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Day trip Bogotá - Parque Puente Sopó - featured

Day trip Bogotá: enjoy nature, hiking and relaxation in Parque Puente Sopó

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Although we only live in a small village, there is a lot to do. Because in addition to Pionono, the shrine, hiking in the mountains and Parque Jaime Duque, there is also Parque Puente Sopó. Right next to the highway and weekend lines of Bogotans in front of the entrance, it looks like nothing very special, but appearances can be deceiving. Together with my parents and dog Juaco, we paid the entrance fee and entered yet another totally unexpected piece of natural beauty. The weather is also particularly good, making a visit to this park a real pleasure. Around the corner for me, but also very nice to visit during a day trip Sopó to combine with other sights, or to rent a cottage when the weather is nice to go barbecuing and relaxing with friends. Sopó continues to surprise: visit Parque Puente Sopó!


Parque Puente Sopó

Parque Puente Sopó was opened in 1967 as a place to relax in nature with the whole family. And in fact, it still is. Consisting of an area of wetlands, many birds, fish and other animals such as field mice, weasels, snakes and lizards and some 1,200 trees and shrubs, this can also rightly be called a nature park. You can explore the nature park on foot along the clearly marked trails, or rent a boat to explore the lake and marshland. From one of the cottages you also have a very nice view of the park and its surroundings. It is a surprisingly nice place to spend the morning or afternoon.


Activities in Parque Puente Sopó

Besides hiking, there is more to do in the park. For example, on weekends there are boats for boating, a playground for children and sports equipment for exercising. It’s also a great place to run or rent one of the 27 cottages with grill to go barbecuing with friends or family. On weekends, the restaurant is also open where you can get something to eat and drink.


Perfect for walking the dog

After the nasty incident with Juaco I had been looking for a while for another place to go hiking with him, and Parque Puente Sopó turns out to be ideal for that! The walk is a perfect length, it is quiet and enclosed and there is nice grass and variety for the dog. I have been there two or three times, but unfortunately without a car it is just a little too difficult for me to visit every day. Once I have access to a car I will definitely go more often to walk with my sweet Juaco!


What to expect.

Parque Puente Sopó is not a big forest where you can walk for hours. Expect to spend about 45 minutes for the entire walk. However, there are many benches and spots where you can sit down with a book or enjoy the view. Personally, I love enjoying the tranquility and nature here in nice weather.


Practical information

Where is Parque Puente Sopó located and how to get there?

Parque Puente Sopó is located 30 kilometers north of Bogotá, along the Autopista Norte. Travel time depends on how you travel (by car or bus) and on how much traffic there is. By car is easy: just drive north and turn off at the park. By bus, first go by transmilenio to Portal Norte or by cab to Terminal Satélite (there is a bus stop there on the autopista). In either case, take the bus to Sopó, Briceño, Tocancipá or Gachancipá. Ask the bus driver to drop you off at Parque Puente Sopó. If you are also going back to Bogotá by bus, first cross the bridge over the highway and wave to a bus that says Bogotá on it.

From the park you can also easily travel further, such as to Sopó or Zipaquirá. Keep the bus to Sopó or go to Briceño first and find the bus to the destination you want to go to.

Opening hours, costs and best travel time

The opening hours are not entirely clear, but it seems to be open between 9AM and 4PM. It may be open until later on weekends and holidays, so you can barbecue there in the evening.

Colombians pay 5000 pesos entrance fee and I too am allowed in for this price (because I live in Sopó). As a foreigner, you pay 11,500 pesos. I think you can also camp there, which costs 20,000 pesos per night per person.

On weekends and holidays, the park is enormously crowded with Bogotans. Down to traffic jams in front of the entrance. So are you looking for peace and quiet and want the park to yourself? Then go outside of weekends and vacations.

Combine with other attractions

If you have the time and simply want to get out of Bogotá to relax, Parque Puente Sopó is a fun and easy option. If you want to see more in the area, you can combine this beautiful park with that just fine.

Here is a complete mini-guide Sopó, including all the sights, many restaurants, hotels, surroundings and more!

For example, continue to Sopó and visit Parque Pionono, see beautiful street art Colombia, walk to the shrineor grab something to eat at the famous Cabaña Alpina. You can also travel on from the park to Zipaquirá for the salt mine, and spend a night there. I would not combine it with Parque Jaime Duque, because you really need a whole day for that. Looking for a special overnight stay in the middle of nature? Then travel on to Jardín Colibrí! Also nice to stay overnight in Sopó is Casa Agrreste.


The area around Bogotá, Cundinamarca, has so much beauty to offer. Go off the beaten path for once and discover what everyone skips. Check out 22 ideas for day or multi-day trips in Cundinamarca here: the Bogotá area is more beautiful than you think!


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