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Paragliding in Colombia - Sopó

Day trip Bogotá: mountain biking and paragliding in Sopó

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The area surrounding Bogotá, Cundinamarca, is truly beautiful and enormously diverse, and a day trip from the busy city is easily made. In fact, there is no need at all to go to extreme sports villageSan Gil to go rafting, climbing, abseiling or paragliding, as you can do this too just a short distance from Bogotá. For us it is even easier, since we ourselves live in Sopó, the place outside Bogotá for paragliding. Now I have to admit that there is no way I am ever going to hang in one of those things in the air, but watching it is fun. Just before 2018, we got in the up the steep mountain, this time to mountain bike and afterwards enjoy the people who did jump of the mountain. Looking for an exciting day trip from Bogotá? Sopó it is!

Mountain biking in Sopó

I am not a hero in extreme sports. Above all, I enjoy watching it, but to crosse down steep slopes myself is another story. Still, this time I decided to join and so we drove up the mountain to Parapente Paraíso. The most popular activity to do here is paragliding (see below), but you can also zipline and mountain bike.

With a guide, get on a mountain bike and ride to Parque Pionono and back. This is only 1.4 kilometers, so 2.8 kilometers total, but the steep incline, bad road and altitude (almost 3,000 meters) make it quite a challenge. In total, it took us about 50 minutes, but that time depends on how fit you are and how fast you go. So it can be faster, but also slower.

It ended up being a very cool experience with amazing views, and really fun to do if you are in the area. Jimmy filmed and I made a video of it (the very first ever!): fun to watch!


Paragliding in Colombia: also in Sopó

As mentioned, I wouldn’t jump off the mountain for a million, but if you do love paragliding, Sopó is a great place to do it. I have been to Parapente Paraíso about five times to witness paragliding, because it is beautiful to watch. The scenery here is beautiful and from this point you can look far over Embalse de Tominé and the white village of Guatavita. Hanging in the air, that view must be even more impressive. Of course, it is much colder here than many other places in Colombia where you can paraglide, but the scenery is no less beautiful. Is another spot to paraglide not on your itinerary but you still want to go paragliding in Colombia? Then come to Sopó! Easy to reach from Bogotá and also off the beaten path.


Practical: location, costs, opening hours, food and drink and accommodation


Parapente Paraíso is located on the mountain Pionono in Sopó, just 1.4 kilometers away from the entrance to Parque Pionono . 900 Meters before arriving at Pionono, there is a road that leads to the place where you can do paragliding and other activities. Don’t have your own transportation? Then take a cab from Sopó, which costs 15,000 pesos. You can also walk it, this is 5 kilometers steep up the mountain. To get to Sopó, take the bus to Sopó at Portal Norte station in Bogotá. This costs 4,400 pesos and takes about 40 minutes, depending on how busy the road is.

Cost paragliding, mountain biking and other activities

The cost is (January 2017):

  • Paragliding with a group of 1 – 7 people: 130,000 pesos per person (€36.40)
  • Paragliding with a group of 8 – 11 people: 125,000 pesos per person (€35.00)
  • Paragliding with a group of more than 12 people: 120,000 pesos per person (€33.60)
  • Bike rental: 20,000 pesos per person (€5.60)
  • Hikes: 15,000 pesos per person (€4.20)
  • Canopy: 40,000 pesos per person (€11.20)
  • Paintball: 20,000 pesos per person (€5.60)

Once you step inside Parapente Paraíso to paraglide, walk immediately to the right. There you will see a few screens against the wall where you must first register. Then you report to the ticket office, pay and wait outside on the fine terrace until your name is called and thus it’s your turn to jump. If the wind turns or it starts to rain, you have to wait longer or it is postponed.

Tips for when you want to bike

You can also rent bikes in Sopó, contact Parapente Paraíso. This is easier because it is not as steep and a little less high, and fun to explore the area. If you are not yet used to the altitude, mountain biking at 3,000 meters may not be a good idea. Bring a raincoat, your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Opening hours

Parapente Paraíso is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on weekends and holidays from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. It is particularly popular for Bogotans to paraglide on weekends; you see virtually no tourists there.

Food and drink

Parapente Paraíso has a cozy cafe and a nice restaurant with a view, but the food is very expensive. If you don’t need to eat there, there is a restaurant in the village called La Burger House, this is highly recommended and my absolute favorite.

What else is there to do in Sopó? | A complete mini-guide

In Sopó there is a lot to do, and the surroundings are also fantastic. For example, you can take an amazing street art route, visit Pionono, go to Parque Puente Sopóor walk to the beautiful shrine. And there is also a lot of beauty in the surrounding area. In this complete mini guide Sopó you will find all the information about sights, restaurants, accommodation, surroundings and more!

Stay in Sopó

Sopó is easy to visit on a day trip from Bogotá, but you can also spend the night there. There are numerous nice hotels and fincas, of which this one really comes highly recommended: Casa Agrreste. From there they can also take you to paragliding, there are hikes to do or arrange transportation to other places in and around Sopó. There are also very special fincas around Sopó, such as Jardín Colibrí, where you get an end-of-the-world feeling. Or find here another hotel or finca in or around Sopó.



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