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Make your roundtrip Colombia unique and sleep in a finca! My 7 favorites.

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Colombia has many good and affordable hotels and hostels that are also of particularly high quality. In no other country have I found such good accommodation as here. This is partly because of the diversity and service that many hotels offer for few money, but also because of the presence of a typical Colombian lodging option: the finca. A finca is the way to stay outside the big cities and get to know real Colombian life. In addition, fantastic fun to spend the night in. There are many fincas and each time I try to pick out the nicest ones. In this article I will take you into the world of the Colombian finca, explain you exactly what it is and list my favorites. Get even more out of your stay in Colombia and sleep in a finca!

What is a Colombian finca?

Fincas are immensely popular in Colombia. Almost every Colombian I know has family somewhere with a finca outside the city, where they all go to during the vacations. You have probably heard of the typical coffee finca in Zona Cafetera, in the middle of a coffee plantation. But what exactly is a finca? A finca is an old country house in the middle of nature, often surrounded by farmland where tropical or non-tropical fruit is grown. So a finca is not a farm, although some estates do have animals roaming around. Often Colombian fincas have a long and rich history that is well reflected in both the traditional and architectural design and the materials used. Despite their often advanced age, most mansions have ample facilities, such as a swimming pool, sports facilities and TV. Compared to hotels and hostels in Colombia, a finca tends to be slightly more expensive and more remote. Staying in a finca is staying close to nature in a typical Colombian country house.


My favorite fincas in Colombia

Eco-Hotel La Cabaña near Salento

Perhaps this is my all-time favorite: Eco Hotel La Cabaña. The last finca I stayed in and a true gem. The country house is not long open to tourists and perfectly located between Salento and Valle de Cocora. In the midst of nature you will find hiking trails, many birds, cows, horses and a beautiful historic house. It is very easy to reach from Salento and the owner will take you everywhere. An unique experience and highly recommended! Click herefor more information and book your stay here! Without a car easily accessible? Yes.


Casa Lila Hotel near Suesca

Just outside Bogotá, on the road to Suesca, is Casa Lila Hotel. The first time we went climbing in Suesca we stayed here and it was really wonderful. A historic building decorated as if you were walking right into history, and a very hospitable hostess. Perfect for a night’s stay after climbing in Suesca! Book your stay here. Accessible without a car? Yes.


Finca San Pedro at Sogamoso

Finca San Pedro is a lovely stay and centrally located for exploring the area. Therefore, this house is also perfect for backpackers. The country house is located on the outskirts of the town of Sogamoso near Lago de Tota, in the middle of a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers. The old rooms have their own theme and are really fantastically decorated. At this finca, in addition to enjoying nature, you can do yoga and there is even a sauna. Book your stay here! Without a car easily accessible? Yes.


Eco Hotel La Juanita near Manizales

During my first stay in Zona Cafetera, we visited the town of Manizales. Since we did not want to stay in the city, I found a beautiful house on the mountain, with an amazing view and a beautiful garden around it. From your room you can take beautiful walks and enjoy the many trees, flowers and plants. The house is set more for budget travelers and thus perfect for backpackers. Book your stay here! Accessible without a car? Yes (cab or walk some more).


Finca Hotel La Casona de Suanoga at Pesca

The region of Lago de Tota lends itself perfectly for the best fincas. Not surprisingly, the second time we stayed in a different finca. And not just any one. This country house is far from civilization, with no Internet, and the only thing you hear at night is nature. From the blue and white house you have a fantastic view of the mountains and the surroundings are spectacularly beautiful. From here you can visit typical Colombian villages where no tourist comes, and enjoy real Colombian life. Enthusiastic? Book your stay here! Without a car easily accessible? No (ask to be picked up or take a cab).


Casa Yerbabuena at Toca

Wow, wow, wow! What a wonderful residence this is! We have been there twice now, and for a good reason. Totally remote from the outside world and also far off the beaten path, you will find this beautiful old country house on a secluded lake. Wake up to fantastic views, go hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, tennis or biking during the day and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace in the evening. You have to pay a bit and be willing to travel a bit more, but then you have something really special. Click herefor more information and book your stay here! Without a car easily accessible? No (ask to be picked up, take a cab, walk 4 kilometers from the paved road or rent a car).


Finca Hotel El Rosario in Eje Cafetero

The very first time in the southern coffee triangle, we stayed far away from Salento, namely just north of the village of Quimbaya. A good choice, because how beautiful it was! A secluded finca run by an elderly couple, who served a truly delicious breakfast AND dinner. The property has a swimming pool, balconies with lovely old chairs and a ping pong table. Also ideal for children, by the way. There is a beautiful view of the coffee area. From the finca you can go hiking; along the way you will come across coffee beans. The country house is very remote and a bit further away from tourist Salento. If you are looking for something just off the beaten path, this is perfect. Book your stay here! Easily accessible without a car? No (take a cab from Quimbaya, ask if it is possible to be picked up, or get off a bus at the little road leading to the hotel and walk up a bit). Without a car a bit more of a challenge to explore the area from here.


Practical information

The finca is becoming increasingly popular among tourists and you can find reviews on both booking.com and Tripadvisor to make the best choice. In addition, the finca is the vacation home for Colombian families. So if you choose a large country house in a popular area, you can expect big Colombian families with lots of children during the busy vacation periods and puentes. Fincas can be found throughout the country and almost always breakfast is included. Note that, with few exceptions, a finca is almost always more expensive than a hotel.


Discover Colombia: stay in a finca!

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