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Best hotels in Colombia in nature off the beaten track

7 Best hotels in Colombia off the beaten track in nature

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Colombia is bursting with amazing hotels in the most beautiful locations. Those places you had no idea existed at all. Or that are actually quite close to popular highlights, yet off the beaten path. In the middle of spectacular nature. There where you have a very different experience in Colombia than if you only stay in the popular areas. Where you experience authentic Colombia. Make your roundtrip Colombia unique and discover the most beautiful hotels in Colombia, off the beaten track and in most impressive nature.

My top 7 best hotels in Colombia off the beaten path and in nature

There are two things I love to do:

  1. Looking for the most special places to stay in Colombia
  2. Actually staying there 😀

It is so easy to choose the most popular hotels or hostels, but I find it much more fun to stay in a unique place. Sometimes it takes a little more effort to get there, but then you have something. Namely, a unique experience in Colombia.

With this list of most amazing hotels in Colombia, you’re off on an adventure to:

  • The mountains near Medellín (no. 1)
  • Historic Barichara and Colombia’s deepest canyon (No. 2)
  • The green mountains near Bogotá, where people live self-sufficiently (No. 3)
  • The Colombian coffee region near Salento (No. 4)
  • Authentic Boyacá (No. 5)
  • Deep in the Amazon in southern Colombia (No. 6)
  • The beach near Palomino (no. 7)

Go off the beaten path and discover the most unique places in Colombia!


1. Soplo del Tambo | A beautiful eco-hotel in the mountains near Medellín

On the mountain near the village of Cocorná, near Medellín, you will find Soplo del Tambo. So far off the beaten path, that you have to walk the last stretch to this eco-hotel up the mountain. A dream place with spectacular views, yoga and spirituality, where you can rest, hike and experience the special way of life in the mountains. A place where dreams come true. An experience that you’ll never forget, I can tell you. After 11 days I didn’t want to leave, and I will definitely come back.

This place is easily combined with Medellín, El Peñol and Guatapé. Staying here is an adventure, yet easy to fit into your trip through Colombia.

Click here to read all about the eco-hotel Soplo del Tambo. Or book your stay here.


2. Finca San Vicente | Stay in beautiful Barichara overlooking a canyon

Barichara is known as the most beautiful village in Colombia. For me that’s actually true: I love Barichara. I have been there many times and will go again soon.

There are many beautiful hotels in Barichara, but Finca San Vicente is very special. Just outside the village, on the edge of a gorge. Shower while the birds come to take a look, relax in the Jacuzzi under the trees and read a book overlooking nature in Santander.

From the hotel walk to Barichara, or take the motortaxi. Or go hiking in the area. From the hotel you hike to Guane and back, or take longer hikes in Santander. You can walk to several other villages. And there is much more to do. You can read all about that in the link below.

Click here to read all about Finca San Vicente in Barichara. Or book your stay here.


3. Jardín Colibri | An amazing largely self-sufficient and ecological hotel between Guatavita and Sopó

This cottage reminds me a bit of the cottage in Hansel and Gretel. Picturesque and colorful, built in a way not easily encountered in Colombia.

For four years I lived in one of the nicest villages in Colombia: Sopó. And I stayed for several days with my parents at Jardín Colibri. The way to get there was already an adventrure, the stay even more so.

From here you can hike very well, visit Sopó, explore Guatavita or just experience life in this ecological house. Walk through the gardens, see how the family lives almost self-sufficiently and let the sheep show you the way.

Want to know more? Click here to read all about Jardín Colibri. Or book your stay here.

Extra tip | Would you like to go to Sopó but not stay so far away from civilization? Then take a look at hotel Casa Agrreste. An equally great place, but closer to the village.


4. Eco-hotel La Cabaña | A unique experience in the Colombian coffee region near Salento

Salento is immensely popular among travelers and not exactly off the beaten path. Yet there are places to be found that are beyond your imagination. Like eco-hotel La Cabaña. You will find this hotel between Salento and Valle de Cocora, and so it’s not located in the village itself.

La Cabaña is a farmhouse at the foot of the mountain. Here you will stay in an authentic Colombian finca (farmhouse). Wake up in the middle of nature, hear the birds around you and go help milk cows.

From the hotel catch the Willy (public transportation in this region) to Valle de Cocora or to Salento. To and from Salento you can also walk. Visit coffee plantations, go horseback riding or discover the tall palm trees in natural areas other than Valle de Cocora.

The owners are the sweetest people ever who help you with everything; you won’t soon forget this stay!

Click here to read all about eco-hotel La Cabaña near Salento. Or book your stay here.


5. Cabaña Yerbabuena | For those who want to discover authentic Boyacá in Colombia

Not only this hotel, which is not actually a hotel, is special, but especially the location. Few foreign travelers venture so deep into authentic Colombia.

Located in Boyacá between all kinds of unknown villages, you can only get here by car or motorcycle. Or on horseback if you have one 😉 The hotel is far from villages and towns, near an equally unknown lake.

From here you can discover Boyacá. One of the most beautiful departments of Colombia, massively overlooked by tourists. The hotel is located between Sogamoso / Monguí / Lago de Tota and Villa de Leyva. But these places are a bit far to visit from here. Ideal to combine during this road trip through this part of Colombia.

Casa Yerbabuena, in other words. For the traveler who wants things to be different than usual.

Click here to read all about this special house. Or book your stay here.


6. Casa Gregorio | Stay in an indigenous village in the middle of the Colombian Amazon

Traveling to the Amazon is adventurous in any case and certainly not for everyone. Want to make it even more special? Then find lodging in an indigenous village. Where you can experience local life and explore the Amazon from there.

Casa Gregorio is such a hotel. The way to get there is an adventure in itself, staying there is fantastic. Stay with Dutch Heike who has lived here for many years, along with her husband from the indiginous village.

From here you will discover the Colombian side of the Amazon in a variety of ways. Cruise the bizarrely large river, admire pink and gray dolphins, catch piranhas for dinner, go on foot with boots (and an experienced guide, of course) through the rainforest (also in the night, exciting), visit indigenous villages and head out to a monkey sanctuary in the Amazon.

Want to go on an adventure in Colombia? Read all about Casa Gregorio, how to book and prepare for the Amazon and what you can do there.


7. UUTTAAKA Eco-Hotel in Palomino on the Caribbean coast.

Palomino is incredibly touristy and many see this as a party destination. However, Palomino is also incredibly beautiful and has wonderful undiscovered spots where you hardly meet anyone but are still very cozy.

One of these places in Uuttaaka Eco-hotel. A true dream destination where you can feast your eyes. This is where the rainforest and the ocean meet. You sleep in a honeycomb, have the beach all to yourself and enjoy the incredible natural beauty of Colombia’s northern coast.

From Uuttaaka you can take beautiful beach walks and tours. Like tubing in Palomino or visiting an indigenous tribe. But you can also rest for days in this special place.

That’s what we did: enjoy the sea and the sounds and animals of the rainforest. The delicious food and the lovely people.

Highly recommended for anyone who would like to go to Palomino, but is looking for a quiet stay in nature.

Do you want that too? Then take a look at UUTTAAKA Eco-Hotel.

Read all about Palomino and Uuttaaka Eco-hotel OR book your stay here.


Have you been to a very special hotel in Colombia off the beaten path? Share it in the comments!

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