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Street art Colombia Sogamoso

Street art Colombia | Discover Sogamoso

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Colombia is full of street art. Bogotá and Medellín, in particular, are known for their beautiful murals, but you’ll also be able to enjoy more street art in other places around the country. Sopó, for example: my village off the beaten path where you can take a beautiful graffiti route you can walk. But you can also enjoy unusual murals in other villages and towns. Among them in Sogamoso. The most famous town in the region of Lago de Tota in Boyacá. The gateway to Colombia’s highest lake, the most beautiful páramo in the world and the ball village of Monguí. Do you love street art and like to go off the beaten path? Then Sogamoso is for you.

Sogamoso: the capital of Sugamuxi province

Sogamoso is located some 230 kilometers northeast of Bogotá at an altitude of nearly 2,600 meters and has a population of over 120,000. As the capital of the Muisca empire you will find street art as well as the Sun Temple in the Archaeological Museum. But more on that later. Sogamoso is a fine little town from which to explore the area. And while I personally prefer to stay in one of the surrounding authentic villages, Sogamoso is perfect for when you don’t have your own transportation or little time.

Today I take you through the street art in this town.


Street art in Sogamoso

In Sogamoso, as in many villages and towns in Colombia, murals are receiving increasing attention. Something that benefits the streetscape. So in the future, there will be many more beautiful murals to be found in Sogamoso.

In many murals in Sogamoso you can see Indian tribe Muisca or Páramo de Ocetá. Amazing!


Where can you find the murals in Sogamoso?

Most street art can be found around the Hostel La Cazihita. As you walk out the gate to the left you immediately encounter murals. Turn left again and you’ll find more.

There is also beautiful street art on Sogamoso’s main street, carrera 11. More will undoubtedly be added here in the future.


Practical information

How to get to Sogamoso?

By car you can drive this route and thus explore the area. By bus, of course, it depends on where you are coming from, but there are buses going to Sogamoso from every larger place. From Bogotá it is about 4 to 5 hours away by bus. But you also get there from Tunja.

Where to stay.

A very nice hostel in Sogamoso is Hostel La Cazihita. From here you not only walk directly into the graffiti street, you can also walk from the hostel to the Archaeological Museum. In addition, from the hostel you can easily do this fantastic hike through Páramo de Ocetá, the most beautiful páramo in the world.

What else is there to do in the area?

Sogamoso is a good base for exploring the region of Lago de Tota.


Do you also love street art? Discover graffiti in Colombia!

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