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Climbing Suesca

Climbing in Colombia: climb the high rocks in Suesca

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It is rainy. And fresh. Through the mud we walk to a small store. Our guide is ready to go. We try on our shoes that should be tight at the toes. Once we have everything, we start walking. Loaded with water, food and raincoats, we walk toward our destination. Out of nowhere, tall rocks travel up from the ground. The sun is beginning to come through. Long ropes are stretched on the rocks and we see people hanging everywhere. We follow the trail until we arrived at our route. The guide scrambles up without any protection to get the rope through the ring at the top of the rock, for us. Once he is safely back on the ground, the fun can begin. Read all about the place in Colombia to climb: Suesca.

Suesca: rock climbing in Colombia

We are in Suesca, the climbing village of Colombia, less than an hour and a half drive from Bogotá. From all over the country you will find people looking for adventure here. With three kilometers of high cliffs, on which there are five hundred climbing routes to do, you can eat your heart out as a climbing enthusiast.

For us, this is the second time. The second time seeking fear. But also the adventure. With appalling fear of heights, I am already nervous when we are in the car. I remember the last time too lively. When I was only two meters above the ground and didn’t dare go back down. But now I know how it goes. Now it has to be different. Those fears go aside!

4 Different climbing routes

In total, we climb four different routes. Sometimes, it begins to rain, but that should not spoil the fun. We just keep climbing.

When we do the final route I am determined: I must and will make it to that summit. The route is not too difficult, but it is high. I put my helmet back on and take a deep breath. Meanwhile, it begins to rain just as I’m about to start. Is that a sign? Still, I keep climbing. With my hands, I feel the rock above me. I find the stones I can cling to and pull myself up. With my toes, I explore the rocks and push myself up. I climb and climb and don’t look down for a moment. The temptation is great. How high am I already? But still I don’t look down.

And then, it’s really true, I’m at the top! For the first time in my life. I made it! I want to look back for the picture, but don’t. I am far too afraid that afterwards I don’t dare to go down anymore, and have to be plucked off that rock again by the guide. So I let go of my hands. I sit down in my harness. My life now hangs on this string. That more and more is released. With my feet on the rock, I sink further and further down. And then suddenly I find myself with both feet on the ground again. I am extremely happy and proud. I just did it!


The rocks of Suesca (Rocas de Suesca)

Suesca is a village 59 kilometers north of Bogotá, at an altitude of 2584 meters. The village is known as the place to climb rocks in Colombia. The rocks stretch over a length of 2 kilometers, and are between 20 and 130 meters high.

Although everyone talks about Suesca, the place to climb is actually called Rocas de Suesca. The rocks of Suesca. This place is south of the village itself.

Suesca was the first place in Colombia to practice the sport of rock climbing. The rocks of Suesca consist of steep cliffs of sandstone that are ideal for climbing. A popular spot among Colombians and tourists taking a sportive day trip from Bogotá.

And not just for climbing. In fact, in Suesca you can also bungee jump, abseil, mountain bike and hike. And want to watch it all from a distance? Then walk up the cliffs and have a picnic at the top, with stunning views of the valley.

You can find Rocas de Suesca on the map here.


Camping in Colombia: Suesca

Want to camp in Colombia? You can do that in Suesca. Right by the rocks. Here you will find many campsites where you can pitch your tent and enjoy a beautiful starry sky. When it’s not raining, of course.

Are you looking for a camping? Check here.


Rock climbing in Colombia: how to arrange it?

Climbing by yourself or with a guide?

Not an experienced climber? If so, never go climbing by yourself, but only with an experienced guide.

Where do you arrange a guide to climb in Suesca?

Along the road where you arrive at Rocas de Suesca, you will find many opportunities to rent or buy equipment, such as climbing shoes, and to arrange a guide. If you go during the week there may not be anyone available, and it is better to book in advance. On the contrary, weekends are very busy, and it is also better to book in advance. So always book in advance 🙂

Here are some options for arranging rock climbing in Suesca:

How to get to Suesca?

The easiest way is to take your own car to Suesca. For example, you can rent a car in Bogotá. The ride takes about an hour and a half, depending on how busy the road is in Bogotá.

However, you can also take the bus. These go from the north of Bogotá, from Terminal del Norte.

Where to stay

Although you can visit Suesca just fine on a day trip from Bogotá, it is also nice to stay there for a night. And make it a fun weekend, for example.

There are many hotels, campgrounds and glamping sites near the rocks of Suesca. Find a complete overview here.


Suesca is an ideal day trip from Bogotá if you love outdoor sports and want to challenge yourself. Find more day trips from Bogotá here.

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