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5 tips for Colombia off the beaten path #3

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In recent years, tourism in Colombia has exploded. Since the country has become safer, more and more travelers want to discover Colombia. The usual tourist route leads travelers past Salento, Medellín, Cartagena and Parque Tayrona. Beautiful places, nowadays overrun by tourists. Almost every traveler makes the same route, but the country is big. So there is much more to discover, namely off the beaten path. In this series, I list for you beautiful places that are often skipped by foreign travelers. Places that introduce you to the country in a different way. Today part 3 of Colombia off the beaten path!

1. The white village of Guatavita

North of Bogotá lies a beautiful white village: Guatavita. Although the village now is located against the mountain, the original Guatavita can be found at the bottom of Lake Tominé. The village is recreated in the same style and lovely to walk through. It is extremely quiet and not at all touristy (only on weekends). You will find delicious food, typical Colombian trinkets and beautiful views. Also, this is the base if you want to visit the mysterious Laguna de Guatavita. You can easily come here from Bogotá for lunch, and be back in the afternoon. Got curious? Click here for more information.


2. Hiking through the river and abseiling in Tobia

In addition to rafting you can also abseil and take a challenging hike through the river in Tobia (Cundinamarca). Put on old shoes and walk up to your knees through the cold water, scrambling over rocks and dodging cows, up to the waterfall. Along the way you will encounter all the beautiful plants and trees and the most colorful butterflies. Once at the waterfall, the daredevils among us can climb a little more to the top of the waterfall, and then abseil down from it. Want some activity in a warm environment as a day trip from Bogotá? Click here!


3. The chocolate museum in Cartagena

When you think of Cartagena, you probably don’t immediately think of chocolate. A treat that instantly melts as soon as you move out of air conditioning. Yet right here you will find the famous chocolate museum. Here you will learn all about cocoa in Colombia and how chocolate is made. Moreover, this is the place to do a fun chocolate making workshop!


4. Lama watching at Lake Sisga

Many buses on the way from Bogotá to the north pass by it, but no one stops there. Yet definitely worthwhile, because not only is the lake of Sisga extremely beautiful, you can also enjoy cute llamas here. There are several options for hiking at the lake and you will also find a restaurant for lunch.


5. Visit the extraordinary cemetery of Usaquén

Just in Bogotá, in the heart of Usaquén, you will find a cemetery that is absolutely worth a visit. You won’t spend much time with it, because small as this is you will have seen everything after 10 minutes or so. Usaquén itself, of course, is one of Bogotá’s nicest neighborhoods, so while you’re there you can admire this special cemetery! Find more information and inspiration for visiting Usaquén here.


How do you travel off the beaten path in Colombia?

Usually it is not difficult to go off the beaten path in Colombia. Yet almost no one does it. After all, it takes more time, more research, and if you don’t speak Spanish, it can be quite difficult to understand exactly where to go. For example, you can rent a car yourself to explore the surroundings of Bogotá and travel all the way to Bucaramanga. Hearty fun and it immediately gives you more freedom. Would you like to travel off the beaten path, but not arrange it all yourself? Then booking a trip at Local Hero Travel is a very nice, reliable and unique opportunity to really get to know the country.


Click here for much more inspiration for traveling in Colombia off the beaten path!


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