the idea of being on the Caribbean coast.

Rooms have air conditioning, a private bathroom, a TV and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. The front door has a gate that is always closed, so no one can just walk in and out. Need a cab or tips for around town? Ask the staff.

Over breakfast, I met a German who was visiting family but still staying at Casa Colonial. Also the next time we go to visit family I would like to stay at Casa Colonial again. Around the corner from my mother-in-law and the perfect base for going into Barranquilla, visiting museums and shopping.


Celebrating Carnival in Barranquilla

Should you want to celebrate Carnival in Barraquilla, book your hotel ON TIME. At Casa Colonial, prices for during Carnival are announced around September/October and then you can book. Be quick because rooms will be gone in no time. This is true of every hotel in Barranquilla, by the way.


Book your stay at Casa Colonial here

Want to spend a few days in Barranquilla? Then be sure to check here more specifications of Hotel Casa Colonial. By the way, there are also nearly 300 other hotels in Barranquilla, including many luxury resorts. There is plenty to do in Barranquilla. Think the Carnival Museum and many other museums (many of which are within walking distance of the hotel), shopping, walking the promenade along the Río Magdalena and going to Bocas de Ceniza. In fact, for the latter alone, Barranquilla is worth a visit.


Barranquilla is a fun city break for when you have time to spare as well as to explore the rather special (and deadly) Bocas de Ceniza. If you dare…

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