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Santuario Sopó - Colombia off the beaten path

Travel off the beaten path in Colombia and visit the shrine in Sopó

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Once there was a simple lady named Rosa Nieto, who was working in the parish of Sopó on December 3, 1753. She took care of cleaning there and washed the church’s clothes and cloaks. Every day she went to the La Moya water source. But this day was unlike any other. Once she arrived, Rosa looked into the water and saw a beam of light shining upward from the bottom, setting the surface of the water ablaze. Curious as she was, she stretched out her arm in the water, searching with her hands for the source of light. Rosa thought there must be a hole, but all she felt was a smooth, almost square, pebble… And that was the beginning of the beautiful, historic and religious shrine in Sopó.

An extraordinary discovery

Rosa took another good look at the stone. When she realized what she saw, her breath stopped. Inside the stone was an image of the Lord. Amazed, she took the special object home where she placed it on the altar. Although it was becoming evening, the stone continued to emit the same glow she had seen earlier in the water source. In the early morning, Rosa took her find to the parish to show it to Pastor Raimundo Forero. He looked at it intently, but his vision was so poor that he saw neither a light glow nor an image of God, and so he believed nothing at all of her story.


The beginning of a shrine

Rosa did not give up and went home with her great treasure: the pebble. She begged for the return of the pastor’s sight, and days later it was there. When the pastor saw what she had seen all along, he too was amazed. Shortly after the stone was found in 1753, the statue was placed on the chapel in the parish. The stone quickly garnered fame, and in no time there were lines of believers in front of the chapel to catch a glimpse of the image of God. The stone was stolen 40 years ago, but miraculously it returned to the chapel. From the year 1909, the image the Lord of the Stone was given its own place. In 1953, the current shrine “Santuario del Señor de la Piedra” was built there. And you can visit that.


True or false? Go exploring in Sopó.

Whether you believe in this story or not, the shrine containing the famous stone stands in Sopó and you can visit it. Although Sopó is only a small village, it has quite a bit to offer. So we too set out to explore and one day walk through our new hometown to the sanctuary. I am not religious, but this is still very beautiful. Not only a beautiful historical place with a story, this is also a part of Sopó where you can unwind. The walk up will take you past beautiful gardens, mini bridges and, of course, the water source where the famous stone was found in 1753. Never have I stayed so long in a religious place as I did here. Because it turns out that the place where Rosa did her work is so nice to sit, we just do that for a while. Are you in Sopó? Then don’t miss this famous place!


Practical information

How to get to the Santuario del Señor de la Piedra in Sopó?

Assuming for a moment that you are coming from Bogotá: take the Transmilenio (you can buy a ticket at the station, one ticket is enough for two people) to Portal Norte. Walk to the end and go through the gates on the left. Wait there under the “Sopó” sign for the bus to Sopó. Get off at the terminus about 30 to 45 minutes later and find your way to the shrine.

Opening hours

Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. On holidays falling on Mondays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. On Saturdays there is Mass at 5:00 PM and on Sundays at 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM and at 4:30 PM. Admission is free.

What else is there to do in Sopó?

Here is a complete mini-guide Sopó: marvel at the diversity of this village!

Let’s face it: this is a fine place, but unless you want to come here purely for religious reasons, it’s not a place to travel to Sopó especially for. It is therefore ideal to combine with other activities in and around this delightful village. For example, visit the unique ecosystem páramo in Parque Pionono and enjoy beautiful views. Walk the street art route or continue from Sopó to the white village Guatavita, from where you can also visit Laguna de Guatavita. Or go the other way and visit Zipaquira or stay in Sopó to have a drink at the famous Alpina Farm (not a must-see as far as I’m concerned, but if you like desserts and cheese it’s fun). And there is so much more to do in Cundinamarca!

Stays in Sopó

Would you like to stay in or near Sopó? Find here your hotel!


Travelling off the beaten path near Bogotá? Sopó is the place to be! Click here for an off-the-beaten-path itinerary through this part of Colombia.

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