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More than salt: visit the Quevedo Zornoza museum in Zipaquirá

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The town of Zipaquirá is known worldwide for its famous underground salt cathedral. People come from far to visit this religious wonder of the world, and Colombians themselves also love this place. Zipaquirá is therefore a popular day trip from Bogotá. But besides the salt cathedral, there is more to do in Zipaquirá. Not only can you eat delicious food, enjoy beautiful views and wander its colorful streets, Zipaquirá also boasts the nicest museum in the area. Namely, Casa Museo Quevedo Zornoza. And let this also be very well combined with the salt mine. Find out exactly what you can see at this museum and where to find this gem!


Casa Museo Quevedo Zornoza in Zipaquirá

In the old colorful streets of Zipaquirá lies a historic farmhouse. From the outside, we recognize the building by its white/blue color; once inside, we enter a different world.

Casa Quevedo Sornoza was built in the year 1840 and belonged to Venezuelan colonel Nicolás Quevedo Rachadel. The house was occupied by three generations of the Quevedo family, who filled the house with music and aromas of the era. This family included many artists in both literature, poetry, music and painting. In 1850, Colombian poet and politician Roberto Mac-Douall was born here. The house exudes colonial style and features many objects from the last centuries that were used by Colombian luminaries of the independence, such as Bolívar, Santander and Nariño. Today, the house belongs to the Fundación (foundation) Nacional Zipaquirá “Funzipa”.


Journey through time past unusual objects

The house Casa Museo Quevedo Sornoza consists of 12 rooms and 2 patios. Consider a music room, a room with a dressing table, the parlor, a pantry, the dining room and a concert hall. There is also a room full of old sewing machines and you can admire various old household items, such as irons, a wooden washing machine from 1899 and blenders and toasters brought from Europe. In the old kitchen are large clay pots used to cook with, and in the hallway we find a large knife sharpener that I immediately recognize from the smaller knife sharpener my grandfather once had. All the objects on display in this house symbolize a time and show how people used to live here.


A tour of the old rooms

Along with another couple, we were given a very comprehensive tour of all the rooms. The enthusiastic gentleman told stories about the various objects and showed us how people lived in Colombia. The house breathes so much atmosphere and history, really incredibly nice and interesting. In addition, all those old objects are hugely photogenic and the rooms are a sight to behold. Highly recommended!


Practical information

Where can you find the museum?

The museum is located in the historic center of Zipaquirá: calle 3 # 7 – 69. Easily accessible on foot from both the central square and the salt cathedral. From Bogotá, direct buses go to Zipaquirá from Portal Norte or along the autopista norte. You can also travel from Bogotá by train (Tren Turístico de la Sabana). See map below for location.

The cost

Your ticket from the Salt Cathedral gets you free admission as well as a free tour of the museum.

Opening hours

Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to noon and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Open on weekends from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


You can perfectly combine this museum with a visit to the salt cathedral. Go to the salt mine first and then walk to the museum. At the museum, you will spend between 1 and 2 hours. The gentleman who gave the tour said he does the same in English. I haven’t heard him speak English, but I assume that means it can also be in English. If you still don’t understand: don’t worry. The museum is a feast for the eyes, so just looking at the beautiful items and rooms is already fun.


Do you also love these types of museums located in historic buildings containing beautiful objects that tell a story? Then don’t miss this museum. In Bogotá you can also find such a nice museum, namely El Chico. Both are among my favorites!


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