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Best place to stay in Curaçao

Where is the best place to stay in Curacao? | 5 Tips

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Finding the perfect stay in Curacao that meets your needs: that’s quite a research job. Since there are hundreds of resorts, apartments and hotels in Curacao. And in what place do you want to stay? In the city, on the remote southwest coast, near the most popular and crowded beaches or in a village? I myself wanted a stay more remote, away from the tourist frenzy, more in nature and in pure tranquility. To get you started finding your perfect resort, apartment or hotel in Curacao, I will give you many tips in this article and of course I will tell you in which idyllic apartment I have spent my vacation in Curacao.

Curacao apartments, resorts and hotels: the most popular spots

What kind of accommodation do you want to stay in? An apartment is fine if you want more space and want to be able to cook for yourself. In a hotel in Curacao you have just a little more arranged and often options to book tours. All inclusive says it all: you pay for everything at once, so a vacation in Curacao without worries.

I actually never book a package trip where flight and accommodation are arranged together. But you may like that idea. This option may also just be cheaper than booking everything yourself. For package vacations Curacao, check out TUI and Corendon.

Have you figured out what kind of accommodation you want to stay in? Then the question is where best to stay in Curacao. Of course, that depends entirely on your personal preferences. Here is an overview of the most popular places to stay in Curacao.

Staying in colorful Willemstad: Pietermaai

Willemstad is the colorful capital of Curacao. Here you will find interesting museums, history, beautiful street art, many restaurants and cozy streets. Today, the Pietermaai district is one of the most popular areas to look for your hotel or apartment. In one of the colorful typical Curacao buildings, for example.

In Pietermaai, you don’t stay at the beach, but in the city. Don’t expect crowds: there is a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere here. Want to go to the beach? Then Mambo Beach and Jan Thiel are close by.

Find apartments, resorts and hotels in Willemstad Pietermaai here.


Hotels in Otrobanda

Across St. Anna Bay, via the pontoon bridge, you arrive in Otrobanda. Once a poor neighborhood, now in development, more and more dilapidated properties are being refurbished. For several years, Otrobanda has been the scene of street art in Willemstad. Here you can do street art tours and learn a lot about the history of Willemstad. Otrobanda is a neighborhood still under development, therefore it is not the most popular place to stay. As the redevelopment of the neighborhood progresses, however, more and more hotels open. Because it is not so busy yet, this is a good place to look for a hotel if you want to stay in Willemstad, but still want more peace and quietness. In addition, in Otrobanda you experience a very different atmosphere, and witnesses more local life.

Find your appartment or hotel in Otrobanda, Willemstad.


Stay overnight in Jan Thiel, a village right on the beach

Jan Thiel is a village east of Willemstad, located on Jan Thiel Bay. A popular place for beach lovers to stay. Here you will find hotels right on the beach, or within walking distance. Jan Thiel has cozy beach bars, such as Koko’s and Zest, where you can have a great meal on the beach or rent a beach bed. It is slightly less crowded here than in Mambo Beach, but still crowded. If you love that, then this is an ideal place to stay in Curacao.

Find apartments, resorts and hotels in Jan Thiel Curacao.


Stay at Mambo Beach

For many, Mambo Beach is the place for a beach vacation in Curacao. Wider and bigger than Jan Thiel, many beach clubs and in the evening you will find happy hour and parties . Perfect for anyone who likes more crowds and going out. Mambo Beach is located between Willemstad and Jan Thiel, making it a little more central.

Find apartments, resorts and hotels in Mambo Beach here.


Stay in Westpunt Curacao

The west of Curacao extends to Westpunt. Although farther away from the sights in and around Willemstad, you will find beautiful beaches in southwestern Curacao. Here you will find many resorts right on the beach, hotels in nature or apartments away from the big city.

A nice place to stay is Willibrordus, west of Willemstad, but still close by. Find your hotel in Willibrordus here. Highly recommended is Coral Estate Luxury Resort. A beautiful quiet place, where you will also find the beach at restaurant Karakter. A lovely place.

Or how about a stay at one of the most beautiful beaches on Curaçao: Playa Lagun? Check out the hotels and apartments here.


My apartment: a quiet stay in Santa Catharina Curacao

My website has the slogan“traveling off the beaten path” for a reason. I like to discover places that have not been flooded by tourists. And above all, I like to follow my own path. Also in Curacao.

Anyone who has ever been to Colombia knows: it is never quiet there. Colombians love making noise. There are people and cars everywhere. I traveled to Curacao alone, just to get away from the hustle and bustle. No people, cars and noise around me for a while.

Admittedly, finding a place like this in Curacao takes some research. A stay away from it all. Also from the tourists. But searching was worth it: I found the apartment on Curaçao for anyone who wants to stay in peace in an idyllic place. Lying in my hammock every day listening to the wind and the birds. Admiring the hummingbirds and enjoying the beautiful flowers and plants. That breeze and the birds were literally the only things I heard from my apartment during the nearly 2 weeks of vacation. No people, no cars and no music. Delicious…

Do you want that too? Here’s where you’ll find it.


Tropical Breeze Apartments

I stayed at Tropical Breeze Apartments. A beautiful residence in the village of Santa Catharina, in the northeastern part of Curacao, near the Sint Joris Bay. A place where few tourists visit. You’re also not at the beach there, and you need a car for everything, but a car is a must in Curacao anyway, wherever you stay (see below).

Tropical Breeze is owned by the Dutch Yvonne. In her backyard she has a beautiful pool (which I gratefully took advantage of) and 4 idyllic apartments. One right by the pool, the other 3 in the garden with beautiful flowers, plants and cacti.

Each apartment has a huge patio, the living room. Only outside. With a table, chairs and a hammock. This allows you to be outside all day.

Inside it’s very tastefully decorated and you will find your own kitchen, a bed, closet and a bathroom. Hot water is not there, but because the water is heated by the sun, it’s not cold either. I don’t like cold showers at all, but this shower was wonderfully cold warm. You will also find an air conditioner, many outlets and towels.

You can also rent a car at Yvonne’s if you want, and there is free parking to park your rental car.

From your apartment you can drive to the beach at Jan Thiel in just 20 minutes. I myself have driven to Westpunt and Willemstad several times. Tropical Breeze is absolutely a perfect base for exploring the island.


What can you find in the Santa Catharina area of Curacao?

  • You are close to the Aloe Vera farm, the Ostrich Farm and Serena’s Art Factory (for the Chichis).
  • You also drive within minutes to St. Joris Bay, where you can hike or do kitesurfing
  • Santa Catharina is wonderfully quiet, you hear no people and no traffic, perfect for peace seekers

When is staying at Santa Catharina not for you?

  • If you want to stay right on the beach or at least be able to walk to it in a few minutes
  • If you like to stay among many other tourists
  • If you want to be within walking distance of stores, restaurants and bars

What does Tropical Breeze Apartments offer?

  • A fully furnished apartment, where you can easily stay for weeks
  • Breakfast (additional cost, I myself made my own breakfast)
  • Very good working Wifi (I worked for a while every night)
  • A swimming pool
  • Car rental (additional cost)
  • A beautiful garden filled with hummingbirds and other exotic birds
  • Four incredibly sweet dogs
  • Host Yvonne who is always there for you, answers all your questions and knows the nicest and most beautiful places on the island
  • A hammock (which I literally entertained myself in for hours)
  • A well-equipped kitchen, I cooked my own meals every night
  • Snorkels
  • Airport shuttle
  • Peace

This place is not suitable for a vacation with children, it’s adults only.

Highly recommended for anyone seeking peace and quietness in beautiful Curacao, and wanting to stay in an idyllic apartment. I could “live” here for weeks longer. The pictures speak for themselves….

Book your stay at Tropical Breeze Apartments here.


Wherever you stay: renting a car is always convenient

Whether you’re staying in Willemstad, the east or Westpunt, you’ll always need a car to get yourself to whatever place on the island. That also made the choice for me to stay further away easier: I needed a car anyway. Perfect to discover the most beautiful beaches in Curacao , visit the most interesting museums and to walk around the Aloe Vera farm , which is pretty far from where most tourists stay.

Renting a car in Curacao is easily arranged, and can be done at many car rental companies. I myself often rent a car from Rentalcars, where you have all-inclusive insurance and you can also rent without a credit card. At Tropical Breeze Apartments you can also rent a car. Just indicate this while booking via the link.


Check out this mini travel guide Curacao for all the practical tips and sights on the island.

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